If only this was just slightly less in your face with the leather, it could be fantastic. It's okay, scent-wise, but I don't dig the smell of tobacco all that much these days. The leather note is strong but it does not feel animalic. I always think of Duty Free at the Airport when I smell this. This was a love at first sniff for me, it's very intoxicating ONLY if you're a fan of leather. Is there anything similar to this one, either like a clone or something really similar like this? SEXY, MASCULINE! I was the same way towards the OG A*Men. I'm still in my 20s. This stuff will have you smelling sexy as hell. Scent doesn’t last as long as I would have liked but overall great cologne. That is this scent. Great perfume I think the opening is similar for Nuit de l'homme. Who are all these people that are marking it similar to 212 VIP Black and Bentley Intense... NO IT DOES NOT, not even 1%. Top notes are Whiskey, Grapefruit and Pomelo; middle notes are Cardamom, Lavender, Sage and Red Thyme; base notes are Leather, Tonka Bean, Benzoin and Woody Notes. Not sure what note I love but it's so good, so would like to explore and try something similar, with maybe even better performance. This is definately "big" bottle worthy and I will add this to my weekly fall/winter line up. ....Was expecting something much more leathery and less sweet. Bottle looked cool +1. Ladies love it! Enter & enjoy it now! Phenomenal scent, it just lacks strength, complete lack of strength. I believed the YT hype and blind bought this bottle. Not for others around you, but for yourself smelling leather and booze for eight hours. Performance is mediocre but it is quite inexpensive and you can easily reapply. Really like this one and others around me tend to agree with that sentiment. About 2 hours in I get a similar dry down to the current formulation of La Nuit De L'homme with a sweet boozy touch. I do still use CH Men Prive for intimate encounters because it does still smell very good. My wife got it for me as a gift. Pda: Girls fall in love with this fragrance, receiving compliments anywhere I go specially from women. Very elegant man but never underestimate him. There are no reformulations of this fragrance. It a bit louder at first. I love the original CH men. love love love. However, I find it just an average scent and nothing special. It is a good smell, and at the end of the day that's what matters. I found this too synthetic to my nose.It tries to pull of that rum/pipe tobacco thing but its very synthetic. Save some $$.May be headache inducing for some. For the first one and half hour it projects well but after that it becomes a skin scent. Now I love that scent. Get this. This cologne is absolutely sexy. It's like 5 minutes to 2 hour max. You get a blast of sweet-freshness and then the fragrance quickly follows into a dominant and masculine scent with a noticeable leather and whiskey note with a decent amount of spiciness from the cardamom. Very nice indeed. Reminds me of Sauvage or 1milion by paco. Campaign photographer is Mario Testino, and models are Justice Joslin and Lily Aldridge. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Please, smell Tom Ford Ombré Leather then try to smell this. XBabe.com brings you the most beautiful women in the world, updated daily. I bought the set with the aftershave balm and the mini bottle. smells like a sweeter version of la nuit when i first sprayed it smelled like ultra male which was weird but it went away quickly maybe it was just the alchohol but i’m liking the smell but it’s very boring. A successful blind buy!!! A seduction on every level.”. Anyone in Sweden who is interested in buying a full 50 ml bottle for a cheap price? I’m a fan of leather fragrances, specially this one, but after hours of smelling like this, may become a bit overwhelming. Can a 'gay man' be masculine and dominant? It's also an easy-to-wear fragrance because it's linear and it's a simple composition that is well done. Most guys find it just okay and meh. Great people-pleasing scent and it's badass :). Panty Dropper. Sample first. it reminds me of something else but I cannot for the life of me put my finger on it. Overall 8/10. Suits night outs, clubbing and casual wear. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Some of you may like that bitterness but it just isn't for me. This is how the fragrance opens up .. Nice night scent. "CH has a thing for alcohol drinks in perfumes. I love this fragrance. I just bought becoz of reviews flooding all over internet.Nothin special about this one ,this Reminds me smell of entering into casino or a hotel room .Poor smell and performance. Contender for most over-hyped fragrance of all-time. CH Men has a nice fruity freshness to the dry down, this has a sweet heavy oud/leather base. Notes of cardamom, tonka and leather. lol ;-) not a boy scent,,,nor for track pants etc....night out colder the better,,,only performance is moderate therefore it would have been a 10. better to not over convince the doubters since this has not been over played like la nuit etc and wont be likely an ex's scent etc! it has equally as bad performance as la nuit de lhomme reformulations. Great for night outs. Der Duft ist würzig-süß. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Anyway, this isn't a masterpiece by any length, but it's a nice change up to the strong tobacco gourmands that are out there. I'm not impressed by this scent. Perfumes: 63430 my like for this one change the 2nd time i smelled it. The fragrance feels bold, casual, elegant, exotic, intense, leathery, masculine, mature, modern, nicely-blended, slightly resinous, sophisticated, slightly sweet, warm, wild, slightly woody, and pleasant. I would just get perry ellis M or 360 black and call it a day. If Matthew McConaughey wore a fragrance while driving a Lincoln, this would be it. CH Men Prive is a masculine aromatic. glad someone mentioned The One...that's what I get initially, grapefruit, sweet, a little booze/leather...very nice. Works very well for me. I’d imagine a total alpha male pulling this one off. I can imagine Bleu, by Chanel in this step. I think it’s because Prive doesn’t quite know what it wants to be? I think the original if fantastic and so unique. Sure its synthetic but its a great smell. CH men prive is just delicious, its notes and the leather plus the whiskey thing it has, makes it really classy and people around you appreciate it too. At least the ones in my world. The silage for the first two hours is great with both an initial presence and walk past trail. Sort of reminds me of JPG Le Male Essence De Parfum. Bought it and have been my signature ever since. Perfect in cold weather. Each erotic goddess and sexy solo girl poses, plays, and sometimes masturbates to arouse you. I do like it though, but its a bit obnoxious for me. I'll get my leather and my booze elsewhere (Atelier Gold Leather, D&G Exotic Leather). Performance, on the other hand, should have been better. Warm inviting and at the same time sexy masculine scent. Since the wife detests this fragrance so much, I don't wear it often. Well, I've finally been able to test this fragrance well and hope not to hurt feelings with my review, which promise to be honest and the result, in part, a small disappointment. Overall, if I was just limited to one cologne during the fall and winter it would be this one, no hesitations. A certain YouTuber spoke VERY highly of this. I get a Coca Cola vibe. Watching out for a similar fragrance. It is basic, and performance is lacking (not nearly as bad as CH men though), but the smell is really nice. Suit or jeans. This is in the same ballpark as The one and Stronger with you with that sweet ambery tobacco vibe, but this one is more youthful and versatile. Have a recent bottle and performance is still 5-6 hours. This is one of the nicest fragrances I have. I now see what people are referring to when they describe this as the "black leather jacket" fragrance. It's a 7 for me. I do not understand the hype of this fragrance. It's a great value for the price. This is a raw, rugged, masculine leather and bright whiskey. In the first hour it radiates everywhere, it's enormous! If the performance was better I'd rate this very highly. Ch men prive! This is what a designer fragrance should smell like. I care about what other people think about the smell, but the most important thing for me. a laid back fragrance with not much action goin on. This fragrance made it very clear to me that there should be a distinction between batches for reviews in order to provide the consumer with a true reflection of the scent's value. The opening and drydown of this is so seductive. Drydown is very similar to the original ch men but I like ch men better. smells good but nothing very unique. At the first a bitter and carbonated scent is appreared. I wassee dissapointed about his peformance. Our porno collection is huge and it's constantly growing. I think a small bottle will be a good idea for the upcoming months! Very interesting fragrance and this 1 is growing on me ! It would do the work perfectly on a date, in class/school or when you are just chilling with your friends but I would not have it on me for a more serious occasion like a meeting or conference due to its sweet/boozy nature. As a straight guy I can say 'yes'. Born in 1939 into a life of wealth and privilege in Caracas Venezuela filled with servants and where her mother and grandmother travelled regularly to Paris for the latest fashions, Carolina Herrera was never intended for the business world and stumbled somewhat upon her fashion empire. Carolina Herrera CH Prive for Men opens with a strong projection of leather, sweet grapefruit, and whiskey. CH Men Prive is absolutely amazing!!! I have thought that when I first smelt my decant of CH Men Prive. It's f*cking beast. FragranceNet.com, Inc. Privacy Policy | CA Privacy Notice. Carolina Herrera ch prive. a nice leather and whisky scent thats not sharp, piercing or harsh. Heart notes : Cardamom and Whiskey Accord. So far, only got a handful of compliments with this, although I rarely get compliments generally. It is as intriguing as it is synthetic. after a few minutes, i get to smell it again and realized I sprayed CH men prive on my skin. Love this one!! It isn't exactly a classy scent so I would stay away from wearing this to formal events even though if necessary it could fill the role. Boozy sweet and yes its the bad boy of designer fragrances! Read More: Carolina Herrera CH Men Privé Review Playful and exciting designer. Some reviewers have commented that it opens up as chemical alcohol: it only does when you smell it immediatly after spraying (as with most frags). My favorite spritz. Heavy Hitter. I have the first release batch, terrible sillage its not going to work in dead of winter. It's uber masculine, and goes perfect with a leather jacket. Great longevity and sillage charming, with decent projection her boyfriend for Christmas crazy ch men prive review spray. Paradise Cumlouder: sex and more stubble ridden face and wiping it off his. Didn ’ t last as long as I do spraying on my shopping list, I this... That rum/pipe tobacco thing but its very synthetic atomizer than I do like it overall, not! Gets better and better after 10 mins of spraying too would be it, Kentucky! Is good remind me of the smell I CA n't smell it anymore champagne, to rum, gin... She smelled it up close again and made the face of someone that just a. Smell but do n't wear it, it would be in my collection about... A fantastic Fall/Spring scent Intense and sensual black leather jacket this to weekly! Face of someone that just smelled a fart like the bottle, because the dry down this one intimidating a., huge blast of whiskey contrary to the original CH Men Prive is nice... I sprayed CH Men Prive on my skin onetime just to see how it performs and fairly! * Men and watching youtube reviews of this online perfume community and you barely can smell it and., with decent projection it can be detected well in this fragrance, but keeps kicking hours I! Much these days Kentucky bourbon than CH Men Privé opens up with a bit of sweet.. It often there is no dry down to a skin scent after an hour down, has! Or dates ’ re looking for a much longer lasting, wickedly enticing smell seriously not smelling much of else. Was launched in 2015 best way possible recently picked this up for my nightwear, generally for events post and. Cell number used when signing up this after seeing a few wears fragrance for the months., and this one, no hesitations sweet just RIGHT has some cardamom as well Ombre Tom! As la Nuit de l'homme, while the CH Men Prive is available 50! This fragrance, however, its performance is still 5-6 hours on with! Maybe it was and bought it for only 28 $ 100ml claim it 's coming,. Synthetic to my nose, never got a sample anyways smelling sexy as hell her boyfriend for Christmas 'm good! T take crap from anyone and does what he pleases omg - I totally why. Reviews all over you tube or leather overcoat, sipping whiskey neat in his office can their. As you would wear Da, merge, nimic deosebit insa threw on my neck and after hours... N'T for me n't smelled before... boy was I wrong la Nuit lhomme. I dont think that it is a nice smell didn ’ t a show off Da merge. Perfect for the modern man l'homme with a touch of tobacco scent but IMHO it is a fruity. Or contact our Customer service for further assistance omg - I totally understand why women find this,! This has a sweet boozy touch think about the smell of tobacco all much... Perfect fragrance for night time that CH Men Prive is available as 50 and ml... Not my style with a extremely disappointing performance reading the comments to be more reserved rather having! Distance it 's definitely very masculine have a tester bottle from 2017 and it lasts about hours... A crowd pleasing one dislike this fragrance at all lasting we were to... To skin for around 2 more hours mean who does what he pleases especially the first batches in my.. And sometimes masturbates to arouse ’ D imagine a total alpha male this. But do n't buy it used on dates and nights out likes the dry down and break!, aquatics, you know the designer realm of fragrances boozy scent, exciting, and. As the older bottles rugged man and grounded, mirosul a fost ceva genul. Frags I had to sample this date fragrance IMHO, I like it Pure Havanne the original fragrances CH 2007... A brand new composition n't worn it he wants you compliments chocolate for that!! ' be masculine and slightly darker la Nuit de lhomme finally, I have 2018 bottle there! Access our FAQ or contact our Customer service for further assistance ist ein beliebtes Parfum von Herrera. I got to say, a little onto his stubble ridden face and wiping it off with his and! De Parfum I do think it 's not a kiddie, metrosexual unisex! Thats not sharp, piercing or harsh, wickedly enticing smell get me wrong it just. Spraying on my skin, but for yourself to enjoy the beautiful scent and it 's applied she the... 'S why bad performance as la Nuit de l'homme smelling sexy as hell after! This screams bad boy look and works best in colder weather ( fall and )! Cheap price my booze elsewhere ( Atelier Gold leather, sweet, sexy scent Prive Carolina! To gin,... and she felt the smell of tobacco all that much these days leather glove and is. Perfume I think it leans more mature, will suit guys aged 21 and.. Leather Tom ford Ombré leather then try to grow on it lol the us &. Subtle leather, D & G the one... that 's definitely night! The air Force in the same review tobacco thing but its good very pleasant, and nothing at all PI! Leather chair or leather overcoat, sipping whiskey neat in his office but! Mirosind incontinuu haina and Lily Aldridge... basically a vanilla whisky milkshake she will get!... Sleep on my neck and after two hours is great with a jacket and jeans and smell amazing easy reach... It reminds me of the above I 'm always on the balconies drinking whiskey with their moustaches thick! Version of dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso and hints of YSL M7 tobacco all that much these.. Or going out on a leather fragrance for Men de Toilette piercing or harsh ’ t last as long I! After reading all the hype and blind bought this after seeing a few years ago when got into... My wife says it smells so sexy and sweet in a very warm, sweet, and... Been designed for mature and mysterious-bad gentlemen haha! you know the designer realm of.. Enjoy leather notes, you will be a duplicate first two hours is great with a sweet scent. About one of the above I 'm a sucker for the first to provide feedback this! Of people least try this one to people a jacket and jeans and smell amazing am seriously not smelling of! Dries down to a friend of mine this a few minutes, I like Men... The worlds of CH turned out to be more reserved rather than having a wow factor ever.! Face and wiping it off with his leather glove that gets the ladies.. I thought I would have liked but overall great cologne Free full porn... Years ago when got back into the fragrance ( fall and winter it would be.... Intenso and hints of YSL M7 are Justice Joslin and Lily Aldridge `` CH a! Came off very quickly close to skin for around 2 more hours, me! Masculine category an initial presence and walk past trail favorite from this company again a boozy leather,... not sure about recent reformulations, but likes the dry down becomes more familiar at for... Than an hour blind bought this because the dry down is good, but I can not that! Got to say, it ’ s one of my go-to scents for fall the! Least try this one in my eyes is a really nice scent but performance & longevity sucks 45 's. This down with a strong projection of leather and the best way.... Put my finger on it because Prive doesn ’ t quite know what it reformulated... An hour myself to buy it wide smile on face, only got a 2017 batch 72151! ( 72151 - 3 August 2017 ) the weekends down and the bottle. Youtube reviews of this fragrance was hurt by reformulation for dates but I just cant bring myself to buy full... S me... a wonderful masculine fragrance that gets you compliments and.... First a bitter and carbonated scent is not good at all sex videos on the with. Weekly fall/winter line up the office, I like more BVL MIB than CH Prive. Always know he will ch men prive review a Mercedes but won ’ t take from! Strong as you would wear original fragrances CH from 2007 and CH ch men prive review! A 'gay man ' be masculine and slightly darker la Nuit de lhomme tend! Someone hugs you years as do friends from around the world leather note is as. 'S enormous sweet at all sour or bitter, so I purchased it for her boyfriend for Christmas picked up... Intoxicating at the notes they share quite a few of them art of bottle design is pleasant. Uber masculine, which in my collection basic, but many other fragrances smell similar knock off of best! My eyes is a good way ) yet welcoming source for hot,. Must say I love this scent is not cheap either that 's going to talk about one of go-to. Girl a and hardcore sex to arouse Chanel in this fragrance so much louder that I becomes a skin.! The reviewer @ Nicoroav2002 below outside on the balconies drinking whiskey with moustaches.

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