Red Cap | Lasombra | "Dag" is "day" in Danish, Swedish & Norwegian. Falcon | Dag | Caitlyn | Voice Actor Avatar Villains | Barnyard Trailer. The Fairly OddParents Villains | Siri | Dag is the evil leader of a band of coyotes who prey on farm animals, most notably the animals of the Barnyard. Tortoise John | Hunting skillsManipulationDouble jumpingSharp teethClawsCunningConniving intelligenceLeadership Swiper | Occupation Cactus Pete | Dag pointed out how he and his coyotes out numbered Ben, but Ben was unfazed and challenged the coyotes. Nora Beady | If his back is against a wall, Dag can also be a very fearful coward. However, Ben, a cow and the leader of the barnyard, arrived to stop him. Dag is a sadistic, sociopathic, cunning, parsimonious, short-tempered, manipulative, treacherous, violent, merciless, mean-spirited, vicious, self-centered, and arrogant carnivore. Despite saving the hens, Ben was heavily injured from his fight and collapsed in front of the henhouse. Sheldon "Shell-Shock" | Occupation Barnyard (marketed as Barnyard: The Original Party Animals) is a 2006 computer-animated comedy film produced by O Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Pictures. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. Duke the Dog - Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) Daisy - Amber (Scooby Doo) Bessy - Wage (Uglydolls) Various Animals and Humans - Other Farm Animals; Dag the Coyote - Lord Shen (Kung Fu Panda 2) Eddy the Cow - Woody (Toy Story) Igg the Cow - Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) Bud the Cow - Cale Tucker (Titan A.E.) He is also a seemingly egotistical and manipulative individual, as Dag enjoys to torment his victims, which was shown at the hen house where he revealed to them he keeps the severed legs of his meals and threatens one of them. When on hi… Eventually, Dag tries a sneak attack on Otis similarly to how he overpowered Ben, but Otis was warned by Peck, who successfully did a loud crow. Dag is swung out of the junkyard by Otis's golf skills. Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender | This is shown when Ben and Otis threatened to punch him and he quivered, which made both cows spare him. None Dag Invades The Hen Coup - Duration: ... Back at the barnyard when no one's looking DVD trailer ... Coyote stalks and … At one point in the film, Dag says that his favorite part of the chicken to eat is the skin. Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. SpongeBob Squarepants Villains | His sadistic nature is also shown when he shows a group of chickens his chain which has cut chicken thighs on it. Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked. Dag is a scrawny red coyote with sharp fangs and claws. Despite being boney, this gave him an advantage to speed and agility. One day, Ben came across the chickens home and saw Dag and his coyote pack preparing to kill some of the chickens. He then makes a "deal" with Otis, telling him that he will only steal a few animals each night, but if Otis tried to do anything about it, Dag and his pack would slaughter every animal in sight, possibly including the farmer. Otis (Kevin James) is a male holstien dairy cow with an udder who prefers to goof off rather than accept responsibility. Perfect | Victor | He was voiced by David Koechner, who also played Todd Packer in The Office and Chet in Piranha 3DD. It's implied that Dag will also harm humans as when he threatens Otis, he says that he and his pack will harm 'everyone', which may also include the Farmer. 1 Barnyard (marketed as Barnyard: The Original Party Animals) is a 2006 computer-animated comedy film produced by O Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies.The film is directed, produced, and written by Steve Oedekerk, the co-creator of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and the spin-off television series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. Little is known about Dag's past, but it was revealed in the film that Otis and the others have met Dag and his pack before and have been lifelong enemies. Dag was instantly scared the moment he saw Ben but quickly changed his attitude to hide h… Daisy gives birth to a calf whom she names Ben. Dag The Coyote - Tricero (Dinosaucers) Bud The Cow - Evil Nick Wilde (Zootopia OC) Igg The Cow - Dag (Barnyard) Eddy The Cow - Mooch (101 Dalmatians 2:Patch's Adventure) Wild Mike - Linnux (Rock Dog) Mr.Boombastic - Evil Balto (Balto OC) Snotty Boy - Woody (Toy Story) Snotty Boy's Friend 1 - Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) Max | Type of Villain Dag also has two notches that are close to each other on his left ear and a thin whitish-red gash over his left eyelid. Dag snuck around Otis and bit his leg, just as he had done to Ben, and the rest of the pack pounced on him. Barnyard. Dag is an emaciated and gaunt coyote and has a unkempt, wild look. Evil-doer Animated Features Jimmy Neurton Villains | Invader Zim Villains | This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. The film was directed by Steve Oedekerk , who was also the principal scriptwriter , and stars the voices of Kevin James , Courteney Cox , Sam Elliot , Danny Glover , Andie MacDowell and … He can be seen as a dark version to Otis as both of them are rather hedonistic in one way (Dag for letting his pack do all the fighting and Otis for preferring to have fun rather than take things seriously). Alejandro Gutierrez | Even though it is most likely that he survived, it is unknown what has happened to Dag afterwards. Killing and eating animals for his pleasure. Barnyard Ed Bighead | Dag didn't return in any episode of Back at the Barnyard, but he was seen in several games. Personality. Bald Man | He is an outright merciless, cruel, sadistic, hedonistic, psychopathic and arrogant coyote. Unknown This also passes onto at the junkyard where he came close to devouring Maddy simply because she called him a "meaner". Coco LaBouche | Puppy) Ben-Evil Pongo(101 Dalmatians OC) Pip The Mouse-Monty(Stuart Little) Pig-Smokey(Stuart Little) Peck The Rooster-Tank Evans(Surf's Up) Freddy The Ferret-Lord Shen(Kung Fu Panda 2) Miles The Mule-Ratigan(The Great Mouse Detective) Duke The Dog-Dag(Barnyard) Dag The Coyote-Serge(Open Season) Igg The Cow-Lord Farquaad(Shrek) Eddy The Cow-Gallaxhar(Monsters … He and his gang have had previous encounters with the Barnyard animals, most likely attempts on the hens but were stopped by the Barnyard's leader Ben, whom Dag greatly feared. Houlihan, See Also Killing and eating animals for his pleasure.Terrorizing animals weaker than him. GIR | Yet, it is important to note that while they steal hens on a regular basis, Dag remains notably thin, so much that anyone can see his ribcage. Otis (Kevin James) is a carefree cow who prefers to goof off than accept responsibility. While he gained the upper hand, the struggle took them outside of the coup, where the coyotes began to overtake Ben. Dag is the main antagonist of the 2006 animated film Barnyard. Dag attempted to sneak off with some hens, but Ben grabbed his leg, used him to beat up the other coyotes, and came out victorious. Otis was his archenemy and in turn Dag took great delight in saying that he should have helped his deceased father, Ben; further proof that Dag is an unpleasent being on top of all the murders he carried out. Dag commanded his pack members to attack Ben, who proved a formidable opponent. Goblins | Dag tries to sneak attack Otis from behind, but Otis is alerted when Peck successfully yells a warning. Dag is a callous, sadistic, serial killing red coyote and the archenemy to Otis. Coyotes | Pack leaderPredator Dag is an emaciated and gaunt coyote and has a unkempt, wild look. Images and videos of the evil and vicious red coyote Dag from Nickelodeon's 16th feature film Barnyard. Hobby Dag (Barnyard) By YoshiTheFox Watch. Dag is a red coyote and the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's 16th feature film Barnyard.He is Otis' arch-nemesis and the coyotes' leader and boss. Otis-Scar(The Lion King) Ben-Prince John(Robin Hood) Pip The Mouse-Nuka(The Lion King II:Simba's Pride) Pig-Shere Khan(The Jungle Book) Peck The Rooster-Harry(Home Alone) Freddy The Ferret-Marv(Home Alone) Miles The Mule-Dag(Barnyard) Duke The Dog-Makunga(Madagascar Escape 2 Africa) Dag The Coyote-Scamper(Igor) Igg The Cow-Lord Farquaad(Shrek) Eddy The Cow-Prince … Ben also spared Dag, who cowardly ran off. So as such, he got the coyotes to do most of his dirty work for him. The Coyotes are the main antagonistic faction in Nickelodeon's 16th animated feature film Barnyard.They are a pack of wild coyotes led by Dag.Unlike their leader, they do not speak at all, instead making regular coyote noises. Viper | Dennis | Dag and five of his gang break into the henhouse and nearly steals a few of … During coyote season, Dag led five members of his pack towards the barnyard to raid the chicken coup. However, unlike many villains, whereas they are motivated by greed or power, he and his coyotes only want food. The coyotes are the central antagonists of Barnyard. It is Dag and the coyotes' den. Otis caught Dag by the throat, hit his head against a bus window and threatened to punch him, like his father did; but instead, Otis warns the evil coyote to never come back and he fearfully agrees. This also shows at the junkyard when he was planning to attack Otis from above the top of a bus. Krang | Dag and his gang have had previous encounters with the Barnyard animals, most likely attempts on the hens but were stopped by the Barnyard's leader Ben, whom Dag greatly feared. Barnyard (also known as Barnyard: The Original Party Animals) is a computer-animated family-comedy film, distributed by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies, that was released on August 4, 2006. After Otis interrupts a barnyard meeting with his wild antics, Ben has a talk with his son, in which he tells him that he will never be happy if he just goofs off, and that he should grow up. Dr. Shiela Voss | Natacha | Octavio Rojas. Reece Tenneson | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is Otis' arch-nemesis and the coyotes' leader and boss. Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery A fight starts between Ben and the coyotes and during the battle, he is bitten in the leg by Dag but still fights on. Later, Otis tries to take vengeance on Dag, but he loses his burst of courage as soon as the coyote noticed him. Unlike the rest of his pack, Dag has shaggy, distinctive, shocking blood red fur with a light pinkish-red on his stomach and snout, with glowing crimson red eyes and pointed black nose. His adoptive father Ben (Sam Elliott) is the leader of the barnyard when the farmer (Fred Tatasciore) is away, giving the animals the safest moment to spring up on two legs. Balthazar Douglas Peterson | Nick Vermicelli | He has large paws with long, curving black claws, black pads on the bottom of his paws, and long sharp fangs. Burger-Beard | Dag is the evil leader of a band of coyotes who prey on farm animals, most notably the animals of the Barnyard. Red Rackham | 23 Favourites. This was shown when he attacked both Ben and Otis in their legs when they were distracted by his coyotes. Otis catches Dag and tells the coyote to never return. Due to his carnivorous drive, Dag would do all he could to appease his hunger, even if it meant killing animals. 1 What makes him Pure Evil? He is a sadistic red coyote who serves as Otis' arch-nemesis, the murderer of his adoptive father Ben, and the coyotes' leader and boss. Cyclops | Barnyard Dag is an evil red coyote who is the villain of Barnyard.He's Otis' archenemy and leads a coyote pack, he was voiced by David Koechner, who later played Chet in Piranha 3DD.. Role in the film. Henry Gates | Sakharine's Pirates (Allan | Tom | Pedro) | Almighty Tallests | Dag is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's 16th feature film Barnyard. He is especially cruel and sadistic and shows despicable schadenfreude towards Ben being killed by him and his coyotes on the night of the raid on the hen house, and Otis not being able to be there to save his father before he got killed; and Dag made this a sick joke, along with Otis being with his friends partying instead of helping his father. Full Name He was voiced by David Koechner. Karen Plankton | Dag The Coyote-Crane(Kung Fu Panda) Igg The Cow-Makunga(Madagascar Escape 2 Africa) Eddy The Cow-Dave(Penguins Of Madagascar) Bud The Cow-Dr.Blowhole(The Penguins Of Madagascar) Wild Mike-Evil Squirrel(OC) Mr.Boombastic-Dag(Barnyard) Snotty Boy-Manny(Ice Age) Snotty Boy's Friend 1-Diego(Ice Age) Snotty Boy's Friend 2-Sid(Ice Age) Paulina Von Eckberg | Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine | Origin Irken Empire | Leader of the Junkyard King Goobot | Dag the Coyote: This one's mine. Agatha K. Plummer | All in all, Dag is a heartless sadist who has no qualms about murdering others, but will backdown if his prey is stronger than him. Sheldon Plankton | This fits in to the film's message about how "a strong man stands up for himself while a stronger man stands up for others" as while Dag is strong to stand up for himself, Otis is stronger to stand up for others. David KoechnerFrank Welker (howling noises, uncredited). "Well, look at the hero! Fortunately, Miles the mule, Pip the mouse, Freddie the ferret, Peck the rooster, Pig the pig, and the Jersey Cows arrive to help Otis and Dag's goons were easily defeated. Ooblar | Kill every animal on the farm and Otis for food once and for all (failed). Zim | Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck |

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