Most non-toxic toys are very expensive. $ 26.00 – $ 36.00 Buy Now. Sky Dancers. Apple Park. 99 $16.99 $16.99. $14.99 $ 14. From toxic toys to poisonous powdered milk, Chinese imports have caused havoc in the U.S. and around the world. Flickr Chinese police last week arrested three men suspected of … Babies and toddlers can be affected by inhaling the toxic fumes released from toys and also by touching or sucking toys that contain toxic chemicals such as lead or phthalates. the best non-toxic toys for toddlers. There are many small companies committed to selling completely non-toxic, natural toys. It's easy to understand the popularity of Sky Dancers. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. So whether a chemical is proven toxic or not, toys should list all chemical ingredients on the label, just like for food and cosmetics. The list is rather small, but it's good to check — just in case. Babies and toddlers are exposed to these chemicals when they put the toys in their mouths. Lead can be found in the paint commonly used in toys imported from other countries with less strict regulations. Sealing painted toys and blocks makes them easier to clean and provides added peace of mind should children decide to put those belongings in their mouths. Short Answer: Get a lead-free certificate from the toy maker or don’t buy. Lead: Lead’s sources in children’s toys are plastic and paint. According to Ecowatch, vinyl chloride, the chemical used to make PVC, has been described as a known carcinogen. The FDA also maintains a searchable list of livestock and pet products that have been recalled or withdrawn from the market. United States showed detectable levels of lead. Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay. warns: Eye and facial injuries. More potentially harmful kids’ jewelry here, with this offering … Some toxic toys. While non-toxic toys are wonderful is so many ways, there is a downside to non-toxic toys and that is…the price. It can contain lead, cadmium, phthalates, and volatile organic compounds. It found some potentially dangerous stuff on shelves ahead of the holiday buying spree. What: Rifle firing plastic discs. The Good Stuff: Truly Non-Toxic Toys . 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,860. They were figures of faeries with … Nerf Vortex VTX Praxis Blaster, $35. Because our products are designed for young children, all the plastics in our toys are free from substances that are harmful to the environment and human health. Dressy Rainbow Jewelry. Toxic Enemy #1 in Toys. PVC is a common plastic in children’s toys but is arguably the worst kind of plastic. You’ve no doubt read the warning labels or seen children’s toys and sippy cups advertising that they are now “BPA Free.” BPA, or bisphenol … This natural dough from Denmark lasts forever, and is made without perfumes, dyes, or parabens. (Vinnee Tong/KQED) CalPIRG released its annual list of toxic toys on Tuesday. Apple Park makes sweet plush toys made with 100% certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEX 100 toxin-free dyes. Totally Me! Two toys had levels above 600 ppm. Made in the USA from all natural hemp, this rope toy is a fantastic alternative to plastic and synthetic rubber chew toys and training aids. The truth is, even though Europe has some of the best chemical laws in the world, they are badly used and we paying the price in health and environment impacts. Among the highest lead levels detected was in a Halloween Pumpkin Pin made in the USA, which showed 190,943 ppm of lead. ... Before you shop, take a minute to check Parents magazine's list of this year's toy recalls. Play tents, tunnels, toy vehicles, changing mats, bath and pool water toys, false hair, and even some stuffed animals and children’s foam products can still contain flame retardant chemicals. (Read “Beware of Lead and Toxic Toys ” to learn more about the test results.) And if you're still set on plastic, try to assess what type you're buying by looking for a "chasing arrow" symbol on the bottom of the toy. THE DOWNSIDE OF NON-TOXIC TOYS. Plastic and rubbery dog toys like this chew bone, may contain dangerous levels of poisonous chemicals. Toys can contain toxic chemicals such as BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, cadmium, chlorine, and arsenic. Cadmium is a highly toxic carcinogen which targets the cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal, neurological, reproductive, and respiratory systems. Researchers also found toys containing cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and bromine. Lead is not the only toxic found in the toys. Fortunately, The Real Milk Paint Co. offers several child-safe options for sealing milk paint and locking it into wooden toys and blocks. Some of this year's dangerous toys can be found at area dollar stores and big chains like Target. Avoid certain toys as I describe below. The Otter® hemp chew toy is a favorite of the staff at Modern Dog magazine and is a top choice for an eco-friendly, non-toxic dog chew toy. Bath toys and soft squeeze toys are usually made from PVC with added plasticizers. It's the most wonderful time of the year... to do some baking! Pawaboo Squeak Plush Dog Toys, Stuffed Plush Pet Toys Soft Faux-Fur Pet Rattle Puppy Bite Play Chew Toys Non-Toxic Plush Doll. A simple search on-line will result in a large list of vendors to buy safe toys from. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon. They’ve had some recall issues in the past, and one of their dolls made the top 10 toys to avoid list in 2017 due to safety concerns. We love getting creative in the kitchen during the holiday season, but a lot of baking essentials can be made from harmful materials like plastic or contain artificial colors or flavors. NYPIRG's annual toy list has led to 150-toy recalls in the past 30-years. A toy safety advocacy group has released its annual list of potentially dangerous toys. These are the best dog toys you can buy online, including toys for chewers, non-toxic toys, and toys for puppies from Chewy, Petco, Amazon, … Opt for unfinished wood toys or ones finished with something mouthing safe like mineral oil or beeswax. Kids love to yank and pull apart toys, so choose sturdy toys that don't have loose, moving parts that … Therefore, some parents avoid plastic toys in general and seek safe alternatives. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 21. Made from petroleum, most plastic toys contain toxic phthalates, BPA, fire retardants, and other chemicals that are neither safe for your child nor eco-friendly. Finally, some healthcare professionals are stating what Toxic Chemical Trackers have always known: the tolerance level for lead in toys (or in water or cosmetics or anything for that matter) should be ZERO.. Many kids have a toy chest full of plastic junk that is missing pieces and sitting idle for lack of long-term interest. Non-toxic toys We only make non-toxic, 100% recyclable toys. These toxic toys can off-gas into your child’s environment. Unfortunately, Mellissa & Doug toys may not be safe, which is why I haven’t included any in this post. There are a few companies that sell some reasonably priced non-toxic toys… … Flame retardant chemicals have been linked to endocrine and thyroid disruption, impacts to the immune system, reproductive toxicity, cancer and adverse effects on fetal and child development. 3 Tips to Check Toxic Toys Off Your List. The list is not comprehensive; the organization visited retail stores and just looked for potentially dangerous items.