At first glance, the amount of monitors and the sheer volume of data can be a … Like the tools and storage solutions in our studio? The following parameters can help determine if that is the case. Capture long log files and easily navigate through the data, apply built in analytics, custom formulas and simplified … This would most likely be due to a leak in the intake tract. Many vehicles have off the shelf high wastegate and low wastegate maps that address vehicles under/overboosting. This is common and will happen on a completely stock vehicle. If you see these Feedback Knock corrections of -4 or higher at wide open throttle, that is cause for concern and should be investigated. It replaces previous versions of Accessport Manager and Accessport … This is especially important anytime tuning changes or hard part modifications are made to your vehicle. The issue should resolve on its own, … Check out our knowledge base and support pages. Positive corrections beyond 10% mean the ECU is adding lots of fuel. When it comes to these critical sensors, always use OEM parts from a Subaru dealer or a re-seller of genuine Subaru OEM parts. Find Tenishia Cobb in the United States. This monitor shows a percentage correction for fueling. ... of topics from how to clean an air filter all of the way through setting up a vehicle's suspension and reviewing engine data logs… If this keeps happening, contact your space administrator. Food. STIs have different boost targets within the same map depending on the drive mode selected. If so, you are in the right place! Click here to learn more about Sonic Tools. Actual vacuum at idle will vary from car to car (it is typically around -10 for these Subarus) but if you’re only seeing -2 at idle, it’s safe to say you likely have a vacuum leak somewhere. SIGNUP TO KEEP INFORMED OF SPECIAL EVENTS, DEALS, OR PRODUCT UPDATES. These are functions designed to dynamically limit load … Let’s take a look at each of these monitors individually in more detail. If everything checks out with the above monitors, chances are, everything is running just fine. COBB Tuning Customer Support Center. Clear the sample data … SIGNUP TO KEEP INFORMED OF SPECIAL EVENTS, DEALS, OR PRODUCT UPDATES. Moved Here: Installation Instructions. Join Emmy in this episode as she walks through completing a datalog and reviewing the results. In A/F Learning 1 where you refer to potential bad o2 sensor due to +/- corrections beyond 8%, do you mean both up (front?) Cars. Using Data Viewer to log your vehicle’s OBD-II data is an essential part of any custom tuning process. An initial value is typically -1.4 or -2 depending on the ECU. 90s Rap. Website to graph and share COBB AP Data logs I made a website where you can upload your cobb data logs to view graphically and then share with others online but it’s not … Other potential issues could be a bad MAF sensor, failing o2 sensor, or you may have a map flashed that is not designed for your intake or injectors. MAF and o2 sensors are typically on their way out after ~100k miles. If yours are still original, and you have mileage beyond 100k, replacing these sensors would be recommended. Are you a new auto enthusiast looking to broaden your vehicular knowledge? COBB approaches … This is a restrictive assumption of Cobb-Douglas production function. We can be reached at 866-922-3059 or at This will negatively impact how the car runs and could prevent you from reaching target boost. NCAA Football. It’s never a bad idea to examine what’s going on behind the scenes to determine how well your car is running. The starting point after a flash will vary depending on the model and tune but you always want the DAM to “learn” up to its maximum value. Based on the amazon reviews, that looks to be the correct part number for your application but I’d recommend confirming with a dealer just in case. Welcome to COBB U! You can then compare the boost values in your data log to the target in the map notes to determine whether you are under/overboosting. The issue should resolve on its own, but if it keeps happening, ask your admin to contact … Having an in-depth knowledge of how your engine works, and the affects added modifications have, allows troubleshooting of more complex issues. It's never a bad idea to examine what's going on behind the scenes to determine how well your car is running. In view … Note that this target range will only be achieved during wide open throttle through mid-range RPM with load on the engine. Load both the data log and tune settings, viewing together. It allows you to … Visualize your data to quickly identify problems or opportunities. We’ve hit a snag. In seconds generate an interactive chart that you can share: zoom, filter data, shared or individual axes, set markers, export an image. This data log is WOT (100% throttle) pull in 3rd … Haltech Data Log Viewer 17.0.1280 can be downloaded from our software library for free. Feedback Knock Correction is an instant response the ECU applies to timing based on a knock event occurring. A failing fuel pump, dirty fuel injectors, or bad MAF or o2 sensors would all be good starting points to address the problem. Find Jannie Cobb in the United States. Merged log file entries are automatically sorted by date so the information appears to be … Opening and reviewing your Cobb AccessPort data log in MS Excel Once you have opened the data log the first step to easy review is to “freeze” the top row so that as you scroll through the log you can still see the sensor name/data name in the top row. Add any new columns to the end of the data 5. If you have a handheld tuning tool or ECM/PCM data logger, you need this software to … The derivative of log [X 2 /X 1] with respect to log [b 1 X/b 2 X 1] is σ, whose value will always be unity though constant. COBB Tuning is an automotive performance company dedicated to developing full-tuning solutions that improve vehicle performance and the driving experience. Data logs will tell your CMR Tuning professional key information about how the vehicle is running and what parameters need to be modified to maximize its performance. Positive numbers indicate that fuel is being added. If you do come across anything concerning our customer service team is only a phone call or email away! There are some differences in newer model year (2015+) WRXs, but for EJ equipped Subarus, these monitors include: A/F Learning 1, Boost, DAM, Fine Knock Learning, and Feedback Knock.

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