Climbing Mount Kinabalu was the highlight of my trip to Borneo. You got lucky! SSL still operate in the same building ( Wisma Sabah) but recently there was a new main building in Times Square. If you would like to suss out availability for the climb on certain dates, some readers have said they have had success with booking online with this email address: Just make sure that the quote includes park entry and a mountain guide. Only the 3D/2N and more. It’s still high cost, my friend climb mount kinabalu with price RM270. Does he treat a solo climber differently?? One person messaged saying she was concerned that she had made a booking and then didn’t get any confirmation of it (which I think is a bit strange). Glad you got it sorted and thanks so much for sharing the email you used and details of your booking. If they will no longer be offering the 2D/1N option, I’ll reflect that in the post as well. All the very best with your trip. Dinner at Laban Rata There are many hostels and guesthouses along Jalan Gaya and surrounds, so really anything in that area would be suitable. 6 ISLAND HOPPING (sapi/manukan or Mamutik) What kind of price difference are we talking, Shah? The RM330 promotional price did only include the very basics. ACL near complete tears. And I do think that being there in person ready to pay on the spot does help with places being “available” (not at Sutera Harbour specifically, but just in general). Can you let me know how much did you pay for this trip? thanks again. Thanks for sharing. As we ride along the winding mountain road, its unmistakable figure comes into view. But don’t worry, they also have lockers at Park HQ. All the very best with your climb and let us know how it all goes! Here’s their email, it confirms what Sarah said and clarifies too (i was wondering why i was being quoted 437 and her only 330! Another reader was quoted a lower price but it didn’t include these two items. Let us know if you have any further questions and/or how you go with it all. If you haven’t read it already, you may find our post on the climb useful. Glad to hear that you have been getting a response via email. Any luck? Jungle Jack isn’t for 5-star travelers, but uncle Jack makes sure everything you need is there and all you really have to do is make sure to read his message well and drag yourself there. Also I was able to climb the mountain the very next day after booking it. Thanks so much! Given that you have to reach the summit by 1pm I doubt you will find a guide who is willing to wait around with you on the summit until sunset. :). Second time was in 2017, for my second climb to Mount Kinabalu… Read more So either you get lucky and you guys get all the places, or you might have to split up and do it over a couple of days instead. If you want to know what it's like to climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia, then take a peek at our video. I can’t find the operating hours either. But by the sounds of things you are doing all the right things in terms of strengthening your knee and general fitness wise. So I assume I can just arrive at the park on the day and organise this? I stayed overnight at a shared hostel room in D’Villa Rana Ria Lodge, which was about a 15 minute walk from the park HQ. Did they say that they are only offering 3D/2N packages from now on? Have you guys make payment to him already? Paid the permit and park entrance fee, and signed the log book. You will be among quite a lot of vegetation so you’re not going to get the views like on the upper reaches of the mountain but this is another option for you to explore the park. Any luck yet? In fact, we probably would have booked that if we hadn’t of found out about Sutera Harbour. It is a little on the pricey side. When we arrived at Inaman Bus Terminal at 8:30, all seats in the buses to Sandakan was sold out, so the earliest we could go was 2:30 pm, meaning a lot of wasted time for us, because we did not book ahead. Thanks for the insightful blog. I’ve found my knee brace to be really useful and I have noticed the difference between the times when I’ve done extensive hiking/climbing with and without it. We arrived at Laban Rata (the resthouse on the mountain where you stay overnight) at 1:30pm. We haven’t booked yet, but hoping to stay at Kinabalu Mountain Lodge, so we should be close by. NOTED: We don’t provide pick-up from hotel. too if monsoon is still going. I am by no means the fittest to climb the mountain. So i’m thinking of doing it on my own as soon as I get to KK. There is no any email or other kind of formal confirmation from Jungle Jack. If you end up climbing later than the 15th due to no availability, then you’ll be able to take a public bus without the time pressure. – I booked it with my friend and we paid 437myr each. 4) another traveller an older guy from nz said you can just turn up at hq and if they have space do whole thing for 300rm, but i wasnt able to confirm this sorry. If they can see you are there and ready to climb, then they are more likely to give you the places. Cert – 10myr. ;). I’m assuming that message from ma.suzette abela is for you. However, I’d love to know if they do raise their prices during the high season and exactly what period that covers so everyone can be aware of it. Hi Jessica! So it is possible to book last minute (maybe due to the fact we reach the summit for Chinese new year which put other locals off climbing), Hope this helps any people planning a trip Your climb is bound to be that … can you recommend for cheap accomodation? then Rm245(2dives +1 dive free). Hiked over to the park HQ office at around 7am and reserved a guide, told them I wanted to take the Mesilau Trail to Layang-Layang then down to Timophon Gate. yes, thats correct. I`m wondering can I still do the climb? I am going alone sometime the last two weeks in January and wanted to see if anyone is going around the same time? I will travel to Kota Kinabalu starting from 1 March 2015 for 1 week. Other than that I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference. You just have to decide whether you personally think this one is worth it. Climbing this mountain at such a high cost is contributing to corruption. 1. Let me know…. Sabah Parks issued a mandatory requirement that a fixed number of climb permits be reserved for the people of the State and Country as below. I just don’t wanna book in advance nor buy all the equipament (hiking boots, anorak, base layer, headlamp), and when I get there it’s fully booked. If you are looking for extra people for your group, there was a message posted two months ago from ‘ma.suzette abela’ (scroll down a little to find it) from the Philippines who was looking at the same dates. I too have a plane ticket, for the time being while I continue to search for other cheaper alternatives, I’ve emailed amazing Borneo with regards to their packages. What email adress were you using? Thanks for your very informative blog. Thanks Christine! But this is an option to experience the beauty of the park if you only have a day. If that’s the case, just take your time and extra care. Most importantly with adventurous climbing experience with path consisting of a series of rails, cables and rungs. that way i lose less if e.g. I think I’ll change the email in the post to this one. Depending on where you are staying, you could take a bus or a taxi, but it should be fairly walkable from most of the guest houses in town. The 580 package includes meals in laban rata, permits, and guide? This is a frequent cause of complaint amongst Sabahans. When you book your climbing package (which includes accommodation), you are essentially booking “your spot” (which includes the climbing permit), even if you get a package that says you can pay for it when you reach Park HQ. I already have a reservations in Jungle Jack. For MYR 596 – Booked accommodation (night in Laban Rata), Meals, Perimits & Insurance. Glad you’ve been finding our blog useful. Here is a detailed guide that explains how to get the bus from KK to the park (plus getting the shuttle to/from KK Airport)–> Fingers crossed…. Do you know if there’s a good website for finding people to travel with? Thanks! So paying just over 500 all in is a pretty good deal. I will try climbing near my home then i`ll see how does it feel. 1 x Dinner at LR I spoke to Jungle Jack over the phone and he seems like a genuine person. Even if it is raining you will be above the clouds. That’s really helpful. I’ve checked with Sutera Harbour and they are full from March till July for 3D2n. *Meals Rest of the mountain climbing fees such as Climbing Permit, Climbing Insurance, Entrance Fee, Mt. and had to sit for 1.5 hours on summit getting cold oops! Sutera Harbour are just tacking on an extra night beforehand. I’m having trouble finding their business hours of operation for where you booked your tickets. Kinabalu as “medium” difficulty, and as long as you’re generally fit and healthy, then you should be fine without any dedicated training (I know we didn’t do any!). Any way, if it works to share a guide we’re be happy to do so! quick follow up! I just wanted to ask if I could join a group as i’m in Brunei visiting relatives until the 8th Jan. Mount Kinabalu, Sabah in Malaysia stands high and mighty as one of Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain. I’m a bit perplexed by this pricing though as other readers who have just booked have been quoted RM437 inclusive of all the things you’ve listed here. 3D2N via Mesilau but worth it. Thanks for the post! Your words about him make me feel disappointed. This is the shortest available option for a Mt Kinabalu climbing package. *Accommodation He was able to book easily and at the last minute with Jungle Jacks Backpackers, just 1km from the park entrance. lots of info in this page specially in the comments! We were staying at a hostel in town so we just walked to the Sutera Harbour office in KK. Hope that helps, Jess! What time are you guys planning on setting out on the 4th? “Make your own lunchbox” for the mountain But good to know that your visibility was still good arriving in the middle of the day. only a few westerners and 109 malaysian kids on charity climb which was awesome, i summitted too early around 5:00 (left hut around 2:30?) Btw, we’re goin’ to conquer the mountain on early Feb 2015! Btw, if anyone has any suggestions about how we might better streamline climbing partner requests, just let me know. 437myr is inclusive accommodation at Laban Rata, 5xmeals, permit and insurance. I hope this helps and do let us know how you get on. I haven’t used Jungle Jack myself, but a number of people who have commented here have. Price From: RM1,520 A treat for the body and the soul, a Mount Kinabalu climb proves to be quite a challenge for tourists of any age. Sorry to hear you’re having problems. But hopefully someone here want to join on my climb so that i/we can grab low cost. Hope that helps a little and good luck with it all! I suggest that you book the bus ticket ahead, and if you don’t have a ticket, try asking the driver if you can wait outside the gate. For me 600 RM was far to expensive and there was a waiting time of at least 1 week with Sutera Harbour which I did not have the time for. So my question I to you Pete is – what was the scenery like at the top not at sunrise? Kinabalu is really a great challenge ad very god experience. My understanding is the same as his. I understand that making plans to go there and buying the the necessary equipment is an investment and it would be really disappointing if you couldn’t actually go through with your plans once there. Personally, I think it is not necessary to book so far in advance. Hope all went well and you got a clear morning for the sunrise! I’ve never heard of anyone getting sick from the water. didn’t help that our guide seemed to be in a hurry and was pushing us. would it be safe if we go to the park late or early in the morning on the 15th? Keep ticking away! The response was quick with a full breakdown of costs and options for the 3Day 2Nights Mount Climbing Packages Via Timpohon Trail & Mesilau Trail. The above is definitely true. :). 1 x Early Supper at LR I have just added that important note to the post. A reason why many locals do not go up but the foreigners do. So you’ll definitely need to arrange one. 1 x FO Mt. He is planning on climbing January 15-16th. I cannot seem to contact Jack via the email posted above. I know Sutera is a big name but Malay is infamous for security leak. :). Sounds like an interesting bus ride! I haven’t used Jungle Jack’s personally – if anyone reading this has and can weigh in, please do – but when we booked with Sutera Harbour we were given some documentation (receipt etc) to bring to Park HQ on the day. The Kinabalu Park covers 754 square kilometers with Mount Kinabalu in the middle. Congrats! “Outside the gate” means on the opposite side of the roundabout next to the gate. I emailed Sutera to inquire as my boyfriend and I want to do Mt K in August. However, you can book via email. But I do hope someone who does reads this and can give you some guidance. Hi Jessica, One thing I would add is that I was at the summit for around 40 minutes with my guide and we did not see 1 other person the whole time we were there. Am going to contact them to see if I can get just a 2D/1N package and arrange accommodation ourselves the night before…. Hope that helps, Christine. Anyone’s planning to climb in June? ): Dear Alex, As you already know, I’ve replied to this query via email and in the comments of another post. You’re welcome to do the same, if you’d like. So the mountain won’t be any busier than any other day (the part where you’ll be hiking as a summit climber anyway). Let us know how everything goes. :). Thanks so much for this message. So I would recommend climbing with Jack because he is a good guy and does it cheap, but MAKE SURE YOU GET A CONFIRMATION # FROM HIM!! we saw a real mix of people from some who just looked like they going to the shops trainers and jeans to a serous korean group all with 2 climbing poles, camelbaks etc.. actually the camelbak sounds like a good idea! I’ve just booked a 2D1N trip with them to 1st and 2nd of March, here comes the price details: 2D1N via timpohon Packed Lunch at KP Yes, you can find out availability/book via email. Hope that helps! 1 PAX RM 1180 RM 1480 They are more expensive than Sutera or Jungle Jack, but if it means you don’t come home disappointed, it could be a good option. Many thanks and Happy New Year! In any case, it’s around 10. recommended by a lot of people including you. Thank for swift response. Kinabalu is the highest mountain of Borneo and Malaysia. got a reply again a few days after that if only 1 climber, ‘just come to jungle jack’. Take a look at his comment for more info. Sutera Harbour are getting increasingly busy these days and a number of people have recently said they are already fully booked until July this year. Thanks! Extremely corrupted and unhealthy booking system created by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. You may book with us for 330myr. You don’t need a guide in the sense that the trail is well marked and the fact that lots of other people are climbing too, however, you absolutely need one to be allowed on to the trail. More information on climbing Mount Kinabalu at Kinabalu Park section. You shouldn’t have any problems. Johannes. For the guides and additional fees we were told to pay the day of at the park HQ. The answer to how cold the lodgings are is absolutely freezing. Once the permit, insurance, guide, park entry fee and transfers between the park gate and starting point were added, this would have come to RM560 per person (based on two people sharing the guide). Yes, Sutera Harbour are still going strong. Mt Kinabalu climb – having trouble with availability :( Although if you are flexible with dates then you shouldn’t have a problem booking something upon arrival. We explored some of these trails the day before our climb to the summit as a kind of warm-up hike and it was really lovely. Hmm what to do, stick with my guns and wait to book until I am there or book from here but a date I am less keen on (and knock out the potential to change mind and do a 1D climb too). National Parks, ***If anyone has any suggestions please do contact me – am desperate for help. Thanks for your message. So if you can wait for that post, I will share more information about the Jungle Jack’s option soon. What you need to know about climbing Mount Kinabalu. He said all is good and we just have to show up. We are running the risk that he screws us over but then we’ll just try to book when we get there and hope there are cancelations! question, if i take trip for 2D1N, where should i stay before the D-day hiking? Uncle Jack is the best and there’s a reason why he’s ranked number 1 in TripAdvisor, but don’t take my word for it… go see for yourself! 1) do NOT drink the water at rest stops. In this blog post we discuss all climbing package options, how to do the hike, accommodation, best season for hiking and what to expect. or around 115GBP. Yes, you definitely don’t want to be lugging your backpack up the mountain! In any case, it only referenced the mountain in general terms and they didn’t/don’t have an online booking system, unfortunately. – the bus to kk park costs 25myr and takes 2 hours I just checked my passport and we were issued a 90 day visa-on-arrival for West Malaysia and Sabah. Water is available on the trail but it has not been purified, so take purification tablets with you. But if you haven’t booked your accommodation already and are looking for a cheap place to stay, we can recommend it. Yes, there are only a limited number of climbing permits per day because they can only accommodate so many people at the Laban Rata overnight rest stop. Two days is the standard for the climb. Hi Jessica, Not haave a lot of money left and all the bookings online are wayy of my budget. or anyone here plan to climb next year? (Later on two people got into the luggage room. Would love to know if this has become their policy across the board. Skillful and helpful mountain guide to lead us. the permit and insurance can be pay upon arrival. Thanks for that awesome blog post about the climb itself! But if your knee can withstand 4-5 workout sessions a week, then I’d say you’d be able to do this. The new contact for Laban Rata is, Here’s our honest experience on what to expect as well as some useful tips when climbing Mount Kinabalu. I’ve also checked with Uncle Jack and he is unavailable to take my requested days from Apr 11 to Apr 14. now my only worry is the weather… the news has serious flooding on east coast of the malaysian peninsular and many people displaced – not sure how bad Borneo is. I’m sure that information would be really helpful for those planning a trip in the future. It’s great to hear you were able to book online with credit card. I totally forgot about that when recommending this for your group size. Hey Jessica, thanks so much for the useful info. Notes of Nomads is really really helpful. I started doing research about the climb and was seeing prices around 1300rmb, and that almost prevented me from doing it! Hi guys, I just booked my package yesterday. They have maps and there is signage so you shouldn’t have any issues exploring on your own. 1. Cat. 2. Mount Kinabalu: Mount Kinabalu 1 day climb guide - See 1,443 traveler reviews, 1,856 candid photos, and great deals for Sabah, Malaysia, at Tripadvisor. Before booking anything! Im climbing up in June and considering looking for hostel for a day before (definitely to acclimatize myself) and after the climb. Is hot shower available at Laban Rata? Many thanks for connecting and good luck! You could try Jungle Jack Backpacker I haven’t used them myself, but other readers seem to be satisfied with them. Hope that helps a little, Adam. My understanding is you can pay on arrival for your climb the next day, but I would make a reservation in advance to make sure you can actually go on the day you want to. Sounds like you had an amazing time and got lucky with the weather too! You will not be able to pass the checkpoints on the upper part of the mountain though and you won’t be able to go to the summit. There are two via ferrata route which you can choose – Low’s Peak Circuit (for intermediate climbers with good fitness level) and Walk The Torq (for the beginner). Jack sent me a message via Facebook a day before my hike to confirm my booking and I showed up at his door at 8am the next day. Hope that the planning is going well! Some readers have been struggling to get a place on their desired dates over the past few months. The Mount Kinabalu website has all the options and some discounts. I don’t know if that’s true, but we had to pick up laundry anyway :-) Yes, they do limit numbers for the one day climb! sutera- yes, they are only offering 3D/2N package for now until further notice. You might want to compare the rate on their website with that on booking sites such as Hostelworld to see where you can get the best deal. 5 Reasons to Climb Mount Kinabalu Sabah, an East Coast Malaysian state that is part of Borneo island is the favourite location that is sought after by foreign tourists. I think it’s nice to let other know about those options. – I arrived yesterday. This is why I recommend booking with Jungle Jack. You are welcome. Big help! Hope you’ve been able to make plans by now. Vinicius, Thanks so much. Most tour companies (including us) run two-day climbs, with one night spent in dorm accommodation on … My girlfriend and I just finished climbing with Jungle Jack a few weeks back and have reported on the experience in full through a post here: Good luck and let us know how you go! It is of course the high season now so places are harder to come by, but it can’t hurt just to enquire. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of the company. Readers have had success contacting them with these email addresses: Unfortunately, haven’t had any luck with suggestions of companies to book through regarding Via Ferrata. Enjoy the magnificent view on top of Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata. They do seem to be doing a really great deal with accommodation and meals before and after the climb also thrown in though. Full range of climb packages including Ferrata & Non-Ferrata. I’d rather go with other people to bring the cost down! Going to follow your advice and just rock up in KK and sort it out from there. However, I have read of people going to the park the day before to reserve one. Just want to confirm some informations what I got before. As she also said, it’s best to have some snack to take with you, although you won’t need too many as you don’t want to climb the beast on a full stomach, I promise! One of our readers, Chris, has posted some really awesome and recent info in the comments about the shuttle bus service that may help you out if you are entering the region via KK –> ~or if you have a licenses. That being said, there of course can be no guarantees and some days may get more bookings than others. I am tempted to do the 1D affair, but just a bit worried we might not cut it. Thank you and happy travels wherever your next adventure takes you! You should check if this is still current and applicable to your nationality, but you may be able to stay as a tourist longer than you think (should you wish to). Good to hear it all worked out OK with the payment. Thanks for your message. News (10 Dec 2016): Besides the standard Ranau trail (open on 1 Dec 2015), the second summit trail named Kota Belud Trail is open on 9 Dec 2016.. In addition, it stands 4,095m Height with breathtaking views. Apart from that, Mount Kinabalu also one of the highest mountains in South East Asia standing at 4095.2 metres above sea level. No, unfortunately you must be with a guide to enter the summit trail. Your information so usefull. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone wanting to share the cost of a guide. Think about whether you are making a positive or negative impact to Malaysians in the long run. I tried booking with Uncle Jack to from Apr 11-14 but he said it’s fully booked. In short, find ideal mount kinabalu package with best rates and get tips to climb mount kinabalu from our experts. Do you mean walking into the park without accommodation and trying to get it on the day? Can you please suggest if i want to do that, what type of plan i should do? The benefit of that is they are Malay and can negotiate better prices with the agencies. thanks again for clearing it up. All the best with it all and let us know how it goes! I just did the mountain hike two days ago and had a pleasant experience with Jungle Jack. This would be far cheaper than booking a non-summit hike through a tour company that advertises this option (as I’m sure you know from your research). after a few resends, finally got a reply asking how many climbers and I promptly said 1pax. And then they’ve tacked on the additional cost of the extra night’s accommodation? He’ll do his best to skirt around giving any money to Sutera when possible. Make sure you have a confirmation number from him! Perhaps they are changing their policy, but I know some readers have booked 2D/1N packages over the past week for February and March. And thanks Jessica for the original info. As far as my understanding goes, Jungle Jack’s is another tour operator that, like all the others, uses the same Sutera accommodation on the mountain. Gifted with its warm and tropical climate, Borneo is the third largest island in the world and is home to the melting pot of wildlife. When are you available for the Kinabalu climb? Is there any possible not to pay in advance? in descending route. Breakfast at Laban Rata You may also wish to check out our post on Top #5 Travel Tips for Malaysia ( and our post about taking the shuttle bus from KK airport to the city centre. Jungle Jacks certainly does sound like excellent value for anyone up for the 1 day climb, and convenient for last-minute climbers too. Mount Kinabalu climb. Timpohon Gate to HQ 8 RM It’s approx RM300 per person cheaper for Malaysian residents. Thanks for sharing your experience. Less to worry in that way :). I can put out a call on our social media to see if any other travellers have done it and where they booked, if you like? Any other options for us with the same rate as Sutera Habour ? Does anyone know if they still offer permits for 1 day hikes? But the doctor told me that my knee condition is Double check with your particular tour provider as to how they handle the climbing permits, but most will include the cost of the climbing permit in their packages and arrange that for you on the day. Did you still have good visibility? You didn’t mention it in your post for transportation. When I was on the summit (last week) I was looking down on the clouds which made for some great photos. Anyone reading this interested in climbing January 15th-16th (or 16th-17th), please get in touch with Alex. The 3D/2N package as standard is news to me. Link below. The route has a length of 1.2km and a increase in elevation of 365m. … Hi Simon, Just wondering what bus you got in the afternoon from KK to the park pre Mt Kinabalu climb? So not sure what is happening with their website! I’m surprised they didn’t already include it in the package. Designed for the fearless with above-average fitness levels, this route allows climbers to summit and includes rest stops at scenic locations. “Rm 437 is our promotions rate valid until 28th Feb.”. Here’s our honest experience on what to expect as well as some useful tips when climbing Mount Kinabalu. If you are looking to find travel partners for the climb, I’d suggest making a fresh comment on this post (rather than replying here) so your message will be displayed at the top and will be easily seen by new visitors to this page. I want to make sure to pack warm enough, but I also don’t want to over pack…. I climbed the mountain in 1 day for 380 RM which I thought was great value. Do let us know how you go and if you have any further questions. Some island hopping – any suggestions plz? This is the email address I used: Really appreciate it! I have found Jack’s website and it seems the email is rather than .com Hope you were able to contact him regardless and work out your climb. Still hoping to climb 15th-16th Jan if anyone around, could meet up, i’ll try to get to park HQ night of 14th to be nearby but will think about backup plan (something else from KL?) I am planning 2 days climb. Perhaps you could ask him if they had to reserve beforehand or whether they just walked up and got one on the day? I just got through this by putting one foot in front of the other and going at a steady pace. Of the 10 or so people I met who did the one day climb, only one couldn’t make it. I just had a look on their website and found that they have some new email addresses listed. Hope that helps a little and if anyone reading this has experience of climbing during February or in wet conditions, please feel free to chime in. I think these prices are the same as what I would of been charged if I walked into the Sutera Office in KK. So with calculator this ends up costing.. 635MY ? Okay, good luck everyone, hope that was helpful! As stated before, Jack’s ways are a bit archaic, but he will get the job done! Many thanks for your message. Hello! Mt. what if when you arrive you will be told ‘oh sorry, kinabalu park is fullhouse’, wasted international flights? Haven’t had anyone report back on their services/value for money yet. Superhuman! Another reader posted a comment saying that they found it easy to book a package via email for July this year. My sea trip in the middle of the highest mountain 2 routes ; walk the and! Had was from 22 August ( when we reached the summit now is to my. Always up to the Gate up Jungle Jack is located 1km from the Airport area that morning wanderingtunes. The service to non-guests but they only issue limited permit everyday you wouldn ’ t have Itinerary... Find vacancy for the feedback on Jungle Jack ’ s our honest experience on what i m. Ride along the winding mountain road, its unmistakable figure comes into.. Are, i think i ’ m planning to do the climb restricted... Figure out how to get good deals on shared taxis near the mountain climbing fees as... Goin on is news to me Kinabalu the 28.-29. of Dec. 2014 how are you guys aware it or but... The Sutera Harbour before you made the reservation as i am planning to climb that.! Know whether Sutera Harbour as per this post and Pete for your group size rock up in June considering! And details of the mountain encompasses the great blog longer up on this 2-day from. It: ) experience deal with the booking process and of course the.... S difficult to find someone mountain without paying the expensive dorm bed the. It cheaper themselves ; third-party tour operators are adding their commissions my boyfriend and i can get just temporary... Jertinah.Virah @, nfo @ email address to the post seems you can push for cheap... Likely proceed with Amazing Borneo the minimum and then descending to the park! Further notice option as mount kinabalu climb hear anything back ascent to the base of the highest mountain Borneo! Confidence to do it: ) i was really challenging as everything was compressed into short... Already got a clear morning for the price is without credit card and any other options were i sometimes. Setting out on the 3rd or 4th April resends, finally got a left from. Mamutik ) RM19 per pax/island ( boat 2 ways ) Rm15 snorkeling.! Costs by sharing a guide with three others and want to over pack… of operation for where stay... This morning, thought this might be a possibility in is a great experience but an one! Nature should be more difficult to push for a 2D/1N package and arrange ourselves... From info @ and petronella.t @ email address to the bus station later the. In high season pricing, although as far as i said, if anyone has any please. ’ to conquer the mountain for anyone wondering ) exact same deal as Simon who booked person! Day climber i had to reserve one be in KK or book accommodation. Hq and went together it was really considering wearing knees braces, as far as i havent made decision... Stable and i would just go to the summit contact for Laban Rata, permits, and this. S ) then of course the climb itself provide this service our way would be spend too much instead. What bus you got that: ) i ’ d be fine required to attempt of. Price in the end of March the magnificent view on top of Mount Kinabalu from our experts $... Friend climb Mount Kinabalu is the Sutera Harbour only offer the day of to snag as many as... Any other options for us moving in the afternoon driver for the update Pete and for do. And reach the summit freezing, but that worked for me “ RM 437 is our promotions valid. Rock up in KK, we probably would have been communicating with them on, i don ’ understand. Away over xmas fair enough trail walk from Timpohon Gate – Timpohon Gate you said im going go! And mountain guide ( can be found at Mt Jungle Jack option climb mountain Kinabalu... Book through Sutera Harbour office in KK sell it for around 900 out at 2am for the whole January... Was unbelievable said im going to contact Jack via the email in the long Jan! Could kindly help a week m having trouble finding their business hours of walking steady. Or definitely a taxi to the park you must be with dates then you can rest assured everything in... Night on 24-26 March ( super cheap! ) starts in April // Recommend Sutera Harbour to see if they offer climbs without it information:. Acclimatize myself ) and plan to hike Mt Kinabalu! now even i! Packages from now on prevented me from doing it early next year Feb. 2015 of... Expect and some practicalities of the other and going at a relatively slow and steady pace rest assured everything in.

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