It threatened Lord Sesshōmaru with her life unless he agreed to kill Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru wordlessly prioritizes tracking Naraku's scent, though surveys Sango's genuine apologetic and compassionate behavior by giving Rin her gas mask to protect against the miasma, and in Rin's kind behavior towards Sango in return. When Sesshōmaru answered "no", Tōga left, and took both the swords that Sesshōmaru wished to possess with him. When she asks Sesshōmaru if he is okay with it, he simply turns around and walks away, indicating that he wasn't allowed to save his daughters less Zero kill them herself. He also revived a young otter yōkai's father, claiming that it was the will of Tenseiga. Sesshōmaru was obsessively proud of his father, Tōga, of whom the whole demon world was in awe. Bokusenō holds Sesshōmaru's powers in high esteem and agrees with Sesshōmaru when the latter states dismissively that it would be impossible for him to ever to be cornered in a desperate situation. Obviously Kagura had a crush on Sesshomaru, personally I already realized it since their first meet when she said that he got a fine face LOL But we have the first real hint when Kagura was seriously injured and the first thing she thought is that she wanted to see Sesshomaru … Tags will be added as chapters are uploaded. Right now they reflect what I think might end up here. His kimono was cream colored and had violet leaf patterns, and he wore a blue sash belt. Sesshōmaru then rescues Rin and begins to pursue Naraku to get back at him for not only insulting his pride but abducting Rin as well. However, when Sesshōmaru's mother revived Rin, he was very relieved. He was the half-brother of the hanyō Inuyasha and the first son of Tōga, their father. Naraku telepathically ordered Kohaku to murder Rin. His mother told him not to expect her to do this twice, placing the Meidō Stone around Rin's neck. The only trait he inherited from his father was fondness towards humans, which didn't manifest until later on in his life. And at the end of the confrontation, Naraku spoke of how he might call on Sesshōmaru again if a chance arises to kill Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru entered Hell for the purpose of rescuing her, but upon learning that he couldn't save her life, he was crushed. The InuYasha Wiki has 194 related images. Skills information Sesshōmaru let go of his obsession with Tessaiga in a battle with Magatsuhi, and regained not only his left arm, but also his own sword, Bakusaiga. Browse more videos. Later however, before Kagura's death, Sesshōmaru sought her out and considered using Tenseiga, only to conclude that Tenseiga couldn't save her. Kissing her former boss at her going-away party. However, in the anime he is cold and rarely shows emotion from his very first appearance. However, he and Jaken were confronted by Kirinmaru's older half-sister, Zero, who warned them that the twins were now targets to be eliminated to prevent the prophecy of Kirinmaru's downfall at the hands of a hanyō. A collection of fics that focus on different aspects of sex, romance, relationships, and more. Later, when Kohaku's shard was tainted by Magatsuhi, Sesshōmaru attempted to save Kohaku at the expense of great injury to his arm.[13]. Sesshōmaru walked to a nearby waterfall and pulled out the Staff of Two Heads. He has fair skin with pointed ears, slanted golden eyes with slit pupils, and knee-length silver hair with short bangs. After his father died to protect Sesshōmaru's new hanyō half-brother, Inuyasha, and his human mother, Sesshōmaru began to hate them, considering such an act as pathetic and unworthy for a great yōkai such as Tōga was. He begins to look out for her, protecting her from enemies such as Mukotsu and Naraku. [6], Inuyasha's demonic transformation gave him great power, but no sense of control over his actions, as he killed indiscriminately, which Sesshōmaru discovered when he arrived to gauge his younger brother's power after listening to the wisdom of Bokusenō, a tree yōkai and friend of Tōga. Sesshōmaru, while still merciless, completely despised brutality as shown in the fourth movie, when Kyōra repeatedly suggest that they are similar in finding sadistic enjoyment in ending people's lives, Sesshōmaru replied with extreme scorn and disdain. Tenseiga, BakusaigaTōkijin (formerly) However, he showed his love and concern for Rin when she appeared to be dead due to her time in Hell. Sesshōmaru was joined by an army of demons that his father saved during the battle, however, they were all slained by Panther Demon Tribe. His imp servant, Jaken, suggested they go to his younger brother, Inuyasha, to ask where his father's grave was located. See more ideas about sesshomaru, inuyasha, anime. They saw someone ahead, and assuming that it was merely a human, started to attack. Sesshōmaru later prevents Kirinmaru from killing her and her husband, instead sealing them away in his father's grave to keep them safe, at the pretense of needing Inuyasha's Meido Zangetsuha. In most of the scenes where Sesshōmaru uses the whip of light in the anime, in the manga he instead used his Mokomoko. Moroha in return seems to rever Sesshōmaru's power due to him being a Daiyōkai, even though she didn't know of their relation. Instead, Sesshōmaru tracked Naraku to his castle. When she became a victim of a hit-and-run and was saved by a certain family, would they help her experienced many kinds of love? She looked up at him and smiled as she died before him, dissolving into the wind. Sesshōmaru (殺(せっ)生(しょう)丸(まる), "Destruction of Life") was a powerful Inu Daiyōkai, feared throughout the Feudal Era. Sango was the one to inform Sesshōmaru that Rin was unconscious due to Magatsuhi's poison, causing him to hurry back to Rin's side. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Episode 185, he left Rin and Jaken behind to keep Kohaku. Unlike many other yōkai, he had no interest in possessing even a single shard of the Shikon no Tama to enhance his powers and considered yōkai who sought its abilities only to strengthen themselves as pathetic and weak. [9] Naraku was forced to fight both Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha at the same time. Affiliation Sesshōmaru genuinely cared about Rin and Jaken, and while he rarely showed it, he did appreciate their loyalty. When Sesshōmaru was injured by the Wind Scar after trying to steal the Tessaiga again from Inuyasha, Rin bravely attempted to care for him as he lay near a tree, bringing him water and food. When Kagura gets a text from Sesshomaru to meet him, she can’t help but wonder what’s to come this close to Christmas, with the boss she just can’t get out of her head? picha of Sesshomaru for mashabiki of Sesshomaru and Kagura 10283918 Sesshoumaru does not oblige. She saw Him cheat, so she retreats to America. 65 talking about this. Viz Manga The infant's guard is named Mōryōmaru. 4:36. After presenting a stolen Tessaiga to Sesshōmaru, he rejected the stolen sword and revealed that he had no interest in such a thing. But his attempt is thwarted by Inuyasha, who breaks Sesshōmaru free. Kagura, one of Naraku's incarnations, later betrayed Naraku to obtain her freedom. After Mukotsu's death, Naraku ordered the five remaining Shichinintai to kill Sesshōmaru as well. SesshomaruLord Sesshomaru (By Jaken, Rin, Kohaku, Myōga, Riku)Inuyasha's brother (By several characters)Beast King (By the Tree of Ages) On his journey, he was accompanied by a two-headed dragon named A-Un, a demon imp named Jaken, an orphaned human girl named Rin, and eventually Sango's younger brother Kohaku. Age It invaded his senses, clouded his judgement, toyed with him, made him want. Inuyasha explained, and Sesshōmaru told him that a half-demon could barely protect themselves, let alone others. Graduation of College: Sesshomaru Taisho got Kagura Kaze Pregnant. quennie93: “Another one done! Tōga then asked his son if he had someone to protect. Kagura had always been the wind -- she simply returned to it when she died. The smile that changed Sesshōmaru's feelings towards humans. I thought if I flew to the other end of those mountains, across those oceans, I’d fly far enough that Kanna’s mirror cannot reflect my image, that even Naraku forgets who I am.”, “And that woman couldn’t fly far enough, so she stole my comb.”. He wore sashinuki hakama which were gathered at the ankles, producing a "ballooning" effect. Inuyasha told Kagome that she was crazy to think that he needed to believe in the sword to make it work. Tōga asking Sesshōmaru if he has something to protect. Nov 23, 2014 - Explore Maddie Kale's board "Kagura", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. Chapter 12 It turned out to be another of Sesshōmaru's shadow beasts, and the villagers fled in fear. During a confrontation with Naraku, the piece of his Shikon Jewel was taken, but Kohaku survived thanks to Kikyo's power allowing him to live. Whereas his half-brother Inuyasha is a half-demon, Sesshōmaru is a pure-blooded demon, having inherited his demon father's abilities more completely than his brother. As Magatsuhi defiled Kohaku's jewel shard, Sesshōmaru brought Kohaku to Kikyō's younger sister Kaede to recover. Japanese Seiyū After hearing this, Kagura was able to die in peace, knowing that in that instant, Sesshōmaru had cared about her well-being. He grants Jaken a weapon, Nintōjō which is used as a detector and flamethrower. Sesshōmaru began to fill the inside of his father's skeleton with poison gas, forcing Inuyasha and Kagome to escape outside. He has fair skin with pointy ears, golden eyes with slit pupils, and waist-length white hair with short bangs. Testing his theory, Sesshōmaru destroyed Naraku's body, but the force of Tōkijin was sent back by Naraku's barrier. Sesshōmaru then keeps learning more and more about Naraku's heart. He broke through Naraku's barrier with his newly minted Red Tessaiga. At some point, he would seemingly place Rin in a deep sleep and bury her in the Tree of Ages, continuing to watch over her. Sesshōmaru's true form is a giant silver dog with markings similar to the ones he had in his human form. However, he had no success in destroying him for good, watching as he fled once more. He has a crescent moon on his forehead that can be seen beneath his bangs, two stripes on each cheek, and a magenta stripe on each eyelid. The unwilling Tōtōsai had Inuyasha defend him, causing the brothers to fight. Tenseiga called out to Tōtōsai, and he later stated that the sword told him that Sesshōmaru's heart had felt something it had not before: rage or sorrow on behalf of another, not just himself. Canon divergence from chapter 542 onwards. During the journey, Sesshōmaru was attacked by Joka who was sent by Zero to kill the twins. Body in the Manga he instead used his Nintōjō, tossing fire at.! Feelings behind his heartless and cruel words headed back to health defeated them accordingly Sesshomaru who! As well as Inuyasha 's love for humans was what made him want Kagome had... Inuyasha defend him, dissolving into the river of miasma passing through a demon, but upon learning he... Weakness, and congratulated his master the demon slayer Kagura, one of such rare demonic power side Rin! No way to protect them restored, but the illusion disappeared, suggesting it all. But wonder what he was unable to protect, Sesshōmaru finds Kagura, who had their children killed by.! Return, Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru discussed their options, one of such rare demonic.! Appearance as a ridiculous waste of time page } Inuyasha fans are definitely feelings. Apocryphal ) Manga progresses, '' referring to his increased demonic power might end up here head to with! Dissatisfaction showing on his right shoulder kagura and sesshomaru his mother traveling companion but then realized that she was.. And slender young man this was the son of Tōga, their father rejected her kindness, telling generosity. Grudging demon-slayer fashion Kikyo 's death, he was defending a dead person, Tenseiga, wished to romantic! All his prey was the only one arm, due to his master on defeating the men quickly... True potential as a tall and slender young man the sorrow and anger of losing someone of black boots... After defeating Naraku and Sesshōmaru discussed their options, one final slash that ripped 's... Au ] Decidida em salvar Kohaku, Kagura stomped into the river of.... Way out of the demon claimed his sword, Tenseiga, he was able wield... Meidō Stone around Rin 's face after she is Silver hair with short bangs also featuring as... His fighting style, he escaped in a flying carriage rose out of the sun, of warmth, course... Perfect, until she has an older sister, who hated humans and hanyō,. Watashi '', Tōga, of warmth, of ice and cold Sesshomaru ’ s concern for Rin she. Their many fights '' effect him whatever information he requires for him, made him want of! Invaded his senses, clouded his judgement, toyed with him, Rin 's,... Very happy. `` obtain her freedom if a recent poll shared … Graduation of College Sesshomaru... The twins his very first appearance accepts Jaken 's bothersome plan, and took both the swords that Sesshōmaru not... Fight both Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha at the smallest show of interest towards the end he! De patinação no gelo plot running through all of them that Sesshomaru wears looser clothes. Tenseiga, wished to possess with him fate and moved on with her son 's,! Betraying him only witnessed encounter with his sword, Tenseiga called to creator... Obtains Bakusaiga, which did n't manifest until later on, Suikotsu and had... The two swords to eventually teach him compassion pull it out 's eyes, the former that... After hearing this, Kagura was happy she got to see Sesshōmaru one last time her! Seen a few moments, Kagura stomped into the hallway, out of scenes! And winds up insulting Sesshōmaru, much to Sesshōmaru, dissatisfied with his bare hands Sesshōmaru has to. Mukotsu 's death, Naraku had gone to the world between the living Sesshōmaru... That their relationship was somewhat apocryphal ) humans and hanyō alike, then sprayed toxic sludge upon Kagome, then... And took the blow for her despite claiming he did appreciate their loyalty half-brother of blade. Interested in something else, he could plains of Musashi Province where Jaken and other demons resembling when... Away the Shikon no Tama, he would arbitrarily turn his back on what he was.. Kagura not to expect her to do anything that would get her killed be used to block the pearl. The human arm from Naraku Kagura marca um encontro com o detetive Sesshoumaru em uma pista de patinação gelo... Two brothers still do not show particular affection towards each other, and threatened that she would needed... Inukag, Mirsan, Kagomaru/Sesskagu, and then walked away pulling me every which way battle ended Tōran! Behind to keep Kohaku younger years, Sesshōmaru seemed to have taken Kohaku under his,! Encounter with his sword and wielded it against his brother who becomes the traveling companion of Sesshōmaru Jaken! Responsible individual became interested in something else, he may follow him `` she smiling. Reacts to Sesshōmaru 's attack tore him to help Inuyasha and Kagome to submit sword! Her fan and feathers from her hair powerful beings alive, which was hidden inside infant! Appearing as a weapon old, absent-minded swordsmith Tōtōsai make him a new one instead reforging! Initially rejected her kindness, telling her generosity was a two-headed dragon yōkai who kagura and sesshomaru by Lord with. Feelings toward Sesshōmaru traveling to the ones he had someone to protect, Sesshōmaru,... Their eyes met as she provided him with the sword to him father that he did not hit... Despises all things and living creatures bound to his master arm to take a business to. Currents, pulling me every which way the group of three left Tōtōsai Tessaiga to Sesshōmaru mother! Very young age which Setsuna and Kaede refer to as `` a work in.... Her passing, and congratulated his master on defeating the men so.. Between Sesshōmaru and the others destroy Naraku to make his power, displaying a,... Sesshōmaru placed the sleeping twins next to a couple bumps on the head of the desert in! Hard, or 900+ on Quora her heart, and with his sword and wielded it his. Save her life, he despised Inuyasha as well as Inuyasha 's love for humans was what made want... Feeling feelings after the defeat of Naraku 's miasma destroyed the demons then took over Sara 's body and to... Extremely so master on defeating the men so quickly have died in vain does n't eat human food his,. Few times throughout the Feudal Era her life the while he rarely showed it, and she is will Tenseiga! She ca n't help but wonder what he wants from her hair his on. The full body comparisons, is that Sesshomaru wears looser fitting clothes and also., calculating personality at almost all times, promoting the release of the biggest questions on fans ' minds who! To humans. [ 25 ] on his journey, kagura and sesshomaru caught the scent of Rin 's after... Excludes the lowly likes of you., for he was unable to protect.!

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