Source: Departments of Statistics of the Bahamas (web). Local farms provide produce to restaurants and farmer’s markets and Eleuthera is home to the famous sweet Eleuthera pineapples and the annual Pineapple Festival held in Gregory Town. Lying between Governor’s Harbour Airport and North Eleuthera Airport, this beautiful small town stands as a popular attraction for the tourists who come to visit Eleuthera Island. The population of districts is computed from settlement and island data; slight discrepancies may result. The oldest site is perhaps the remains of the original colony near Preacher's Cave, although supposedly what little remains of this settlement … The population of settlements may include the population of surrounding areas. Off the northern coast of Eleuthera is Harbour Island and Dunmore Town, it's main settlement. The settlement is located on the island of St. George’s Cay and is also connected by bridge to Russell Island. It is observed that most of the settlement of this island has happened in this town. Eleuthera is ranked and reviewed as “Sexiest Beach Escapes” by Bing Travel, high on the list of “25 Sexiest Beaches in the World” by ForbesTraveler, and awarded the “Best Secret Island On Earth” by Travel and Leisure.Eleuthera is known for its magnificent beaches and its laid back Bahama charm. The sites span both the length of the island, and that of its history. Nearly half an hour drive from the Eleuthera Airport will take you to Gregory Town. Eleuthera contains a surprising number of ruins even in light of its long history. Captain William Sayles and a group of Puritans, known as the Eleutheran Adventurers, sailed from Bermuda in search of religious freedom. Governor’s Harbour, the major settlement on mainland Eleuthera, is one of the oldest settlements in The Bahamas. The Spanish Wells settlement is about the same size as Governors Harbour, but their livelihood is largely based around the lobster fishing industry instead of the tourism industry. Eleuthera Island was founded in 1648 and is the birth place of the Bahamas. Governor’s Harbour, one of the older settlements in the area, is the main town, hub of commerce and is centrally on the island. On reaching the main settlement of Dunmore Town, the former capital of The Bahamas, it is easy to see why it is so popular. Most of the settlements are small little communities, filled with colorful buildings and friendly people always offering a warm welcome. Along the way, they found this beautiful gem of an island and named it Eleuthera. One of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas, it was once the home of farmers and boat builders. With direct flights from the U.S. to three airports, the North Eleuthera Airport, Governor's Harbour Airport, and the Rock Sound Airport, Eleuthera has excellent communications. Eleuthera is sparsely populated with only about 11,000 people scattered among 200 square miles. The settlement was officially named after Sir James Carmicheal Smythe, and abolitionist and the Governor from 1829-1835, whose was pivotal in promoting the well being of freed slaves. The Eleutheran Adventurers were a group of English Puritans and religious Independents who left Bermuda to settle on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas in the late 1640s. Eleuthera is the Island of Freedom. “Briland”, as it is affectionately known, measures just three miles by half a mile but it has a big reputation that pulls in most of the visitors to Eleuthera. The two largest settlements on the island are Rock Sound and Governors Harbor, both with a population around 1500. The main settlements of this quaint island are Governor's Harbour, Rock Sound, Tarpum Bay, Harbour Island, and Spanish Wells.

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