Due to the current global pandemic the membership price has been reduced to $45 for the 2020 collection period, the Socan fee remain at 77.70. If you purchase a subscription through a music supplier under Tariff 16, the fees will vary depending your contract. In cases where both Re:Sound and SOCAN tariffs apply to the same business, that business must pay both collectives separately, in accordance with each one’s tariffs. The SOCAN and Re:Sound fees for regular sessions collected by Skate Canada and remitted to these organizations are increasing for the 2018/2019 year. SOCAN members and other songwriters and composers are invited to enter their songs for the 2020 International Songwriting Contest (ISC). SOCAN will be $74.72 plus tax and Re:Sound will be $49.05 plus tax. A: Both Re:Sound and SOCAN collect separate and distinct performance rights licence fees. SOCAN Fee Per Event; Room Capacity (Seating and Standing) Fee Without Dancing Fee With Dancing; 1-100: $20.56: $41.13: 101-300: $29.56: $59.17: 301-500: $61.69: $123.38 “Grand Prize” means the prizes listed above to the winners of the 2020 SOCAN Songwriting Prize. When you pay SOCAN, The exception under Section 69(2) is limited to traditional radio sets, and does not extend to internet radio. For issues concerning associations and Government bodies, such as SOCAN. 2 “French-Language Song” means a song that meets the criteria described in paragraph 2.3 of Section III of the Rules. Grants are provided to SOCAN composers, writers, and music publishers across all genres of music to assist with travel-related costs for career-building or career-defining activities in Canada or abroad. The submission fee is usually $30 USD per song, but is being offered from Dec. 18, 2019 to January 8, 2020, … Fees are to be remitted in April and distributed in July. Club/skating school fees … The IFO is scheduled to release an updated revenue estimate and discuss economic trends for fiscal year 2020-2021 to … Under Tariff 15B, the annual fee for telephone hold music is $94.51 for the main line plus $2.09 for each additional line. “Ineligible Song” means a song that does not fully comply with the Rules. The British Columbia Dance Educators' Association was formed as a not for profit entity in 2010 to bring the dance community together. Fees & Charges | 2020 | 2020 SOCAN fee – with dancing per event Full Cost Recovery Stage Rental per set up $100.00 Portable Bar per rental $100.00 Serving Fee per event $100.00 Linen Rental Fees $10.00/per item Summer Field Rate Schedule Ball Diamonds Level … Therefore, if UBC hosts an event that is subject to a SOCAN and/or Re:Sound tariff(s) at which it plays internet radio, the SOCAN and/or Re:Sound fees would still apply. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Travel Assistance Program has been suspended until further notice. SOCAN offers fee calculators on its website to help you approximate how much each of these licenses will cost. “Ineligible Vote” means an online vote that does not fully comply with the Rules. $90 Membership Fee + $77.70 Socan Fee If you owe for multiple years, please add additional quantities to your cart

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