So on the day, every Year 11 student will receive a handwritten note from either a senior member of staff or a curriculum leader. "Students will be split into five alphabetical groups, with each group receiving their result envelope (and positive message) from a station,” Hetherington explains. Give yourself some much-deserved time to celebrate, whatever your results were, and then you can approach all your options for next steps with an open mind. But what about those students who feel upset and confused by their results? The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is expected to continue having a significant impact on the education system, and the country, for months to come. Cookie Policy | PRIVACY POLICY, Coronavirus: GCSE Results Day 2020 information for students, Surrey County Council Apprenticeships and Early Careers, Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) Careers, St. James’s Place Financial Services Careers, University, further and technical qualifications : routes to success, Skills Shortage in the UK Series -bulletin 8, One Million Mentors : West Midlands Opportunity, Launch your career in customer support in the West Midlands, Mobile phone (you’ll probably want/need to make lots of phone calls on getting your results), Pen and paper to note down any key info on the day, Some form of ID along with any acceptance letters and contact details for any sixth form or college that you’re interested in attending (you may want to get in touch with them on getting your results, so have everything you need on you), An A* is in the middle of new grades 8 and 9. CONGRATS! GCSEs 2020: How to run a socially distant results day, GCSE results day 2020 will be a results day like no other, as students collect their, School one: socially distant celebrations. Clare O'Reilly Freelance journalist and ghostwriter Friday 20 Mar 2020 8:51 am. Timeline February 2020. Coronavirus: GCSE and A-Level results to be based on teachers predicted grades . GCSE results day 2020 will be a results day like no other, as students collect their centre-assessed grades having never sat an exam. Because of social distancing, a school/college may email GCSE results directly to students so that there is no need to collect them in person. The celebrations don’t stop there. Whatever happens next, any next step you make can still keep your options open for doing a degree at university or some other form of higher education. close. Copy link. Conditions. 27 February – Authorities confirm the first case of coronavirus in Northern Ireland. Students might think it’s impossible to do an apprenticeship in times of coronavirus, but Youth Friendly Employers like Coca-Cola European Partners are standing by their apprentices and making sure they can work and study from home, and will still complete their apprenticeship. If you choose to do this, you can use the higher of the two grades as your final, official GCSE grade. Although guidance might change closer to the time, Russell wanted to be able to tell his students for certain what their plans for collection were. There will be no hugs or grouping for selfies this year,” she says. If you’ve studied previously with a school or college but didn’t enter for exams there, it might be that your previous school/college will submit their proposal for your GCSE grade/s. Copy link. After the problems arising from the use of the grade algorithm for A Levels, it was decided that GCSE grades awarded to each student would be the higher of the teacher predicted result or algorithm standardised result for each subject they took. GCSE results day 2020 was unlike no other this year as most schools told pupils to stay away yesterday. Although exams were cancelled this year, students will still get GCSE results based on predicted grades. GCSE and A-level results 'could be affected by bias' By Hannah Richardson Education and social affairs reporter. You can find out more here. GCSE results this year will look the same as they have in previous years. One-to-one. “We will also invite in a few who have done exceptionally well (at all levels) for a press release,” he says. First off, they decided to email out all results, rather than arranging for in-person collections. By Judith Burns Education reporter. Results day support for learners and parents How exam boards will award student grades in summer 2020 Take a look this short video that explains how student grades have been calculated. Apprenticeships are a way to combine earning a salary, building experience and learning to gain a qualification. Tes Global Ltd is “The decisions were based on the government guidance that said we could not bring more than 25 per cent of the cohort into school on any one day and we were also not to encourage large meetings of students.”. 3rd December 2020 at 12:01am. 20 Aug 2020, 18:23 Updated : 20 Aug 2020, 18:23 IT may have been years since we sat our GCSES and we still have that recurring nightmare of opening our exam papers and having no … 1 T Level is the equivalent of 3 A levels. They used to be graded by letter, from A* to U. Although the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted study and exams, students will still get GCSE results. He has been planning with his team how a collection of results can happen with the minimum risk to students, and maximum support to those who will need it. However, some schools and colleges may open to students on Results Day 2020. "We have planned banners celebrating them as our most resilient year group and how proud we are of them.”. In the event of inclement weather, the school leaders will switch tactics. The grades awarded will have equal status to grades in previous years. August 20 - GCSE results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and GCSE equivalent technical qualifications 2 Exams were cancelled in 2020 … 11 August 2020. Related Topics. Students will get certificates for the GCSEs and other Level ½ qualifications on Thursday 20th August. As soon as details of the exams are released we will update this page. London WC1R 4HQ. GCSE results day 2020: Live updates from schools across Winchester. Studying/ Unemployed/ Uncertain? Russell feared students would put themselves at risk, not just when they failed to resist the natural urge to embrace in celebration or commiseration, but also simply on their journeys to and from the collection. On 20 August 2020 the GCSE results were released. Robert Russell is principal at Wey Valley, Dorset. GCSEs don’t have to lead to A Levels. Latest coronavirus news GCSE results day RECAP: Number of students scoring top grades rises for third year. He has been planning with his team how a collection of results can happen with the minimum risk to students, and maximum support to those who will need it. 3 April 2020 GCSEs 2021: how will mocks work for Year 11s. In Scotland, National 5 Results Day will occur on 4th August 2020. You have to be in some form of recognised study or training until your 18th birthday – so GCSE school leavers can do Apprenticeships and Traineeships, for example, but couldn’t go straight into a full-time job. All GCSE qualifications will be graded using calculated results this summer, since most exams and assessments in 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. “On 20 August each student will receive an email at 8am with an attachment containing their GCSE results,” he explains. A-level students received their results on Thursday 13 August, with GCSE following a week later on Thursday 20 August… “The stations will be placed outside.”. , Dorset. At Wykham Park, we want to ensure that, in these exceptional circumstances, our Year 11 students are defined by us as more than their results; that while results are important, they are important to us as individuals, too,” she explains. Education. Coronavirus: Pupils’ exam results to be graded on work so far . “Once students have got their results, they will be guided to their registration for our sixth-form provision or will go to a careers adviser for support, or a senior member of staff – it will all depend on what their needs are,” says Hetherington. each student will receive an email at 8am with an attachment containing their GCSE results,” he explains. GCSE and A-level students will receive grades based on teacher assessments after exams were cancelled in a bid to slow down the spread of coronavirus. In their place, qualification grades were to be based on teacher-predicted … If you really don’t think that GCSE grade was a good match for your ability, you will have the opportunity to take exams in the autumn series or in summer 2021. “[We will also] provide details of key staff who will be available to support and offer advice and guidance throughout the day, online via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face in school, depending on individual circumstance and need.”, How will GCSEs work for the 2020-2021 cohort, 139 teacher and education worker Covid deaths in 2020, 6 ways teachers can master motivation in lockdown, 'Sitting ducks': Why teachers fear school re-openings, Exclusive: 75% teachers against school re-opening plan, Call to draft in supply teachers for Covid support, What Bridgerton can teach locked-down teachers, Covid: Teachers have a ‘good shout’ for priority jabs, 5 ways to make home learning a positive experience, A day of live lessons? GCSE exam timetables 2021. Remember that there are a million ways to happiness and a career and future that’s a good fit for you. For more information, please email or call 01536 513388. GCSE Results Day will occur on 20th August 2020. The qualifications from each of these choices can all give you UCAS points which will help students pick up the entry requirements for their chosen degree subject in the future. “We are also working with our local radio station, AIR FM, who are running a town-wide broadcast in July to help Year 11 celebrate the end of school. We spoke to two schools about their different approaches to the day. You will have to take all the exam papers for any subject you decide to sit exams for in autumn, though. “We are also setting up a process whereby parents and students can request an appointment with a senior member of staff if they are particularly disappointed with a result,” she says. Sometimes, the Head of Centre where you’re currently studying may consult with your previous place of education to make sure their proposal for your GCSE grades is as accurate and fair as possible. Therefore, exams and assessments have been cancelled to give pupils, parents, and teachers certainty, and enable schools and colleges to focus on supporting vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. Teachers will be … Friday March 20, 2020, 3:36 PM. Students can talk to their school or college to get results by email. close. This support network of people will be there to make sure every student has a plan for their next step. The results should be available from 8am BST. Murder investigation after boy, 13, stabbed to death in … EYFS: Why are we still so under-appreciated? Published. Talk to a school/college careers advisor or research online to find out more about apprenticeship opportunities during the pandemic. If you’re a student worrying that your GCSE results will hold less value because they didn’t involve exams due to Coronavirus, please don’t worry too much. “[We will also] provide details of key staff who will be available to support and offer advice and guidance throughout the day, online via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face in school, depending on individual circumstance and need.”. Of course, there will also be meticulous organisation of the collection of results to ensure that the day happens safely. Results day for the November 2020 exam series is: 11 February 2021. You’ve taken on GCSEs like a champ and the best is yet to come! The Department for Education have announced that GCSE results will be based on the estimates given by teachers unless the computer algorithm they were initially using graded you higher. Students’ grades will take into account a range of factors including (for example) homework assessments and mock exams. Find out more about some of the organisations offering high quality training and work opportunities to young people. So you can explain it to your parents or carers who might not know: It goes without saying that it doesn’t feel nice if you find you didn’t get the GCSE grades you were hoping for. GCSE results 2020: Grades, analysis and reaction from schools around Wales. Share. Yes. But what about those with more complicated problems? Students who are unhappy with their grades can also contact Ofqual, the regulator for the exam boards. You can also still choose to take a written exam in the autumn. 6th July 2020 at 6:01am. GCSE results day 2020 will be a results day like no other, as students collect their centre-assessed grades having never sat an exam. Results days in 2021. Share. Asked whether GCSE results day should be delayed, Ms Green told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'The Government need to make progress on this, … Emailed GCSE results will be available by 8am. GCSE results. Apprenticeships, vocational qualifications and A Levels. Your next dream role could be just a click away…, The Department for Education (DfE) has published a white paper today called “Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and […], The Edge Foundation have launched the 8th bulletin that pulls together research across the employment and education sector to highlight […], 18-25? Published. One hour a month. “At Wykham Park, we want to ensure that, in these exceptional circumstances, our Year 11 students are defined by us as more than their results; that while results are important, they are important to us as individuals, too,” she explains. The process for getting results depends on your place of education, so check with your school, college, or other provider. From Friday 20 March, all educational settings were closed to everyone except the children of critical workers and vulnerable children. You don’t have to put yourself on the spot and you have a lot of potential opportunities to explore with our Young Professional free skills training, Careers Hub and Young People Hub. When is GCSE results day 2020? On the same day, the First Minister ... due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all secondary education examinations due to be held in 2020 were cancelled. About sharing. GCSE results day 2020 at Bedminster Down School (Image: Wellsway Multi-Academy Trus) She secured an incredible set of results despite the language barrier, … Your life changed One Million Mentors is here to help, connecting […], Are you motivated by talking to new people and customers and solving their problems in a fast-paced environment? It is closed to the public from the following day. Read our FAQs for everything you need to know. News; GCSE results day 2020 across the Winchester district . GCSE and A Level results day confirmed after exams cancelled over coronavirus James Rodger. All rights reserved. Jan Hetherington, vice-principal of Wykham Park Academy in Banbury, says she wanted to make sure that her students didn’t feel that the way their results were generated lessened their significance. Sometimes students make special considerations when taking their exams – for example, due to traumatic situations and events that might have an affect on how they do in that exam. GCSE results day saw the highest grades since records began, as education experts insisted the "Covid generation" deserved their marks and should not be "written off". It has been a GCSE results day like no other for pupils this year. “There is a plan B where students will [collect from] an indoor station with its own entrance and exit. Students might find that vocational qualifications like BTECs are a better option because they’re a practical springboard into a career that involves hands-on learning. 18 March – The Northern Ireland Assembly reduces its workload by suspending all non-essential Assembly business. Students will want to feel safe, but it’s natural to want to have that big feeling of celebrating and acknowledging the hard work that has gone into the last couple of years! They are now graded by 9-1 (highest to lowest), with U grades for marks that were too low to be classified. As well as these essential practical steps, the school leadership team have made plans to celebrate the successes, too. As well as ensuring that students and their families understand the plan for the day itself, the school has also been careful to explain how these grades have been generated. We spoke to two schools about their different approaches to the day. They will be the first pupils to sit formal exams in Northern Ireland since February 2020. Home » Articles & News » Coronavirus: GCSE Results Day 2020 information for students. Sunny skies and calm winds will be hoped for, but cannot be guaranteed. Combines classroom learning with industry placements to prepare you for skilled work or higher level study. But all is not lost. Share page. Health. Share page. Updated 'Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020' including details of Ofqual's consultation on exceptional arrangements for exam grading and assessment. Not all students will be able to move on to their planned post-GCSE destination, and the school has made preparations to assist in this. When is GCSE Results Day in 2020? Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, exams in 2021 will not go ahead as normal, and are currently under review from the Department for Education. Your GCSE grades should also be treated the same way as they always have been by universities, colleges and employers. Read why here, Tes school staff poll finds 31% scared by Williamson's ambition to fully reopen their school this term, with 44% 'worried', Supply teachers ‘could help dampen the worst impacts of the pandemic’, say Lib Dems, Teachers can learn a lot from the magnificently dressed stars of Regency drama Bridgerton, says Lauran Hampshire-Dell, Health secretary says teachers likely to be high on list for vaccine but supply issue could dash schools' hopes of half-term mass vaccination, Online learning is hard but there are plenty of positives to be found, says teacher Gemma Clark, Teaching online can turn you to drink – so maybe a rewards system to control intake is advisable, says Stephen Petty. ", It only takes a moment and you'll get access to more news, plus courses, jobs and teaching resources tailored to you, Grainne Hallahan is Tes recruitment editor and senior content writer at Tes, A one-stop shop for teachers who want to know what impact the ongoing pandemic will have on their working lives, New Office for National Statistics data finds similar Covid death rates in teaching compared to other professions, If your motivation has begun to wane, Gemma Corby offers practical ways to give yourself a boost, 75% of school staff are either 'frightened' or 'worried' by Gavin Williamson's ambition to reopen schools by Easter. GCSE and A-Level results are set to be handed out before August. What plans do schools have in place to handle the practicalities of giving students their grades on GCSE results day? GCSE Results Day 2020: Record pass rate seen after steep maths and English grades increase Save A student reacts as she checks her GCSE results at Crossley Heath Grammar School in Halifax. If a school or college is open for the big event, students can collect their results in person in the morning (usually from around 10am onwards). GCSE Results Day 2020 has finally arrived and it is time for students from all across the UK to discover how they performed. Square GCSE results day 2020: How teachers can handle the blame game | Tes Share or comment on this article: Fears teachers could be blamed for giving ACCURATE GCSE results when they are released tomorrow 11 July 2020. 16/04/2020. Read our FAQs for everything you need to know. Students will also have the opportunity to take exams in autumn if they wish to. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and GCSE Results Day 2020: more than a quarter of exams awarded top grades More than 27 per cent of GCSEs handed to 16-year-olds in England were marked at 7 or above, equivalent to A or A* Thousands of pupils in Scotland received their results on the day it is confirmed that a virus cluster in Aberdeen has grown. Share this. “We felt, in the midst of all that is happening to them, we needed to give our Year 11 students some certainty around how they would receive their GCSE results,” he explains. ASCL comment on GCSE results day 20 August 2020 Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders comments on the GCSE results awarded to students today. Students will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to education, training or entering the world of work after they get their GCSE results. Six steps to a safe and full reopening of schools, 35 pictures that'll remind you of your school days, 13 clever teaching hacks for Microsoft Teams, I know how hard it is for teachers, says Jill Biden, Full GCSEs in most subjects 'unrealistic' next year, Ofqual proposes late GCSE start date for 2021, Exams 2020: GCSE timetables and key dates. coronavirus. These key staff will cover a range of people from local post-16 providers to the pastoral team, as well as a careers adviser and the Sendco. GCSE students can check with their current school or college to find out what’s involved in studying A Levels during (or just after) the pandemic. GCSE results for pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been published. You’ve dealt with a really tricky situation, and in spite of the pandemic you have achieved your GCSEs, so a massive well done to you! Universities have begun making unconditional offers to affected A-level students … T levels have been designed with employers to give you the skills and knowledge to get on in the workplace. It’s a bit early to say for absolutely certain, but it’s currently expected that students who decide to sit their exams in e.g. “This will allow them to discuss ways forward in relation to autumn resits, etc.’’. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion As there were no exams this summer, schools and colleges have been told to bear it in mind if illness or other personal circumstances might have affected a student’s performance in their mock exams, since that will form part of the evidence for the final grade. November would get their GCSE grades for February, and the results for GCSE English and maths would come through in January. It all depends on when exactly the autumn exams would take place. I think I need a glass of wine, School re-openings ‘will not be after half-term’, 10 tips for boosting remote primary lesson engagement. When is GCSE results day 2020? Schools and colleges are asked to use fair judgement based on professional experience to outline the grades they believe a student would have achieved if they had sat their exams this year. Axing GCSE and A-Level deprives children like my son of a true rite of passage. ; March 2020. GCSE Results Day will occur on 20th August 2020. “We want every young person to feel that we know them and care about them," she says. Menu. Coronavirus: Exam results day rituals put on hold. The school has also organised a barbecue breakfast and ice-cream van to help them celebrate on results day morning. Although the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted study and exams, students will still get GCSE results. “A letter is being sent home before the end of term outlining the practicalities, and with links to an Ofqual video [below] and infographic relating the process that has happened to produce the grades that they will receive on results day,” Hetherington says. This means that they will see students in person in a way that keeps to social distancing guidelines. Congratulations for getting your GCSE results on the big day! “We will [also] be inviting select groups of students into school on 20 August to ensure they receive the support necessary when receiving their results,” says Russell. Hetherington has planned for those students to be able to request appointments, as socially distanced "walk-ups" will be harder to manage. “This will include students who do not gain the qualifications required to automatically start their chosen post-16 route, as well as students we know to be vulnerable or who we would want to ensure have some additional support when receiving their grades.”. You will not get a grade lower than what your teacher’s estimated you to get. GCSE results will come out on August 20, 2020 - the date that was originally planned before coronavirus disrupted the examinations. Tagged in: Coronavirus advice for students, results day, Our work with Employers, organisations & Govt, Our work with Teachers & Careers Education. Are you […], © 2021 Youth Employment UK. As a result, an alternative method had to be designed and implemented at short notice to determine the qualification grades to be given to students for that year. And, as a student, you can take exams in as few subjects as you like – if it’s just one GCSE grade you don’t think feels fair, you can choose to take exams for just that subject, not all your GCSEs. We’ve included some options below, but please be aware that some of them may be disrupted by social distancing measures due to coronavirus.