Fitting a Zetec engine into your Mk2 Ford Fiesta. What about a 2.3 Ford Galaxy engine swap? Whats needed for the conversion: Engine ECU with matching key chip (this will save you a pricey trip to Ford's) Engine loom Gearbox (preferably) Top 1.7 engine mount 1.7 ancillaries, i.e - altenator, pulleys etc. 2018/67 Reg Ford Fiesta 1.0T EcoBoost Zetec (s/s) 3dr 2019 ST3 CONVERSION ST PX . To complete your stage one upgrades, a remap combined with the exhaust and induction systems will see you to 175bhp. It means making up a couple of basic circuits so that you have a relay for your power supply and fuel pump. All products for Ford MK6 Fiesta ST150. By far the most popular engine conversion for the Mk1 and Mk2 Fiesta over the last ten years has been fitting a 1.8 or 2.0 Zetec engine, if you havent done an engine conversion before then this swap is one of the most well documented on the internet. During the Duratec conversion, I stayed with the Fiesta ST IB5+ gearbox. The stock exhaust system is also worth swapping for an aftermarket one. Pulling the engine on the Ford Fiesta ST. Had some much needed help from Rabie. The IB5 box itself has been around for a while, used on various different Ford vehicles, but for the Fiesta ST, Ford decided to install the 2.0 Duratec, and because the Duratec has a different bellhousing design to the other Ford engines (Crossflow/Pinto/Zetec/CVH) Ford had to develop a front wheel drive box to fit the Duratec in the … Add to cart. Even when transversely mounted, the end of the engine with the timing belt/chain on it is the "front" of the engine. 2.3 should be a straight swap it's the same engine basically. Search My Stuff. Alternatively you can use one from a EFI (Electronically fuel injected) CVH engined Escort or Fiesta, which will also fit with minor work and is also lighter so you're effectively getting a lightened flywheel without the usual price increase. Actually pumaspeed Seem to be more up on ST150 tuning. ST engine in fiesta 1.25 mk7 HELP. Cheers for the advice guys! There are two types of Puma - and two different wiring looms for each. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. Check out our Fiesta ST performance auto parts. I'll have to give Puma a call tomorrow, see what they say. Quick View. Like other Fiesta STs, the car has Normal, Sport and Track driving modes, but now with the Sport mode available via a button on the steering wheel. With these modifications to the Ford Duratec 2.0 L engine, you’ll achieve significant overall gains in power and torque. The Fiesta ST is powered by a 1.6 litre Ford EcoBoost engine to deliver performance while still providing good fuel efficiency. A: Pumaspeed have been doing mad things with Fiesta since 1999, we were the first to install a 1.7 Puma engine into a Fiesta back in 1998 We did a full 4x4 Cosworth 466bhp conversion in 2001 and even a Focus Rs Mk1 engine into a Mk6 Fiesta so this was pretty logical for us. And I would imagine you would need to use the ST's manifolds as well. We offer one of the largest collection of Fiesta ST related news, gallery and technical articles. If there is not enough space to fit the 2.5 engine from the st isnt the 2.0 from the original focus rs a 4 cylinder? Ford Fiesta ST features and specs at Car and Driver. Collection: Ford Fiesta ST 150 Duratec 16V Parts Performance parts to upgrade Ford Fiesta Mk6 ST150 2.0 / Ford Fiesta XR4 / Ford Focus Mk2 2.0 / Ford Mondeo Mk2 2.0 vehicles. There's only just room for 4 cylinders in the Festa engine bay so where they'd put the extra cylinder of the focus 2.5 ST engine I can't imagine. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer: The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by the Ford Motor Company Limited or its subsidiaries. mountune was founded in 1980 specializing in motorsport engines & our reputation quickly grew for performance engineering … 1995-2001 BMW E38 LS Swap Engine Mount Set $399.00 1997-2003 X308 Jaguar XJ8 XJR Adjustable Coilover Suspension $1,199.00 2013+ Focus ST Intercooler+Catless Downpipe Package $829.00 Ford also used the Zetec name to represent a trim level on more modern cars. Ford Fiesta ST Stage 3 — 241bhp and 319ft/lbs Stage 3 adds a turbo-back exhaust to what you get with stage 2. Sparkhill, Birmingham The final production model was announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. I'd second the "you're better spending money on a better car than on modifying the old one" opinion. Please don t hesitate to contact us on the phone number above or click here to … You may also need to use the following parts depending on your plans. Use instead a 220mm flat flywheel from a 1.6 or 1.8 Zetec equipped Fiesta, Escort or Mondeo. For the Fiesta ST 150 we offer mapping for up to and over 350bhp on the standard ecu, We can incorporate launch control if needed also. "Saving Ford's hot hatch from becoming a fridge"A resource site for owners of the Mk1 & 2 Fiesta. Address: Jam Sport UK Ltd, 2 Lower Farm Road, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6XF mountune have been powering teams and drivers to victory throughout the globe for 40 years, offering the very highest quality race engine and road car performance parts. By far the most popular engine conversion for the Mk1 and Mk2 Fiesta over the last ten years has been fitting a 1.8 or 2.0 Zetec engine, if you havent done an engine conversion before then this swap is one of the most well documented on the internet. You know the type; pedestrian fwd hatch, completely gutted, filled with a skeleton of tubing, a north/south facing engine conversion, race-quality suspension and a … If you want to use the engine from a Mondeo (this really only applies to the 2 litre because the 1.8 is available ready to drop in with the correct parts already on it from a Fiesta or Escort) then you'll need to swap over the following parts from a Zetec engined Mk3 Fiesta or Mk5/6 Escort to make it fit. Given that the Focus' engine is an inline five, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's too long for the Fiesta's engine bay. On the Mk1 Fiesta theres a two piece drive shaft thats supported by a bearing on the back of the engine. The engine you are looking for is known as the Zetec E and comes in 1.6 or 1.8 versions from the Mk3 Fiesta or Mk5/6 Ford Escorts. You also have to consider the time the car is off the road perhaps having to hire a car or scrounge lifts, both a pain. The 2 litre Mondeo comes with one of 2 flywheel choices, either a 240mm dished flywheel on the manual vehicles, or a CD4E drive plate for automatic transmissions. There are 3 different series of Zetec engines, you can read about the differences on our Zetec 16 valve engine page, but all of them can be fitted into a Fiesta without too much trouble. Color Add to cart. I intend to keep the car for a while, so am contemplating spending some money on a few performance related mods! I suddenly thought, how about an engine conversion from the current shape Focus ST, the 2.5 T5 turbo model. You will need to either make a hole for the wires through the bulkhead or find an exisitng one. Power is provided by a turbocharged 1.5-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine that provides 200 horsepower … And then there's the cost of running the conversion such as the reduced fuel consumption, insurance hike, potential reduced reliability. The engine will now fit in the engine bay, but theres still more work to do. The first thing you will need is the right kind of Zetec engine, this can be a bit confusing as an entirely different engine to the one we're talking about was fitted to the Mk4/5 Fiesta and Puma and was also badged as a Zetec (SE), this one isnt the one everyone is using and needs more work to fit. Ford’s Racing Performance Group will offer a certified rally-conversion kit, called the R2, for the 2011 Fiesta’s 4-door hatchback body style, including an engine upgrade good for 168 horsepower. ... Forgot to declare it when I did the conversion, therefore up to new owner to declare". You can't fit the bearing to the same place on the Zetec engine, because theres no place to bolt it to. To make a CVH flywheel fit you need to slightly enlarge the bolt holes by .5mm. Share your favorite Fiesta ST photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Fiesta ST owners on our message board. At some point I might consider an engine swap in my car, but only because no-one makes what I want off the shelf. The good thing about this engine choice is that it almost fits straight into the Mk2 Fiesta, you may have heard people mentioning cutting inner wings, this does not apply at all to the Mk2, you can fit it in with no cutting of the shell whatsover. Finding a … IIRC it might be a tad taller but if you're using a K&N it shouldn't be a problem.

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