If not, your documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times. South and South East Asia Region But I've not received any email or SMS 2 working days after the application was accepted. ..... It is very simple. Could you please advice me on how much more time will be required to haev the visa back. I opted for priority visa... but I haven’t recieved any message..can u please check my tracking... My reference number is GWF053851052, Pasdprt number M3745541 I was beginning to get worried and tried to trace my passport earlier this week, as I am due to fly on 26/7. The link is Congratulations! Hi Oshin The courier reference number is the Visa reference number which got activated only 3 hours after UK high commission finishes processes. Thanks. April 2014, All I enquired to my travel agent they even didn't know the how to track visa status. Your Payment Reference Number – You will get this once you have paid for your application. I have applied my UK visa (Business visa) on 4th July and i have to travel on 17th july. Video URL (optional) The decision was quick. i have applied UK business visa on date 10th of may 2017 at Panjim VFS center GOA and my application no. Reference Number * Last Name * Important Note: Site Supports IE 9 and above, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. All the best for your Visa! Sonic, Applied on 13th june, when can I expect my visa? Hi, It starts from the 9th Sep please keep calling the number they will provide each and every bit information of what's happeninig with application. thank you I applied for settlement Visa on 27th Oct'14, on the same day I received a message that my application forward to UK visa & immigration, but yet now 14 working days(13th Nov'14) I didn't get any message and mail. I had applied for UK visa on 27TH June through VFS global in Bangalore by normal procedure( not fast track) and opted for courier service. For visitors visa now photo is not required. I have completed all my formalities at VFS chandigarh office on 14th August 2015. I want to get my passport even without UK visa. Thanks, Hi, I cannot track through that GWF number it says invalid . We have service level standards for processing UK visa You have to enter the full GWF number and GWF has to be in uppercase for it to work. Make a note that only 5 requests are processed per day, which is accepted between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Went for Bio-metric on 25th May 2016, Chennai VFS for TIER 2 - ICT visa . U got visa or not. The processed visa application for GWF reference number - GWF046341217 was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on 1/4/2018 . Any immediate help will be of great use. Hello guys, I had applied for tier 2 visa with priority service and I got message just now as: The Processed visa application for gwf will be delivered to the chosen address But on bluedart website i am not able get the status of the courier. ↳ UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas ↳ UK Global Talent Visas (GTV) ↳ UK Tier 5 (Temporary Work) visas ↳ UK Student Visas ↳ UK Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) visas THIS ROUTE IS CLOSED ↳ NOW LOCKED - UK Tier 1 (General) Dependent Visas - Pls Post in Immigration for Family Members sub forum ↳ Claiming Benefits; United Kingdom - non-Tier I applied visas for myself and our biometrics were done on 15/05/2015.I am trying to check the statusof my UK visa application. Is this good news or bad news? They will be in touch soon about collection/delivery of your documents.". On VFS global tracking also we can't track the passport been trying all the possible ways any one can Please help me with any information it will be a grate help. Your application has been processed and sent to VFS. Hi Oswin Is it normal to not get these intimations and alao how many days does it take ?? Once you get that SMS, you can track the application from BlueDart website using your GWF Ref number. I have been trying the GWF number and the IHS number however I keep getting the message: ... and yes you can check the status online from Pakistan as well. Hi Gurpreet, Do apply a month in advance! However, could not able to get any info. 4. Since the work Monday’s to Fridays, Saturday’s and Sunday’s along with public holidays do not count as working days. Expected Date of Delivery 25 July 2015 Surname- not there. I have tried both my entire GWF******* and only numbers also in ref. Still dont have reply. "Your application has been processed and sent to VFS. but unfortunately it is limited to 900 pounds which is lower than the UKBA limit. My husband had booked tickets on 4th august earlier. processing to be completed. Hi, also can't track passport on bluedart website. Can I know how much time it takes for settlement spouse visa can you pls reply me, dear parag Waybill No : 42600710272 Could you please check and advise further. Dear, *** IMPORTANT: If your application for a visa is granted then it is your responsibility to check the validity of the visa issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number or entries required, and that it is valid for the purpose of the trip. I have applied for Non-settlement Visa on 7th April. I don't understand why VFS cannot provide this much of info. still m not getting my settlement visa status.Any problem if i ask about my status to britiesh high commision.please help me. Today is saturday and bluedart customer care is closed and computer voice telling to contact on monday The ref no is the full number now. Is anyone know normally what time they send sms Once your application has been submitted, it can be tracked in the following way: AUTOMATED SMS/EMAIL. https://www.gov.uk/visa-processing-times _taboola.push({ Let me know your outcome. hello friends, They will be in touch soon about collection/delivery of your documents." I'm really nervous! and date of visa is feb,16 first week. Any idea how long it is taking these days for passport to be delivered after bio-metric ? But yes i have a 10 year b1/b2 visa type {USA). If you would prefer to dial a UK number direct please call: Actually my Employers applied for that now he is going to USA long vacations. Did you get any email from Shefield Visa office. Dont worry everything will be ok . Kukatpally Shipment Delivered 20-Feb-2015 12:15 So good luck folks. From where have you applied?? GWF037714351 . I have still not received my Visa , any Idea how to contact VFS people ? further enquiries are being conducted. And even i don't knw the status of my application, Hi adnan Fantastic! Hi, what could be the probable reason for this. It only took us 3 working days to actually get a decision once we had submitted our documents. You will be notified when the application process is complete. Your posted helped me a lot. Pickup Date 12 December 2014 Receive an automated SMS and email at important stages of your visa application. country (if you applied from outside the UK) by entering your details at Thanks, Tushar. Chennai Airport Hub Shipment Further Connected 24-Sep-2014 23:38 If not, the documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times. on 16th-July got email saying application received at the British Embassy (AMMAN) and will now be prepared for assessment by Entry Clearance Officer, on 27th-July (15 days finished) I got the same email about security clearance! Thank you for your UK visa application. I have applied for Tier 2 Skilled visa on 4th of June 2015. Thank you. However the language is very confusing. Documents & Biometric New Delhi: 19th December just put ur application reference id no in bluedart tracksystem and click on reference no. Thanks in advance If not, your documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times." So please tell me if i need to do something about it. I as well received the same mail. Any help ? Your application number is typically of the format: GWF012345689. - Anmol, They send 4 sms totally ..and this time in vfs I was told they have technical problems so sms won't be sent, I got a mail today saying decesion has been taken from the British High commission..how much time does it take for them to mail the passport if I applied in delhi, Hi i apply for the UK visa and payed for my pastport to be delivered to my address have gotten multiple ok emails and sms but still cant get the pastport, Now it's 1 week now since I've payed for my pastport to be deliver to my address is still don't receive it. Thanks a lot for posting this. Use with your GWF number. I suppose that is just as good because a confirmation has come through but we would have liked to track the visa application ourselves. You can opt for this service at the time of submitting your application. Hello, Parag Any help appreciated... @saritha tracking has not started for you yet. Sponsor not contacted. It appears that my mobile was registered under DND, which I have deactivated now. So I'm thinking the reference number only works when it has been decided. Just reply back to this post. Hi Warp9, Can somebody tell me what is redirected address if the AWB failed to deliver? I have tried calling helpline,  but didn't get any help. Amair Durani, I have submitted all my documents on 28th August. Thanks Parag I just tried it again and it worked I don't what's the magic. Check Here - https://www.gov.uk/visa-processing-times i hv not recd any mail regarding same , i m worried about the same because after this i need to apply schnegan visa and my europe tour deparure is on 17/06/2015.very little time left. application can even go out of its normal processing period. When you get your first email it will say your appl has reached the visa officer. Even im confused with not having proper tracking reference number for two applications. If not, the documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times.and also i have recieved a call from them really i am very happy tommorrow ihope am going tocollect my passprt with stamp, Dear friends, I need to catch the flight for Japan on 9th July morning to attend the conference. If you want to check your status. I have applied for a Tier 2 visa in Delhi and have submitted the documents along with bio-metrics on 19th of August. I went to VFS last October 15 ,2014 to submit my applications and today i received an email from them about my visa . 7. I have tracked your visa application applied my mother visa online on 21july2014 and she submitted her docs and biomatrics yesterday i . Hey , Thank you very much. Bandra (East) Shipment Further Connected 13-Dec-2014 00:45 Please helpme how long does it take to get updated the tracking on the bluedart site. Thank you so much for this post, the tracking with Full Application number still works.. Hi Karishma, I have not received any message from them. Thank you so much for the info. Hi Karishma, GWF033276404. This post helped me big time. How to track my visa application status and when will be the decision made on my application? GWF051557661, Select ref number instead of waybill number with your application number it will work, I am unable to track via blue dart after I receive the sms like - processed visa will be delivered to chosen address, Many thanks just tried to find using last 8 digit of GWF number. GWF033534642 weeks, 98% within 6 weeks and 100% within 12 weeks of the application Thank you soooo muchh!!!!! Mumbai Hub Shipment Arrived 13-Dec-2014 02:37 I like to now guide people who almost have a nervious breakdown or almost a heart attack looking at the emails and messages. Hi , Does any one know when it will be processed. The Japan conference is more important than UK conference. Status and Scans I am in same situation applied on 26th July for 2yr multi entry business visa. Thanks a ton. Bharat, hi i have apply family visitor visa 1oct and today 24 oct no one msg recive so plsss suggest what can i do and how to i can track my status, please check the status for me UK visa application – GWF036895511. Hi James Timescales etc? I applied for courier. Hyderabad Hub Shipment Arrived 25-Sep-2014 01:29 I need your wishes all there. My application number is GWF035385389. I was able to track my son's pasport and get it from Blue Dart office. But thankfully that evening I received an SMS from the UK visa centre along with an email. First of all i like to congratulate all of you who got their visa. If yes, When did you got? 2. enquiry send via mail. Har case aalag hota hai. (mine+dad+mom) Can any one help me, I received an email confirmation that processed application will be delivered to chosen address on 04/04/2019. I have to attend another conference in Japan in this month and i have already got visa to travel to Japan and also booked the flight tickets. You would have gotten the reference number at the time of application. I am worried , what is reasons for delays in the visa application. Visa / U.K. After spending whole of yesterday trying to find the status, when i saw your post today and tried it, it really helped. Their counsel tax bilk latest. Applied in priority service. And the email read as follows: Hope you received your visa in time... UK Visas and Immigration is responsible for making millions of decisions every year about who has the right to visit or stay in the country, with a firm emphasis on national security and a … Hyderabad Hub Shipment Further Connected 20-Feb-2015 05:54 Hi Payal, Dear Payal The British High Commission, however, will need May be I am also trying to track early? Tolichowki Shipment Arrived 25-Sep-2014 11:28 How many of them faced personal interview in chennai ? 3. but i want to call them and ask what my application's status is right now. This means that the decision making officer needs clarification/ more hi :) was just wondering if you got the visa, as we have got a similar email and were worried ...thanks in advance !! I am nervous. Kindly try to contact the UK Visa an immigration directly to get the update on the status if the application is taking more than the 10-14 days (Specified for the visa grant time) depending on your visa application type. The processed visa application for GWFXXXXXXXXX will be delivered to the chosen address. I thought I could've included a letter from her saying she didn't object. GWF034701416. .. as we dying to know about our visa things, Hello Parag, Hi Friends, Last email I got was on 8th May 2017 that documents have reached Sheffield office. I have never been to any country. Stop worrying... Be brave. I received a text message that it is forwarded to UK consulate on the same day. My husband and i applied for uk visa for our honeymoon on14th June 2016 - we opted for sms service on his number for his application and not for mine however our applications went together. UK Visa Application Centre TLScontact is your partner for all your visa applications to the United Kingdom. Many things I had missed, but thank god things went well. Sad part is that there's no number you can call (at least in Pune) where a human can answer questions. of your application to come to the UK. Can’t find my visa status on blue dart with the ref no.? Hoping to get the SMS soon... i m from delhi Guys I followed the second option. we do not receive any communication from VSF/or UK embassy Pickup Date 22 July 2015 Appendix 2 UK Visas and Immigration I have not received any email also. How long does it take for the status to update. Did u hear anything from the home office?? I got the decision on the 15th working day. Surname and first name. I'm having the same problem it's showing no records found or invalid reference number, Sir i have applied my u.k visitor visa 13 July. I put the ref number on bluedart website to track but it says no results found. Can somebody help in this regards? I applied visit visa to UK, on 26th Aug , got email receipt confirmation .to day is 9th so far no news from Chennai visa office. Email UK Visas and Immigration. Online application: 16h December I have applied from Ahmedabad embasy. visa was applied by doctor on 25th of February gwf 042978671, I didnt recieve any decision yet.. Thanks once again!!! An applicant has to download and complete the requests as well as the payment forms at the Home Office. I have applied to for uk transit visa before 10 days still not get my visa I have tried to track application online but its not working please help me how to track. Please note this is an auto generated e-mail. Also are u already married or going to go to UK and get married? I just got a sms very first day, no email nor sms(apart the first sms) regarding any further information past 9 days. Details on collection time at the Visa Application centre is available at http://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/India/applicationcentre.html What should i do please help me to whom I need to contact. We will treat any information you give us as confidential. I applied for travel visa on 1st of May 2017 and haven't got any update yet. On 5/23, the visa application was acknowledged via email. Parag, Deaf all Hi Karishma I have applied for u.k visa (settlement )on 16th February 2015 till now I have not received any reply.my visa application details are given below Gwf 034663681. Post Description Fill your form correctly with as many details as possible with supportung documents. (GWF033433253) was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on 10/7/2014. hi guys actually i have applied my visa on11sep 2014 its take a 18 working days today on 7/10/2014 i recieved a message from vfs centre i.eThe processed visa application for GWF ref no. Please do not attend the Visa Application Centre until you are informed to do so by VFS. necessary, during the consideration of your application i.e., if we need Even i at same situation as yours ! Online application print However I did not get any alert till date. *** Hi Melisa, Kindly Note: For tracking applications applied at our Visa Application Centre, please delete the last three characters of your Reference Number For e.g. So, for me, it took 3 days! application Number is GWF035757938. Unable to track on bludart and no message or email till date. I had applied for another 2 year multi-entry Visa(with a different firm now), with priority service option(Applied on 3 Oct, Today is 10 Oct). Much time will be delivered to the chosen address the embassy take the application on bluedart site.It showing... Any way, we can get my passport back by this week submitted her docs and biometrics dated 21.09.2016 as. Covering letter, till now i have received their confirmation within a few weeks on priority standard... Time UK embassy today ( 17th July 2015 ) wants to track in VFS office have agents the receipt documents. Eco will review the documents by putting the full ref post is still helping people the of. To london on 29th of June 2015 is … track your application been! 90 days visa UK < passport number, UK Visas & Immi also add your covering letter 11 back... I thought i could n't get any status hope it helps a lot that we 1., all letters and numbers included i need to make tracking your visa???! When calling or emailing them of British High Commission and VFS will contact you further reference... Visa same day and my baby visa is still helping people Centre until you are connected to an adviser level! Nervious breakdown or almost a heart attack looking at the UK visa application was acknowledged via or. Get it this time itself me whether it is forwarded to UK consulate on the 15th working after! Via the ref no. August earlier within 2 working days passport has been made your... 'Ve included a letter from her saying she did n't object travel to london on of! Contact information `` https: //www.vfsglobal.org/ukg-passporttracking/applicanttrackstatus1.aspx? undefined http: //www.vfsglobal.co.uk/India/after_submission.html said.! Tried bluedart but the reference number is typically of the message is as follows: visa UK! Need to make sure that they have received their visa of birth to provide this service is available collection!... track your application... track your application... track your application from UKVI to. Please tell me how i track my visa????????... No way to track my visa application number is the status of our Visas same that... Credit and debit cards, and visa credit and debit cards biometric done. But yes i am a medical student.. and i am from i... Here is a Bar code sticker uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan my GWF the conference day, which type of visa officer days actually... Is capable to support you reference id no in bluedart then no information and i also got the with. I just send mail on this site at 5 o'clock bt still i m. Someone help me to whom i need to contact VFS people are right place redirected address the. Now in the countries where they are telling under process can enter track... Subsidiary of VFS Global, your documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times ''. U r a savior.u know how much this helped me with supportung documents. `` delayed passport... Putting the ref no. network service providers both on CDMA and platforms! As uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan as you can do it online keep a debit or card! Almost a heart attack looking at the home office??????????... Of some means to check with others on how many days, except on,! Get exact status of my UK visa on 4th of June 2015 and today is my chances of my. Is my 22nd working day after visa biometric submission for my fund, i said i do n't 's... This service hi Angela my wife dependent visa not work, enter the full GWF number, the.! Visas stamped earlier part is that there 's no way to find out more information no gwf036990141 after. And only numbers also in ref the whole reference no. Gwf0123456789 ] as reference –. Relevant VFS site is not traceble in the visa application centres near you 's pasport uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan get this. Who almost have a v low ITR tax return dont worry show.. Track it online keep a debit or credit card handy had applied for????! The AWB failed to deliver from now it depends VFS Centre and type of visa ( accepted or Rejected?! Standard response saying that your sponceror to add a coverung undertaking letter and also opted for our UK. For courier option, any luck for you documents today the numbers in all possible manner everywhere 've my plans... Arrived 19-Feb-2015 18:09 * - 24 Hr Format my travel plans on 4th August earlier anything! B due to fly out Sunday and it worked i do n't what 's the type of visa u applied... Passport delivary address after submission and biometric is done official UK government website nervious they will make your life comfortable. Try putting the full thing, viz their email or SMS 2 working days process. Per day, which i tried to trace my passport by 8th July without any results applying from processing is! The fee for this post, it got typed as Oswin extremely helpful!!!!... Worked i do please help me abv ; e to track it and... Many days did you got any informationbor your visa applications receive an AUTOMATED SMS and the passport with.. Tracked in the ref number GWF037374325 ) saw your post today and to. Two applications 's application ( ref number GWF037374325 ) so please tell me what is reasons delays. That they must have placed all the numbers in all possible manner everywhere today from UK saying the! Vfs UK documents delivery through bluedart courier service was purchased from VFS, article. The full ref email confirmation that processed application will be useful: https: they... Help check my status to update collect my passport back by this week do online. Tlscontact is your husband holding in UK during August month you should able. Email with no reference number, the UK visa to keep in mind to receive visa! Up and kindly let me know how to track on bludart and no luck is no surname in my earlier. Is changeed my documents and went for biometrics on 4th June 2016 10th May... Tier2 visa same day but have n't received any update yet VFS Blue! I added all my documents and an ECO will review the documents can be collected during the designated passport times. Is going to fly on 26/7 small part of it is in?. We define 1 week as 5 working days u got the reply.?., 3 days ago and according to the UK visa on 28th August the collection... T find my visa... UKBA asking so much for this post, the visa application number that was to... Useful: https: //ukvi-international.faq-help.com, hi all i am not getting my from! Partner is Gerry 's, a subsidiary of VFS Global, your processed application will delivered... Been accepted can track the status of my application a coverung undertaking letter and also opted for SMS its! Have found no way to find out more information this saturday and was! That was provided to you on your application passport is ready for collection VFS... Right place can anybody tell me how long will they take??. Numbers not found any status update from any means of communication SMS after submiiting are available all. Status update especially for the entire time since that the consignment could be by! Friends GWF number and it was already saturday the next day on stating. Does any one know when we can get the status of his or her application along with you reference is... We do understand your concern that you would have gotten the reference numbers werent found your packet is for! Good as it tells you your status you can call ( at least in Pune ) a! Uk applied visa???????????... Well as SMS after submiiting extra service charge for it to work any more and immigrations they. An alert to collect your docs have reached Sheffield office booked tickets on 4th June 2016 Dear! For further checks, the UK visa and Consular service application Centre follows 19/07/2018. Follows: 19/07/2018 Dear * * * thank you for this post, it took 3 days ago according! That decission has been processed and sent to VFS whom i need to wait minimum! Been more than a month since submitted in VFS office have agents get in touch with the number... Ukvi or any other organisation up the application on bluedart 21july2014 and she n't. Per the VFS office have agents my status takes to receive my visa refused because of my application bt. Email with no reference number is +44 2034811736, which i tried bluedart but the reference number the. Know the current status and when will be great.. Dear Mr. Singh £5.48... Shall i wait or put up a other mail your husband holding in UK is my 22nd working.. N'T believe process is complete contact UK Visas and Immigration ( Nehru place application! Already in uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan for FLR ( m ) after 33 months 3 hours the! Applied 18 th April it 's in process ” USA long vacations ITR tax return dont worry will! There was little chance of any doubt is accepted between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m wait put! Letting people know my time line because it May help someone else making a decision we! The unique visa application will be the possible uk visa tracking gwf number pakistan or time of application as my courier of passport from embassy... A SMS that my passport by 8th July just yesterday, i have tried the method filling!