The Dizzy Dandy is clearly distinguished by its mischievous face, though. They're more or less invincible, so you have to wait for them to go back down again before advancing. Then dash across the bridge of ! Afterward, in the final stretch of this room, dodge two more Boo Blahs before taking a pipe to a new area. This page contains all 5 Flower Locations, all 20 Red Coins, and a 30 Star walkthrough for World 3-5: Don't Fear the Spear. The winged cloud beyond contains the last five stars of the stage (Stars: 30/30) . However, not everything saves. Above the third and final Big Boo is a breakable block in the ceiling. Use a hovering jump through these coins, making sure to collect all of them to obtain Red Coins #16, #17, #18, #19, & #20, as you descend to the Goal Ring below. Remove the foe, then collect the four coins above for Red Coins #10, #11, #12, & #13. Now that the left edge has been raised, run back left and grab Red Coins #11 & #12 as you jump to a high ledge and fetch Flower #4. You win special items as prizes in either bonus challenges or mini-battles. On top of the tall rock between these last two Fly Guys is a Bubble Dayzee--a purple Crazee Dayzee that will blow bubbles. At any rate, this guide will point out every location of each flower in the game. Five flowers: Snag Red Coin #4 from the Fly Guy once you see him, watching out for a Woozy Guy and Shy-Guy below. If you change the direction you're facing, Poochy will stop immediately and begin to accelerate in that other direction until you face another way. If you got the key in the early part of the stage, you can enter and face a Bandit in the following mini-battle: Popping Balloons. Dropping down from the pipe, push the crate in front of you off the ledge so you can return to the main part of this old room. Whenever he comes near you, go to one of the sunken parts of the floor and duck--you'll be perfectly safe from him like this. You can also pound open crates for stars--crates usually hold six stars at a time (though sometimes the number varies). Use a hovering jump to collect the four coins you see--including Red Coins #11 & #12--as well as Flower #3 (it might be better to use an egg for this latter item). To the right of the dirt near the metamorphosis bubble is more dirt holding a big spring ball. When you've accomplished everything you want to do in this area, go past the Shy-Guys' pipe and hit the Middle-Ring (Stars: 15/30). Use this item, however, to make them very solidly red and thus stand out. Head right until you see a 4-piece rotating platform. After the cutscene, Yoshi must do battle with the Big Boo that Kamek has enlarged to a, well, somewhat bigger size. When you reach the third teeter-totter in a row, this one only having one row of coins above it, Red Coin #3 is at the end of that row. It doesn't matter which of the three files you choose (they're all the same). Hit the switch to cause a large number of coins to appear to the right--collect as many as you can before time runs out. For now, ignore the Donut Lifts that scroll into view and navigate the paddle wheels below as you collect Red Coins #1 & #2 in the middle of the coin stash here. You can gain a full 7-up from this sequence! (If you do, just leave this room and reenter.) From the first cinematic of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: From the second cinematic of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: From the instruction booklet: The story of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Islandtakes place while Mario and Luigi are in their infancy, referred to as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi respectively. The game is a midquel between Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS, and it uses a similar art style for the game. Above them is a red flatbed ferry, which you should ride up to the area above this one--but take care, because the red flatbed ferries move much faster than the yellow variety! Yoshi's tongue can't harm them either. Resupply yourself with eggs, then bounce up to the high platforms up and to the right. Some are out in the open, while others are well hidden (e.g. Eat some Gusties as you go, then hit the winged cloud at the end for five stars (Stars: 5/31). Ignore the very high winged cloud for now--you'll come back to it later. Yniguide444.png Stock up on eggs from the Egg Block and head to the right. Use a paddle wheel to make it the rest of the way up, and you'll see a red arrow block over a red-patterned platform with a spiky top. Go right and collect Red Coins #7, #8, #9, & #10, then break the crate to obtain a Key. After you have the flower, move left to get out of the way of the rocks, then climb them up and over to continue right. Go through the flippers and dodge past the Boos as you pick up eggs and make your way through. And if the roulette lands on a flower, you get to play a bonus challenge, one of various games of chance where you can win special items or extra lives. You can restock infinitely at such blocks whenever you use up your eggs! (Unlike green eggs, hitting an enemy or object with a yellow egg gives you a couple coins.) The bonus game will begin when Select is released. The bonus game will begin when Select is released. This is a good item to have if you're lacking one of the star point special items, but there are a lot of enemies around you. Walkthrough Title Date Author Size Version; General FAQs/Guides: Yoshi's Island FAQ/Walkthrough (Swedish) (GBA) Nov 8, 2005: CWall: 204.4 kb: 1.1 There is some situational usefulness for this item--particularly in certain icy parts of World 5--but in general it's pretty limited. You'll be taken to what looks like the inside of a castle level. Just walk underneath them and … Do not pound it all the way down! Once all the rocks have fallen, walk along them to the left until you uncover an invisible winged cloud. True to the stage's title, you'll meet Gusty almost as soon as you begin. It's especially useful for certain hard-to-reach collectibles that require tricky aiming techniques to obtain. (It's a similar principle to hitting successive enemies with Koopa shells for 1-ups in the Super Mario series.) Starting from this point, the title of the stage will start to make sense. Yoshis Island DS video walkthrough by Maceman. After a few Shy-Guys have emerged in the area next to the pipe, and before Yoshi swallows the Melon Bug (which he'll do with any enemy if he holds it in his mouth long enough), spit out the Melon Bug into the cluster of Shy-Guys. If you jump into it, Yoshi will be stuck to the ceiling temporarily before falling back down. Collect as many eggs from the Egg-Plant above as you need while you're here. This one contains a switch that temporarily turns the dotted line ahead (under the breakable rock material) into ! Be ready, because as you reach the end of this platform and see another platform to the left, above that new platform will be a Fly Guy (i.e. Then there's a large block of dirt you'll have to break through to progress; near the top right corner of the block is an invisible winged cloud you'll need to break through to access, which will rain down three stars on you (Stars: 23/41). Use it as a stepping stone to hop up there. Walk forward a couple screens, and past a couple Shy-Guys you'll be introduced to the main threat of this stage: Incoming Chomps. If you're exceptionally patient, you can earn up to the maximum 999 lives doing this! Jump across another gap, and you'll encounter another Bubble Dayzee. Hop onto the ledge on the other side, below some coins, and get ready--there is a Bill Blaster in your face about to fire! since those numbers can vary widely. Make your way back to the right to a paddle wheel. The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough and Guide Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough and Str.. You have to get them all at once. Dodge a couple more falling rocks, then pause after jumping over the first pit ahead. From there, make your way to the right and keep going. There are few things more disheartening than collecting all the red coins and Special Flowers in a stage, only to take damage near the end when there are no more stars to find in winged clouds or elsewhere. An Anytime Egg is also quite rare in this bonus challenge, so you should almost always quit and take that with you if you find one. (Try to have at least three eggs with you when you enter the door since there are none in the room beyond.). Step on the switch, then go quickly right, past the pipe. Mock Ups are enemies that pose as a 1-up balloon, only to burst when you come near and dislodge Baby Mario from Yoshi's back, resulting in stars lost. If you brought a couple eggs with you, use one to defeat the plant, then use another to open the cloud. Do exactly what the message block here tells you and aim an egg into the top right-hand corner of the ceiling to uncover an invisible winged cloud, this one also containing a 1-up. Pound down the post you come to next for Red Coin #18. Press B right as Yoshi lands on it and it will propel you higher. Climb back up and out to your right, past a Wild Piranha, then drop down where you see a paddle wheel. He takes two hits (one to remove the flowers) to defeat, or you can just eat him. Use an egg to break through the stone and gain Flower #5. Use the stairway you created earlier to reach the ledge on the left, where there are three eggs on the ground. Return and then take the lower right path until you reach a lone Nipper Plant in its own enclosed area. In 5-5, reach the first middle ring, and then you will notice the metamorphosis helicopter bubble ahead. Do the same on the next bridge to land in the water and gain access to a long line of coins that includes Red Coins #13, #14, & #15. (If you miss any of them, you can simply drop back down into the cave and ride the flatbed ferry up to try again.) Once you reach the rocky shore on the other side, you'll have a bit of a breather. (Be careful as this Big Boo has three Boo Buddies hidden behind him!) Hop over the pits ahead--you'll find Red Coin #2 immediately after the third pit. Spit the Shy-Guy upward into the tulip and catch the eight stars that rain down, if you need them (Stars: 46/46). In the next tunnel, three Fangs will fly at you from the ceiling, so deal with them one at a time. The first two coins on this new platform are Red Coins #8 & #9, and the last coin is Red Coin #10. Continue right past a Shy-Guy; within the set of two coins afterward is Red Coin #1. Bust through the block with an egg, then run along the ceiling back to the left. You'll see slight indentations in both the left and right walls, and if you walk into them, you'll discover hidden passages. Afterward, the Fuzzy onslaught will be over. You don't have to whack the Piranha's. If you stand on either the left or right tall rocks, they will sink beneath you. In this darkened underground area, you'll come across a couple more Shy-Guys on Stilts you should turn into eggs. In the present instance, there are no walls, so spit away. Carefully jump on the red flatbed ferries as you make your way across the lava pit ahead. At the top you'll encounter a pair of Fly Guys carrying Red Coins #5 & #6. Yoshis Story Walkthrough Videos (Completed) Total number of 2 videos by cadcTV (00:44:35) Title: Duration: Date: Yoshis Story Yoshi Story : Its Been a Looooong Time! Activating this item gives Yoshi nine bursts of fire breath. One last Shy-Guy will be carried by a Baron von Zeppelin as you clear the final gap. In each stage you'll be able to collect five Special Flowers. Yoshi's Crafted World Summary : Play as an adorable Yoshi traveling through a world crafted from household items like boxes and paper cups in the platforming adventure Yoshi’s … Whenever you see a Chomp hopping around in the background, look out because it will then jump up off-screen and come crashing down in the foreground, taking out part of the terrain and turning it into a bottomless pit. Don't let the darkness concern you, though--this whole room is on solid ground. Use them to restock your eggs, and hit the winged cloud here to cause a beanstalk to sprout. You'll land on a seesaw platform filled with coins. It's not really worth it, though.). This item has the same effect as the previous one except you add 20 stars instead of 10! Go down the pipe that's producing the Shy-Guys to find yourself in a dark room guarded by three spark-like Piro Dangles, which circle around their blocks in the wall. Defeat or avoid the Wild Piranha up ahead as you grab Red Coins #18, #19, & #20 above it. If you reset the game, Yoshi's lives will revert back to 3. Exit via the pipe back to the previous room, jump through the Middle-Ring (Stars: 30/30), and enter the boss door. Use the control pad to choose your direction whenever the track forks, and be sure to hit metamorphosis bubbles to keep your train form going. Among the three coins near the end are Red Coins #5 & #6. Exit via the pipe you entered from. Obtaining six stars on the title screen means you will have completed every stage in the game! Finally, be very careful about the large bush after this last Fly Guy because a green Shy-Guy is hiding in it--touching him will result in a Bandit running away with Baby Mario! Then, after you've cleared a stage and familiarized yourself with it, go back and try to perfect your score. You can collect Red Coins #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, & #20 from the coins above the lava. Hitting Burt six times will lower his pants completely and cause him to wither away in bashful embarrassment. On the other side of it is a crate, which you should ground pound to release six stars instead of the usual five you get from winged clouds (Stars: 6/27). At the end, enter the door to return to where you were previously. Watch this step-by-step walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game. But once you collect one, a special sound effect will go off and the coin will turn true red to let you know you've obtained a red coin. Grab the Super Star bouncing around down here and run! This game is set in the past, when Mario is a baby, and is dropped by a stork onto Yoshi's Island. If you don't have any eggs, you can return to this entry area after getting some later. Go to the left end of the passage to be confronted by a Hopping Tap-Tap. A much easier way to create your own stars is to carry a 10 Point Star or 20 Point Star special item in your inventory (more on that below). This is an easy first boss battle to get you warmed up. Above ground again, hit the winged cloud directly above you to unleash the final five stars of the stage (Stars: 28/28). Use the big spring ball to bounce up to the next area. Snag a 1-up from a Fly Guy as you progress, then stomp a couple Mildes underfoot after you jump the first gap and collect Red Coins #10 & #11. Be wary of two hanging Wild Piranhas as you collect Red Coins #15, #16, #17, & #18 as well as Flower #4 down here. You can pick up a super blue watermelon too if you'd like. Go up to the flower pot and push it off the platform to retrieve the Key. Run to the left to pick up a whole bunch of coins until you're dropped back near the start of the stage. Eat a nearby Shy-Guy and spit it up into the tulip to earn eight stars (Stars: 13/78). You'll emerge back outside. While you can stun them with an egg, it's actually much easier to Pound The Ground. Once they're gone, Flower #2 will materialize. Stand on it too long, and it'll fall off its spiked support--try to stay near the center if you must be on it because it will fall off quicker the closer you are to the edge. Instead, wait for the screen to scroll forward enough to see a trail of coins leading downward. Another Woozy Guy will confront you as you near a crate trapped under breakable rock. Exactly what it says on the tin, the first enemies you'll come across as you take the path forward are three Shy-Guys on Stilts. Collect the coins up here to obtain Red Coins #17, #18, #19, & #20. This game was later ported to the Game Boy Advance under the title Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, along with six secret stages not found in the Super NES original. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – Game Genie Codes The following are known Game Genie Codes for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island on Super Nintendo (SNES). There is another winged cloud with five stars up here (Stars: 15/40), then collect Flower #1 above the lava as you jump back onto Poochy. No matter where you are (as long as they're visible on-screen), they'll become immobilized when you ground pound near them! This item is most readily found as a prize in the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest mini-battle. Hit it three times and it'll pop, dropping a switch down to you. Drop into this depression on the right to uncover an invisible winged cloud. This game was later ported to the Game Boy Advance under the title Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, along with six secret stages not found in the Super NES original. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Finally, you'll find a couple rows of many coins along with Flower #5. Now ride Poochy back to the left where you started this segment, use the egg block to restock Yoshi's egg supply, then take the lower pipe up and out of here. While it will be a nuisance trying to dodge them while dealing with the Bigger Boo, they also allow you to replenish your egg supply. It won't do, for instance, to run through and grab all the red coins on your first time, then go for the flowers on a second run. Use it to collect the coins and reach the ledge to the right, where you'll find a big spring ball. Furthermore, once you collect the twentieth and final red coin in a stage, a different sound effect will let you know you've collected them all. Continue right. Defeat a couple Burts and restock your egg supply. For now, you'll want to go up and to the left into the next bubble, then left after that. Then jump through the Middle-Ring for ten more stars (Stars: 15/28). Go to the leftmost edge of this area and you'll see a winged cloud farther out. Above you is yellow spongy stuff. The log contraption after the post is called a teeter-totter. Anyway, get rid of Lakitu once he returns. Super Mario World - Yoshi's Island 4 Labeled Map - Super Nintendo (SNES) Home | Super Mario World Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map. In the midst of the lava pit is the eponymous Poochy! Back at the fork, go left now and climb up until you see another Middle-Ring (Stars: 25/30), which you should activate. Among the first three Barons, two will drop bombs on you, and the one between those two will drop a Shy-Guy--this latter is best dealt with by having Yoshi wait underneath it, then flick his tongue up to eat the Shy-Guy as soon as he's dropped. When the stage begins, Fangs will start flying toward you. Blocks, as well as coins, but they're not really worth rushing around for. It is the third game in the Yoshi's Island franchise, following Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS.. Red Coin #2 is at the end of the line of coins above this teeter-totter. Go forward and use another egg to claim Flower #4 in the stone. (Note that you can exit and reenter this room repeatedly if you need to fill up on eggs.) You'll trigger an invisible winged cloud that you can hit for an additional five stars if you need them (Stars: 30/30). When you're done, exit via the same door you entered. But he's huge, so dodging him is a problem. After the message block, you'll find three different colored eggs under three Shy-Guys. Go quickly to the right and pick up Flower #4 before more falling rocks seal it off for good! Spit a Koopa shell at it or eat it to carry its shell with you. (If you're running low on eggs, there is a pipe producing Shy-Guys a little ways to the right.) As usual for games in the Super Mario series, there are many coins spread throughout each stage, and every hundred you collect gets you an extra life--the same is true here. Hit the winged cloud above the Spinner for five stars (Stars: 15/30). This can useful in certain situations! As you might expect, this stage is going to be populated mostly by Boo type enemies. For one thing, you're on a wide sea of lava. While most eggs that Yoshi carries have green spots, if you find any red eggs (i.e. Yoshi's New Island is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. If you run out of time without touching a Yoshi block, Yoshi will be returned to where he initially morphed and you can try again. Use your flashing eggs on these enemies to unleash Red Coins #1 & #2. After that are two regular coins, followed by Red Coins #19 & #20. In the center one is an invisible winged cloud containing a switch. Keep going (don't change directions on the control pad or you're likely to fall off) and you'll crawl through a line of coins leading up to a 1-up! He flies around in his cloud for a bit before aiming a Spiny Egg at you, which you'll have to dodge. Seeing as how there are none in this room yet, you're fine for now. In this small area is a pipe disgorging green Shy-Guys. (Beware, because if you touch these spikes, it's instant death--no matter how many stars you have!) Climb it up and hop onto the left platform. Go to the end of the path without popping the next winged cloud to find a Red Coin (6).Now pop the winged cloud to make a set of stairs appear. When you're done exploring, return left back into the enclosed passage. Blocks you've made and quickly use a well-aimed egg to ricochet off the right wall into the winged cloud in the corner to obtain a Key. You can hold a maximum of 27 special items in your inventory; that's enough for three of each item! Use it wisely, however, as this is one of the rarest special items in the game, and you generally can only win them in bonus challenges. As soon as you reach clearing to the right of the big spring ball (immediately after a red arrow sign), there is an invisible winged cloud against the wall, high above you. This next room is a standard corridor guarded by first two Boo Buddies, then after that three Big Boos. Jumping on one will only make Yoshi ride him instead of doing damage--you'd need to Pound The Ground for that (generally not advised because of how high Burt can jump). If he catches it, quickly run toward the right and drop down so you're level with the winged cloud. Jump over it and let it go its way, then follow it right. (Side note: It's possible to avoid the Super Star earlier in the stage and let it follow you approximately to the point where you find the Chomp Rock. Dodge it as you go forward, then you'll have to go under a double-headed Spinner up ahead, after which the last wall in the background will try to fall on you. Study the ceiling as you go forward to find a cracked block--hit it with an egg to break it and reveal an opening in the ceiling. Pick up the four eggs on the floor if you need them, then defeat both Big Boos with ricochet throws. This item also shows you any invisible winged clouds as soon as you scroll them on-screen. At the far end, past another Little Mouser and Wild Piranha, is Flower #4. Proceed through the flippers and toss an egg at the winged cloud to unleash a metamorphosis bubble, allowing you to turn into a Mole Tank again. Note that if you eat a Lava Bubble, Yoshi will gain fire breath! In part 5, we trek through the penultimate World 5 and conquer all nine levels contained within, toppling Sluggy the Unshaven and Raphael the Raven as we continue our journey. Then pound the two right posts, as the center one will give you an invisible winged cloud with a 1-up inside, while the rightmost post will yield Red Coin #17 when pounded all the way down. The latter isn't an enemy at all but instead has a platform on top of its head that you can use to hop onto and gain access to the higher ledges in this room--but be aware the Support Ghost does move its head around somewhat erratically. But Yoshi only gets three blasts of icy breath before going back to normal. Keep going forward and you'll just barely be able to see a couple items floating in via Baron von Zeppelins at the top of the screen. 5-1 If an icicle is in your way, break it off with an egg. (Optionally use eggs to collect any coins you may have missed.) Climb back up and out and go right again. Pound one of the posts here to reach Flower #3. Like Gusties, they're easy enough taken alone, but in large groups like this, they can pose a problem if you're not careful. Hit one with an egg to make it expand like a balloon. Next, restock at the egg block if needed, then grab Flower #4. Proceed right until you find two Hopping Tap-Taps jumping out of small depressions in the ground. I personally recommend exiting once you've scored a 10 Point Star or especially a 20 Point Star. Mildes will meet you at the bottom, so dispose of them. Basically hop on Poochy's back to ride him. Before you go, look for an invisible winged cloud on this ledge that contains the last five stars of this stage (Stars: 32/32). Quickly ground pound, then eat up a Shy-Guy on either side of it and hit the winged cloud above the Blow Hard for a 1-up. At the very top is another invisible winged cloud, this one containing five more stars (Stars: 58/78). As you go down the slope, you'll be met by a line of Tap-Taps, so let Poochy run over them for you--you can ride him to make it easier. Battle past a couple Shy-Guys and a Crazee Dayzee, and watch out for one last Incoming Chomp before you reach the Goal Ring. Now freeze and kill the Tap-Tap (or dodge around it), then grab Red Coin #18 in the middle of the coin trio behind it. Pound The Ground to immobilize the Eggo-Dil here temporarily, then press down where the flashing red arrow is to enter a bonus area. There are ten spaces on the roulette, so collecting all five flowers gives you a 50/50 chance of the roulette landing on a flower, which enables you to play a bonus challenge afterward. Ahead are four more floating rocks--all except the tall slender rock will sink once you land on them, so move quickly! Break through to the top left corner to reach an invisible winged cloud carrying a Key. There will almost certainly be some tweaks to make in the future, but for now this can be submitted. There are a few coins off to the left, but nothing else, so go to the right. This page contains all 5 Flower Locations, all 20 Red Coins, and a 30 Star walkthrough for World 2-4: Beware the Boo Brigade. In the next part, you'll encounter a Crazee Dayzee on Donut Lifts. Pound the red-and-yellow bridge you see before you to grab Red Coin #12. So sometimes you'll have to keep turning around to keep Poochy in place until it's safe for you to proceed. Climb up on the right side from there, where you'll soon find a cluster of five coins, in the center of which is Red Coin #13. Defeat the Fang and eat the watermelon you find here--Yoshi can spit watermelon seeds, not only left and right but upward as well. Collect the higher four coins for Red Coins #2, #3, #4, & #5. If you earned perfect scores of 100 in every stage, Extra Stage 1 and Bonus Challenge 1 will become available to you! As of right now, this guide covers the Super NES version only, though I may later go back and cover the GBA version at a later point. Next, you'll encounter a locked door below some yellow stone. Whichever direction you're facing, he'll gradually pick up speed and run in that direction. Continue right and hop onto a platform with a Shy-Guy and a tulip above it. You'll be inside a cave and drop to a Super Star. If you get a Toadie, you'll get no item but can continue playing. Take the paddle wheel all the way to the end of the track where Flower #2 is waiting, then snag Red Coin #7 from the Fly Guy above. Time for a little 2.5-D platforming! If you have a guide like this one, the Magnifying Glass' utility is drastically reduced, but it can still be quite useful in fast-paced parts of the game (e.g. This is where you come in. Use the Eggo-Dil here to stock up on eggs. For the big spring ball, however, if you press B immediately upon bouncing on it, you won't go as high. But make sure you do so from a distance, because each time Salvo is hit, several Lemon Drops will emerge from his body, and they can damage you! Up ahead are two more Shy-Guys and in between them a flower-like creature called a Crazee Dayzee--who can be defeated in all the same ways a Shy-Guy can. Be ready with a stomp or flick of the tongue at a moment's notice as you descend the large steps here.

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