In 1805–06 he worked as a shepherd in Dumfriesshire, meeting the poet Allan Cunningham and becoming friends with him and his family. [23], In 1825 Hogg's daughter Maggie was born, and he began writing a new prose work, later titled Tales of the Wars of Montrose. image caption BJ Hogg … Genealogy profile for James Hogg James Hogg (deceased) - Genealogy Genealogy for James Hogg (deceased) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. The Queen's Wake (the setting of which was the return to Scotland of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1561 after her exile in France) was published early in 1813 and was a success. Sorrell Booke, a film, television and stage actor whose best-known role was that of Boss Hogg, the flamboyant, bumbling mayor in the television series "The Dukes of … [5] In 1784 he purchased a fiddle with money that he had saved, and taught himself how to play it. Ask Question Log in. James Hogg (1770 – 21 November 1835) was a Scottish poet, novelist and essayist who wrote in both Scots and English. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, "Hogg, Traditional Culture, and The Mountain Bard", "Sketch of the Life of the Ettrick Shepherd", "Extempore Effusion upon the Death of James Hogg", "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography", "The Cambridge History of English and American Literature",, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the ODNB, Wikipedia articles with CANTIC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with PLWABN identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with Trove identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Novelist, essayist, poet, biographer, journalist, Elizabeth Hogg; James Robert Hogg; Harriet Sidney Hogg; Jessie Hogg; Margaret Lydia Hogg; Mary Gray Garden; Catherine Hogg, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 19:15. Decorated Legion of Merit with gold star. [30][31][32] Apart from Justified Sinner, which even his detractors acknowledged as unusually powerful (and often attributed to someone else, usually Lockhart), his novels were regarded as turgid, his verse as light, his short tales and articles as ephemera. In 1973 Geoff Stokes joined the three-piece band. Hogg also began composing songs to be sung by local girls. The second volume of Jacobite Relics was published in February 1821, and his son James Robert Hogg was born in March 1821. In 1815 the Duke of Buccleuch granted him a small farm at Eltrive Moss, where he could live rent-free for his lifetime. As a young man he worked as a shepherd and farmhand, and was largely self-educated through reading. Hogg was offered a large sum to edit a collection of the works of Robert Burns, but the bankruptcy of his London publisher stopped the publication of his Altrive Tales after the first of the twelve projected volumes.[26]. In January 1905, Hogg was injured in a railroad accident while on a business trip. ', '…he knew no other pleasure but what consisted in opposition. The wider picture at … Wilson and Lockhart were dangerous friends. [17] Hogg continued working as a sheep-grazer for other farmers, but his debts began to grow throughout 1808–1809. Jim Hogg County southeast of Laredo is named after him. BJ Hogg has passed away (Picture: PA – HBO) Actor BJ Hogg has sadly died at the age of 65. [9] In the summer of 1802 he embarked on the first of three tours of the Highlands with a view to securing a farm of his own. He became widely known as the "Ettrick Shepherd", a nickname Share. He became a lifelong friend of his master's son, William Laidlaw, himself a minor writer and later the amanuensis of Walter Scott. [1] His father, Robert Hogg (1729–1820), was a tenant farmer while his mother, Margaret Hogg (née Laidlaw) (1730–1813), was noted for collecting native Scottish ballads. At the end of the year he quarrelled with Blackwood, and decided to publish his works in London. In 1832 his Altrive Tales was published in London, while Blackwood finally published A Queer Book in April or May. [4] Robert and David later emigrated to the United States, while James and William remained in Scotland for their entire lives. In 1785 he served a year working for a tenant farmer at Singlee. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. James Hogg, né le 9 décembre 1770, mort le 21 novembre 1835, est un poète et romancier écossais qui écrivait à la fois en écossais et en anglais 30 April 2020. At the end of summer 1807 his daughter by Catherine Henderson was born, baptised on 13 December as Catherine Hogg. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Among the reading public at large Hogg was, during his lifetime, one of the most admired writers of the day, but this admiration was largely for his success in overcoming the disadvantages of his peasant birth and lack of education. Ring in the new year with a Britannica Membership,, Electric Scotland - Biography of James Hogg, James Hogg - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up), The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, “The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner”. [11] His experiences on his Highland tours were described in letters to Scott which were published in the Scots Magazine. At the end of the year his father died. He became one of the best-known figures in topical literary affairs, famous throughout Britain and its colonies. Hogg published Tales of the Wars of Montrose in March 1835. In 1819 he proposed marriage to Margaret Phillips. 'Mid mouldering ruins low he lies; James Hogg was a Scottish poet and novelist who wrote in both Scots and English. His epic poem Queen Hynde was published at the end of the year. In 1837 she married David Lauder[15] and they named their son James Hogg Lauder. James Hogg, (baptized Dec. 9, 1770, Ettrick, Selkirkshire, Scot.—died Nov. 21, 1835, Altrive, Yarrow, Selkirkshire), Scottish poet, known as the “Ettrick Shepherd,” who enjoyed a vogue during the ballad revival that accompanied the Romantic movement. ', and 'Nothing in the world delights a truly religious people so much as consigning them to eternal damnation.' [16] Catherine Henderson herself went on to marry David Laidlaw in 1812. Hogg mended his relationship with Blackwood in May, but Blackwood died at the end of the year. When did James Hogg - publisher - die? In 1826 Hogg was in serious trouble with his debts, while the firm of Constable collapsed, involving Walter Scott and Hogg's friend John Aiken. At this time Hogg was busy with his work Jacobite Relics. At the end of 1810 he met his future wife Margaret Phillips. But Hogg quickly found himself forced out of the inner circle. [1][2] Margaret Laidlaw's father, known as Will o' Phawhope, was said to have been the last man in the Border country to speak with the fairies. (Her mother’s first name is sometimes spelled … Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. In a 2006 interview with Melvyn Bragg for ITV1, Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh cited Hogg, especially The Confessions as a major influence on his writing. spelled Hogg/Hog He was the son of James Hog(1696-) & his wife Jean Turner(1664-1723) He lived in Longmoor & Craigend he was married in 12/1736 in Galashields,Scotland to Isabelle Smyth of Nethershields He died Craigend & buried @ Stow Their son was William Hogg, Sr Before publishing The Queen’s Wake (1813), a book of poems concerning Mary Stuart, Hogg went in 1810 to Edinburgh, where he met Lord Byron, Robert Southey, and William Wordsworth. Asked by Wiki User. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions. As a young man he worked as a shepherd and farmhand, and was largely self-educated through reading. Now his novel The Three Perils of Woman is also considered a classic and all his work, including his letters, is undergoing major publication in the Stirling/South Carolina editions. His poem Mador of the Moor was published in 1816. Grave site information of James Hogg (Died: 16 Feb 1942) at Alva Cemetery in Alva, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, United Kingdom from BillionGraves Min Hogg, photographed at home in London in 2017, at the sitting room table where she dreamed up her magazine. He was a friend of many of the great writers of his day, including Sir Walter Scott, of whom he later wrote an unauthorized biography. [14], In 1810 Hogg moved to Edinburgh to start a literary career. His third daughter Harriet was born at the end of the year. "[33] Its republication in 1947, with an enthusiastic introduction by Gide,[34] helped bring about the modern critical and academic appreciation of this novel. James Stephen Hogg. In 1834 his biographical work Familiar Anecdotes of Sir Walter Scott was published in the United States, while a pirated version published in Glasgow led to a break with Lockhart. In early 1831 Hogg's Songs, by The Ettrick Shepherd was published, but the publishing of the companion volume A Queer Book was held up by Blackwood. About sharing. His other works include the long poem The Queen's Wake (1813), his collection of songs Jacobite Relics (1819), and his two novels The Three Perils of Man (1822), and The Three Perils of Woman (1823). [12][13] On his way back to Ettrickhouse in 1803 he dined with the novelist John Galt in Greenock. In 1972 the Bridgend based group James Hogg Band released a single entitled Lovely Lady Rock. James Hogg, Self: Mudra-Afrique. [19], Hogg first met the publisher William Blackwood in the aftermath of his own publisher John Goldie's 1814 bankruptcy, and in 1817 he helped with the start of Blackwood's Edinburgh Monthly Magazine. He met Scott himself the following year and began working for the Edinburgh Magazine. Old Parish Registers for St.Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, marriage took place on 20 November 1837. Profile for James H Hogg, who died in 10 Feb 2006. A James Hogg Society was founded in 1981 to encourage the study of his life and writings. [10] He eventually found a farm on Harris but due to trouble with his finances and a legal issue he was unable to secure a lease by 1804. Top Answer. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. The Shepherd was Hogg. He stayed here for two years, learning to read while tending sheep, and being given newspapers and theological works by his employer's wife. Duncan (2004) p. liii; Hughes (2007), pp. [18], In 1814 Hogg completed a visionary poetic narrative The Pilgrims of the Sun in three weeks, and in the same year he met William Wordsworth and made a visit to the Lake District to see Wordsworth and other poets. BJ Hogg: Tributes paid after actor dies, aged 65. In 1833 Hogg had an accident while curling, falling through the ice, causing a serious illness. In October 1806 he became the lover of a young woman named Catherine Henderson, and in the same autumn he attempted unsuccessfully to establish himself as an independent farmer. Literature, a body of written works.

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