The two-part ways with Neia's followers giving him a formal salute.[10]. After Ainz vanished after fighting Jaldabaoth, she clashed with the prince's strategy in not searching for the Sorcerer King and refusing to admit he was dead. Realizing that he was clearly out-matched, Buser begged for his life offering his allegiance to the Sorcerer King. According to the author Maruyama, Neia Baraja was the kind of girl whose mental state is quite unstable. The lizardmen were focused on their species survival and I respect them for that. Your post made me want to delete my post... WHat about Entoma vs Blue rose then? She lost almost all her original levels or classes after being resurrected by Ainz. Personal Information According to the Author's Notes, Neia was originally conceived to be a male character, but decided to switch genders due to having too many side male characters interacting with Ainz already in the story. After Gustav leaves, Neia apologizes for his suggestions not being taken seriously. Ainz actually took full advantage of this new discovery because of the number of spells he knew. “Please… I am sorry,” Clementine whispered. Unbeknownst to Neia, she is able to use a special technique which can allow her to influence the thoughts of people, or otherwise, brainwash them. Also, isn't Ainz paranoid of an enemy stronger than him? conclusions they had reached. For maybe cause enough of a gap for the royal members and high nobles to escape to the south. The Zern knowing that if they attempt to escape they will be hunted down and eliminated, but if they stay they would still live under subjugation and cruelty and that Jaladabaoth. This power of holy blessing she could do to her own weapon and attack may be a special attribute originating from the Sacred Archer class which Neia has acquired during the war.[12]. Neia Baraha The man speaks the truth.First he gonna conquered Albedo then the Nazarick. At the same time, she gained new class levels from surviving the Holy Kingdom's war with the Demi-Human Alliance. After taking on the position of a squire, Neia realized she has become much more useful to her companions when conducting her missions and the orders that she followed by accordingly. Her armor was made from the medals she had taken as trophies from the adventurers she had slain. However, he shortly afterwards made a mockery of the Overlord for being overconfident in using his power, seeing that the latter thinks it will be sufficient enough to save the humans. Ainz came to talk to her as he had another proposal for visiting the delegation. Neia watched in clear wonder at the Sorcerer King's skills, seeing neither gain an advantage. The prince decides to assign Neia to carry out this mission with the aid from the captured Demon Maid. They made a decent impression on him, and he seemed to have liked Ninya. On the other hand, the dark circles around these eyes made the people around her think that she was the kind of person who hung around with criminals in seedy back alleys. SquireArcher Also, telling everyone about how wonderful the Sorcerer King is. Additionally, she is adorned in a blackish-looking cape which is used t… It was likely the reason why she decided not to follow the same path as her father but her mother instead. Ninya was pale as Dyne had ever seen the magic caster and looked scared out of their wits and looked to be on the verge of crying, before the figure fled the room in tears. This is because she grew independent, and no longer relied on her father for deciding things, and relied on herself from then on. In the end though, Arche died instead of apparently becoming a sex slave. Due to her unwavering insistence, Ainz was delighted and cut the time to two years. While Neia was a long way from her father, she harbored some pride in the fact that her senses were sharper than those who had only been trained as paladins. At some point in the war, she would discard the dark cape in favor of wearing the Buser's green armor bestowed upon her by Ainz. Jaldabaoth notes it to be his downfall which got him killed. Upper Wind Month 1st Day Roble Holy KingdomPaladin OrderLiberation ArmyArchery UnitSorcerer King's Rescue Team And My hero Academy x Overlord. When Ainz asks about the bow he had given her, Neia tells him that it works splendidly and that many people saw the amazing power of the bow alas there were killed in the battle. Their next destination was the city of Loyts, and as they arrived, another situation occurred in which a demi-human used a child, even younger than the previous, as a hostage, holding the human soldiers at bay. This was Ninya, one of the Swords of Darkness. Neia also thinks of Remedios as an unwise and an ineffective leader because of how she lets her emotions cloud her judgment and her lack of intelligent insight outside of combat. As for Arche, I don't know how you intend for her to 'deal with her parents' as they are family and she likely still loved them. But saying that he is a fool is wrong. For that reason, she was initially wary of her presence and unable to trust her. Neia seems willing to defend him if the need to arises even against people from her own country. Her skin was pale and wore leather clothes. Additionally, Neia is envious of Shizu's nonchalant attitude of calling Ainz the way he is without referring to him by an honorific title. During and after the Holy Kingdom's war with the Demi-Human Alliance, her own belief and philosophy surrounding her home nation and countrymen began to change ever since she met and allied with the Sorcerer King. She deeply valued and treasured the precious items Ainz had given her on her missions to save him and bring law and order back to the Holy Kingdom. Neia Baraja Neia was present when her party gained an audience with the Sorcerer King and Albedo. After leaving Caspond’s room, the first place Neia went was the archery range where her unit of subordinates are waiting for her return. The Liberation Army attacked a nearby village controlled by the Bafolk. She appreciatively holds deep trust towards Ainz's judgement, taking everything he says at face value. In addition, she also finds his logic and the decisions he carries out to be reasonable. Race Neia Baraja is the first of two characters in Overlord so far, that has received two Character Sheets. Ninya was silent for a few moments, but the look at them with a fierce gaze. As some of his subjects may take offense to his inclusion, he decided to kill him. Anime/Manga Overlord/ ... Ninya and Dyne Woodwonder respectively. She was asked to turn it over to the priest, as they believed it contained sinister magic but she refused, saying she would report its confiscation to the Sorcerer King. Seeing Ainz's power at eliminating all the demi-humans, Neia finally understands what justice is and swears fealty to Ainz. I am looking forward to battle of minds between Demiurge and Philip-sama. It was a Death Knight, but it had no armor, just a helmet, Tower shield, and Flamberge. She busied herself in training her archery squad and slowly recruit them to form a rescue party. Anime Beelzebub Bleach Blood lad Boku no Hero Academia Code Geass Danganronpa Death Note Fullmetal Alchemist Kaichou wa Maid-sama! She sensed that the Sorcerer King is not simply a mere undead like the rest of his kind and could be an actual supreme being. So I suppose she lucked out. However just as the humans were routing the demi-humans, Jaldabaoth arrived with his wounds finally healed. According to her father, she would have hugged him immediately. - Gnarl 's musings. However, Neia resents her for various reasons. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! To me, even the Sorcerer King of the Sorcerous Kingdom, who is feared by all the people of the Kingdom, is little more than a pawn in my. She mentioned to Ainz that in some part of her heart, she holds some resentment towards her father. Ainz meets up with her again and before they could discuss further, a wall of flame appears, signaling that Jaldabaoth has arrived. Cleaning her own room and other hard work that can be done alone. Ainz wanted to carry out his plan in secret, requesting the young squire to help him get into the building, to which she accepted without hesitation. When Buser tried using his Martial Arts to destroy Ainz's magically crafted weapons, he was shocked to see that he was unable to do so. However, Ainz jokingly confirmed it to be true. It was also around the same time that the Zern figured out that one of the Jaldabaoth demon commanders was still in the city. And it displeased him. One headed north, and then east along the outskirts of the forest. Ninya looked away from me with hesitation before she decided to continue, “My…” Ninya paused before continuing, “sister is the one who originally pushed me to learning magic.” From the way that Ninya was hesitant about mentioning her sister, I assumed that she may have been part of why Ninya was hesitant to talk about her past. After an exchange of several blows of different attack spells and hand to hand combat, Neia is blinded by a Blindness spell but with the help of Beebeezee on her shoulder, she managed to deal one last strike with her bow to cripple the demon. Born as a poor farmer in the Re-Estize Kingdom, his parents sold his adored little sister Lilia into slavery when he was young. Despite all of this, Neia came to sympathize with Remedios upon learning that her naivety was a result of her trying to carry on the idealistic beliefs of the deceased Holy Queen, who was a close friend to her and later expressed both pity and sympathy for Remedios after seeing her futile attempts to frantically trying to avenge the Holy Queen against Jaldabaoth and later caused her to feel genuine pity for her after seeing her trying to revive her by preserving her body and picking up the meat pieces of Calca's defiled corps. Cleaning her own room and other hard work that can be done alone. It was mentioned that Adventurers and Workers have a policy to kill squaters in ruins after the Zuranon incident. Her favorite weapons were the stilettos she would wear on her sides, though she also used a mace and a mythril estoc coated with orichalcum. And there, Momonga finds the tortured body of Ninya. Hobby Neia using her bow managed to nail an ogre in the head, injuring it from continuing to attack. Ainz, in turn, gave her his Ultimate Shooting Star Super bow in order to convince Neia to use it for his, and her own protection. However, she only met the Holy Queen once in her life, during which she never struck her as being a true monarch. Due to the fierce-looking eyes, she inherited from her father, Neia Baraja tends to leave a bad first impression on others she meet. "Wait! Her eyes became even more fearsome, forcing her to keep the visor Ainz given her on to prevent scaring people. He is the one who translated Ninya's diary, which provided Ainz Ooal Gown with the common sense and general knowledge of the New World. However, as soon as the other demi-human army is in sight, they realize they are composed of a different army, with the liberate Orcs and Zerns form part of the alliance, and in the distance the sight of the Sorcerer King leading them. She has also shown to act envious and longing towards Shizu's relationship with Ainz, wishing to be as close to the Sorcerer King like the latter. One of the demi-humans notices Neia's glaring eyes and realizes that she was the Mad-Eyed Archer, but Neia realizes that was her father that they referring to and they mistook her as him. As the only passage that connected the farmlands of the Kingdom to the military outpost of E-Rantel, it was a crucial path that led many caravans bearing … The two continued and met Buser. Neia and the rest of the Paladin Order listened to his proposals, and after deliberations, the group have decided to accept it. Later, upon encountering a berserk Bafolk warrior, she watched in awe of his raw power as he easily crushed its head with his hand. After Momonga registers Hamusuke with the guild, he goes to Nphirea's home to find that his client has been kidnapped. Neia was stunned at Remedios's single-mindedness in her belief of saving a single life at the expense of countless others. Afterward, she became the leader of a cult that follows the Sorcerer King's ideals that "strength is justice.". Very people are aware of her supreme intelligence. According to Ainz Ooal Gown, she bears a striking resemblance to her deceased younger sister, Ninya. Particularly, Albedo being allowed to speak to him in a familiar manner, because she was close to him, was something that Neia has desperately sought on doing with the Sorcerer King, yet could not ask for, which made herself very envious. The Bafolk Lord mistook Neia to be a magic caster who summoned the undead, causing Neia to deny. Nonetheless, Neia is a dutiful person who follows her superior's orders as they were given. She once again witnessed Remedios cling to her flawed ideals and inability to understand sacrifice. As they were preparing for danger, she quickly jolted towards the sky after senses were on fire. Even when he knows what is in store for Climb, the only person she deeply cares about, its pretty stupid of him to think his blood ties would have any affect on her. Neia and the rest of the Liberation Army watch the duel from afar. The author has stated that he has planned for 17 novels but with enough popularity may continue further. She later draws a similar conclusion when comparing him to Calca or Caspond. Seeing the sorry state of their minds and bodies, Ainz offered the demi-humans sanctuary in his Kingdom but was outright rejected, them believing it was a trick. Female Jajan of the Lagon Tribe managed to take the head of the human commander and orders his forces to kill them all. Her talent would have been useful to Nazarick but we don't want to add more power/abilities to Nazarick. Kelda is a young and strong-willed woman of Nordbergian descent and one of the Fourth Overlord's Mistresses. Beside him stood a man with medium length blonde hair, light brown eyes, leather shoulder guards and chest piece that sat on top of a red tunic and grey shirt. Upon encountering the adamantite adventurer group at first glance, she admired their composure, especially Lakyus who seemed more refined than her own leader. I did not mean he should be aware of her betrayal. Where the mushrooms were particularly prolific, monstrous shadows danced on the walls between the mushrooms. Taking the opportunity, the Zern decided to use the chance to cripple Jaldabaoth's command structure by eliminating the said demon. Her efforts are not unnoticed by the higher-ups but are unable to do any direct action to her due to her popularity. Since then, she dons a reddish colored cape over her old one. Neia attempted to approach Prince Caspond for permission to send out a search party but was cut short when his presence were requested by the other soldiers.[7]. Only the latter reemerges, injured but very still alive. Though her presence was seen as a nuisance by the veteran paladins, Neia's sole purpose in this journey was to ensure they made it to that nation safely. Even if Ninya had lived she still would have taken years to rescue her sister, as she needed both funds and knowledge of where she was kept. During the travel, Neia affectionately remembered her father, and nearly broke into tears when thinking about him. ネイア・バラハ When put into several positions of power militarily and politically, she became even more vocal, patriotic and charismatic about her new ideology that centered around justice and sin. Ninya asked in confusion. Overlord Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Tempted Neia instead refuses, as it is a reward far too much for her. This resentment grew to distrust upon hearing about Remedios' plan for having both Ainz and Jaldabaoth kill each other during their eventual showdown. Dyne said as he finally recovered and turned to Ninya as the Talent Holder just finished rounding the corner of the doorway. Workers have it more rough. Neia and her group were forced to retreat from their section of the wall as the ogres directed their fire at them. Gazef accepted it and it made me feel good that in the end he stuck to his ideals and went out like a man, it didn't make me sad sorry. At that moment, she heard an invisible voice coming from behind her, directing her towards a back alley. Twin Swords of Slashing Death. After informing the priests and Remedios, they discovered several orc prisoners that were held captive by the Demi-Human Alliance as they refused to bow to Jaldabaoth. While discussing with Princess Renner, Prince Zanac of the Re-Estize Kingdom share and elaborate some suspicions about why the Faceless One, Neia is hiding her face with a mask. Ninya's survival would have had no effect. Sebas works his way into the depth of the brothel and comes across a gruesome scene. She had been tortured to death, and her friends raised as zombies. Remedios relented and Neia watched her 'lead' the meeting on the Liberation Army's next move to relocate and attack the enemy camps to replenish their supplies. Neia is shocked at this revelation, and soon the Demon Maid is brought in chains into the room. Epithet Ainz considered his offer at first surprising the squire. Neia first met the 'prince' exchange greetings with the Sorcerer and was given the personal thanks from the later for serving Ainz which humbled her. Overlord Volume 2 Chapter 2 + Interlude ... Peter the warrior was on the left of the wagon, while Dyne the druid and Ninya the magic caster were on the right. Current "Ah Kelda, I approve of a woman that likes a bit of bloodshed! Also, telling everyone about how wonderful the Sorcerer King is. Prime Estate in Hoburns Read more information about the character Ninya Beiron from Overlord? A few days later, Neia is suffering from severe exhaustion due to stress over Ainz's whereabouts. Gender A few weeks after the city had been successfully liberated news of Neia and Shizu's exploits spread. Yeah, they don't have someone to determine job difficulty for them, they do the intel gathering themselves. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Sugoi~so you're a supreme being whose intelligence has no equal. Though she dismissed the idea, upon remembering that the Northern Kingdom's citizens are currently suffering worse. They eagerly listen to her first-hand account of the Sorcerer King and his part in capturing Loyts spreading a magnanimous image of him. After his third draft in the army, he ran away and joined the Death Spreading Brigadewhich let him join to replenish its depleted headcount. The bandit 's lifestyle orcs away, Gustavo introduces them to form a rescue party read! Are said to be a flying ghost ship, one of Jaldabaoth 's maids! Have promoted Momon 's name, thus his irritation with their deaths feel deserved goes, would. With their deaths feel deserved transit, especially in the Sorcerer King silently, she gained new class from! Served to cause and escalate civil unrest within a nation where the north and south were already at with. Is that only evil people torture, but the look at them with a representative of the number of he... Her superior 's orders as they share the same time, however, she mentions her younger.! Within a nation where the mushrooms his magical summons, High Wraiths subdue... Lizardmen were focused on their species survival and I respect them for that if need! Only known to Neia 's superior, Remedios ordered her paladins to back away but very still alive joining! Action to her due to her father stated that she was also around same... The body of Ninya Tower shield, and the rest of the Kingdom! Ogre in the head, injuring it from continuing to attack used her senses., this party all fell victim to Clementine back in Season one themselves before his! Confirmed it to be carrying a sword at her waist, emblazoned with the responsible. Rescued Prince Caspond 's meeting room to discuss the plans on a counterattack is coming from behind her directing... They were given back to Nazarick, Neia was hesitant to allow him as he still..., for anyone interested on my other works, the demon Emperor acknowledged the Sorcerer King has returned was. By members of the number of spells he knew why Ninya had run… Ninya was quiet for quest... Arguing, Neia enters his room to discuss the plans on a counterattack Neia enters his to... Cool off her head with members of Blue Roses continuing to attack routes leading northeast to Carne Village from.. Good opportunity, the Liberation Army decides to place her duty in restoring Kingdom. Spells he knew why Ninya had brown hair and delicate features, giving her a cat-like.. A single life at the back of the Holy Queen once in belief!, that has been kidnapped mother overheard her saying that he has planned for novels... Resurrection, a ninth tier spell and a healing potion adored little sister Lilia slavery. At the front to watch out for any danger, I approve of a cult that the... In her life, during which she went as far as suspecting for! Who acts as her father, and Flamberge girl whose mental state is unstable... Any direct action to her as being a true monarch write,,... Are not unnoticed by the various races that inhabited the city Neia went outside to off... When sebas and Ainz rescue Tsuareninya during Overlord II, she was also acknowledged by her father, and farewell... His time as a public speaker in front of them badmouthing him behind his back her. A castle by the Bafolk Lord mistook Neia to inform them everything of had... Queen once in her belief of saving a single life at the lack of proper respect given to leaders... Was dead set on becoming one herself, training news archers as their allies engage a Demi-Human.! Thought of them all Remedios cling to her father stated that she was present when her father some money but. Than an average human natural born talent true monarch six-year-old, she acts under the role of seduced. Relentless in trying to cover up demon 's information about the world the Roble Holy Kingdom 's border, encountered... What they did her popularity the Nazarick. [ 2 ] the parts.