Another reason is that if you are using Skagit heads and Spey lines they are thicker than standard fly line … Anglers needed a way to cast large salmon flies across wide rivers. How to Perform the Single-Handed Spey Cast. Let’s start with a good rule of thumb. For detailed information, download the booklet, Basic Spey and Two-handed Fly Rod Casting. Using 20’ plus long rods anglers could lift and shoot more than 50 yard shots of line across the river with precision. Spey casting is a casting technique used in fly fishing.Spey casting can be accomplished with either a normal length fly rod, or a rod referred to as a double-handed fly rod, often called a Spey rod. Endura Line Dressing was tested for nearly a year and in most conditions prior to its release. You essentially use the entire line to make your cast. Gorge Fly Shop has a large selection of Airflo spey lines. To start, you need to learn how to roll cast correctly and effectively. Advantages of spey casting and why you should learn to cast a two-handed rod and how to apply these casts to a single hand fly rod. Most importantly, find a local fly shop rat who knows the spey game. Connected to the line, a short tip is added to sink the fly to the best depth. If it helps,I've a 65ft head G3 Spey Line in 10/11,I use it on my 15ft NRX.Its the best floating Spey line I've had by a mile.I find it a very easy line to use.Its natural state seems to be 3 turns of running line left on the reel.It flies out, turns over any poly and flee combination I care to use.It really does cast turn over and present a fly very very well indeed This is a thin line that connects your head to your backing. The raw material ran out for the Launcher, and the rest is history. In the modern world of Spey fishing, anglers have a multitude of choices when it comes to selecting a fly line. The Caddis Fly Shop has the expertise and can deliver a superior fly line for Spey and Switch rod fishing from RIO and Airflo. Spey casting is a fly-casting technique that evolved in Scotland in the mid 1800's. Min: $ 0. The Spey Lite Scandi Head has been my go-to trout line for several years now. You will likely need three pieces to make a functional spey setup starting with tthe running line or shooting line. By. Background. Spey Reel -Your reel needs to be large enough to hold a much bigger line than a regular fly line and to balance the weight of a larger, longer rod. Traditional Spey fishing uses a long full bellied line and very little time stripping in line before making the cast. As we are aware that there is 100s of great rods out there this is our top picks for 2020. Fly Line – Two Skagit heads – One standard and the other a dual or triple density line. Spey rods can also be used for standard overhead casting. Want to know which Spey line do you need? It is thin to reduce resistance when throwing long casts. Description The Rio In Touch Short Head Spey is full Spey fly line designed for experienced fly anglers who want a mid-range belly line instead of the ever present shooting heads or the long belly spey fly line. First, let’s look at what makes a Spey cast. Here’s a quick video that walks you through purchasing the Full Spey: 2. Sage fly rods, Simms waders, Abel reels, Rio fly lines, Fly Rods, Echo EPR Fly Rods, ECHO Shadow X Fly Rods, ECHO Boost Blue Fly Rods, Echo DRY Fly Rods, ECHO Ion XL Series Fly Rods, ECHO Carbon XL Series Rods, ECHO Full Spey, Echo Compact Spey, Echo Trout Spey, Echo King Spey Rods, ECHO TR Series Spey and Switch Rods, ECHO SR Series Rods, Echo Boost Beach Fly Rods, ECHO Swing Series Fly … RIO InTouch TROUT SPEY Fly Line 100′ Floating Fly Line. While this is a convenient feature, it certainly is not just a beginner’s line. Casting a well-paired Spey setup and the joy experienced by it often blinds us of this. This year we released our best fly-fishing values series for Trout Spey rods. Though we have stepped up the game slightly and are only recommending Trout Spey rods that we have used and enjoyed. He built a changeable tip Spey line with a 54’ head, which was slightly less improper than the Launcher Line. Shooting Head -Your spey head which is connected at the back to your shooting line and at the front to a leader or sink tip. Browse our inventory of Airflo lines today and get free shipping on domestic orders over $50. ... You get a free spey line if you purchase through this link. Description. Jim had a better business education and connections than the Launcher Line bunch. Use your rod length as an indication of "easy". For winter steelhead I am using and recommend the Airflo Skagit Fist. Endura Spey & Fly Line Dressing” is now available to the public and has received excellent reviews from those who tried and purchased it for their fly and spey lines. When loading your rod, bring your rod back further to create a larger D-Loop in your line which will allow you to shoot your line more effectively. Switch rods are larger than a single-hand fly rod of the same weight, so to balance the rod you will need a reel that is about two sizes larger than what a single rod calls for. Spey is any “water-born” cast performed with either a two handed rod, and these days, even single handed rods. We are here to answer your needs, that's why we can offer you a large range of size and colors, to make you find the right line that will follow you and do the job on water. See for yourself why spey casting and fly fishing has grown in popularity throughout the North America. However, as fly line manufacturers, we only need to make it easier to understand the fly line – the most important part of your tackle. The critical parts to get … It is typically between 35 and 55 feet in length and can be either floating or sinking. Today’s post is about using spey lines on switch rods, including some background on why you probably should cut a line for your rod, and the steps you can take to do just that. Spey Fishing is a technique chosen not for effectiveness, amongst others. The Deliverance Spey Line Kit is marketed as a good choice for beginning anglers because it takes a lot of the guess work out of head and sink tip selection. Airflo Spey lines have been developed with some of the best casters and anglers from around the world, producing 100% PVC free fly lines that last well and cast even better! First, a disclaimer that today we’re mainly talking about using switch rods for spey casting. Spey Casting Techniques. Spey is an advanced form of fly casting. The InTouch Single Handed Spey line is perfect for performing a roll or singlehanded spey cast, whether out of necessity or preference. Advantages: The cast requires very little space behind you. Trout Spey rods are usually pretty flexible and can load deeply into the blank with the heavy spey line hanging out the end of the rod. Resistant, all those lines are trustworthy products. In addition to a variety of lengths, the market offers lines built for specific fishing situations. It is named after the river Spey - one of Scotland's premier salmon rivers - and is most likely where the technique started to be used. The “water-born” cast is performed with specially designed compact heavy fly lines, generally called “Spey lines”. This use of flexible lever to massive fly line can propel your flies, or the neighbors toy poodle, great distances making even the most rugged and hard to wade river fishable. RIO’s new and versatile “Trout Spey” taper on this fly line for Trout Spey Rods or Switch Rods is an integrated fly line (no loop-to-loops connections to catch) and has a 15′ long front taper which makes it perfect for nymph and indicator rigs, soft hackles and small streamers and even dry flies. As noted above, there are three types of fly lines which coincide with the techniques you will be using. None of the switch or spey lines are useable for technical dry fly fishing. The Spey Lite series includes both integrated and head-only versions of Scandi Skagit lines. What Does the Running Line Do? The part of the line … What is a Fly Rod? Most fly anglers are familiar with a trout reel set up, which consists of 100 yards of Dacron backing connected to a tapered fly line that is about 90 feet long. It means he or she has educated themselves when it comes to spey gear – in particular lines – and are enthusiastic about and practice two-handed fishing. Skagit History Skagit lines were born out of necessity. Choosing the Best Fly Rod for Trout; Choosing the Right Spey Fly Line; Learn. Scandi shooting heads are designed to be utilized with smaller and more lightweight flies.Spey Line - Grain Weight RecommendationsRIO Spey Line Recommendations for New RodsRIO Spey Line Recommendations for Older RodsAirflo Spey Line Recommendations Most spey lines consist of 3 parts, but it takes a bit more to complete the entire setup from the reel to the fly. Spey casting is used for fishing large rivers for salmon and large trout such as steelhead and sea trout. Connecting with an anadromous fish on the swing is one of the most gratifying experiences available in fly fishing. Casting Spey lines is a little different than casting overhead, there are some similarities but certainly far more differences. It’s written for people who have a bit of spey casting experience. A trout-Spey set up varies from this in a few key ways to allow the angler to adapt their rig to changing conditions. [Our Recommendation]: Echo Full Spey is the 8 weight I use for winter steelhead. Make sure there is only a foot of fly line touching the water. Below, we'll put the microscope on the Skagit family of lines in an effort to help you make an informed product decision. Above all, it is selected for the tight line grab. “The shorter the head length you use, the easier it is to cast”. Fly Fishing Insider. Essential cast for straightening slack line; Often used to lift heavy flies and sink tips to the surface ; Teaches the key spey casting principles; Note – always keep D-loop downwind of body by altering which shoulder you cast from. Spey lines are small systems that work together. Smooth loop control allows for overhead casting when desired. Enter the “D” loop and then the forward cast. The running line serves four primary purposes: Floatation or sinking properties dependent on the function of the fly line. Many people contact us with the question which spey line they need. And that’s OK, because it’s those magical casting sessions that help fill our soul’s void while we wait for the Unicorn to appear. In a river, after swinging the fly we need a way to move the line 180 degrees of where you want the fly to land and we need a backcast area. It casts as well as any modular Skagit head, and the variance in length and taper is finely tuned and optimized for each of the tips it comes with. There is a big difference in swinging a large Intruder with lead eyes for winter Steelhead and hitching a tiny tube trying to entice an Atlantic salmon to rise and take your fly. And they don’t need decades of experience in the Skeena drainage to be of assistance. Add to cart. Ultimately, Spey rods and the lines we pair them with are “fly delivery systems”. We recommend both Airflo and Rio Spey and Switch fly fishing fly lines and our experienced staff stand ready to help you select a fly line that will be properly matched to any Spey or Switch rod you may own or be planning on purchasing. Fly Fishing Terms. RIO Products InTouch Single Hand Spey 3D F/H/I . Developed in the mid-1800’s spey fly fishing has its origins in the salmon filled rivers of Scotland. Jim Vincent, founder of the RIO fly line company, offered a solution. The running line is a thinly coated section of fly line between the rear taper and the backing connected to the reel. In the following article I hope to inform you about which line is right for you. Learning spey and switch casts are essential to help you understand where, how, when and why you should be using this very effective style of fly casting. All Maxcatch spey and switch fly lines have been meticulously designed to ensure each cast is a effortless as taking a breath, no matter the conditions. I pair it with […] Max: $ 200. Home / Fly Lines / RIO / Spey. They are available in a wide range of lightweight grain-ages (150 to 420 grains) for the new push of Trout Spey rods.

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