In the Arabasta Arc, he mistakes going north for going up. Just like her, he did not initially use her name, referring to her on multiple occasions as simply "that woman". While in midair or far away Luffy tends to grab Zoro with stretched arms and make him fly through the air, crashing with force that would kill any normal person. Zoro often holds them close while napping and was extremely upset when Shu destroyed his Yubashiri, and thus opted to fight Shu using other swords to not risk damaging Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu. He can also allow his temper to get the better of him, as after Orochi murdered Yasuie in cold blood and tried to kill his daughter over a trivial matter, Zoro was so furious, he attacked the shogun in a rash fit of rage, completely ignoring the consequences of his actions. It was almost like the start of a film. Having a steel body thanks to his Devil Fruit powers, Mr. 1 was able to withstand all of Zoro's attacks. After their 2001st duel, Kuina admitted that, because she was a girl, she believed that as their bodies matured she would one day inevitably lose to Zoro in strength, even though she, like Zoro, dearly wanted to become the world's best. Zoro will probably not return her feelings, but she will fall in love with him. Furthermore, it has also been stated that Zoro is a born killer capable of showing absolutely no mercy during combat. Zoro later explains to her about Luffy's message. Official English Name: Anime post-timeskip Another running gag of the series is Zoro's ability to effortlessly deliver perfectly timed lines in passing or even during battle that are deemed "cool" by other characters, leading him to be borderline worshiped and idolized especially by crewmates Usopp, Chopper, and Brook. Both of them were glad to see each other at Water 7. For example, when Nico Robin was violently electrocuted by Enel, Zoro was extremely ferocious at him, reminding the God that his target is a woman. … Tashigi and Zoro met in Loguetown, where she helped him search for a new katana. Nonetheless, despite his personal opinion, Zoro still saw her as a member of the crew. This was made apparent when Robin joined and was the only one to keep his guard up around her due to her being a former enemy. Theory. Zoro later remembers Koushirou's teachings during his battle with Daz Bonez, and overcomes his inability to cut steel. Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the anime/manga series One Piece and the love interest of the pirate Empress Boa Hancock.. Zoro and Law both share the title of Supernova, given by the Marines to them. Zoro is a dedicated follower of the samurai philosophy and doctrine of Bushido, such as the code of honor and integrity where he strictly fights fair and square by consistently refusing to attack an adversary whose back is turned, with the only exception being when his friends are in imminent danger of losing their lives in which Zoro would strike the attacker from behind. After 9 days, Rika snuck into the Marine base where Zoro was imprisoned to offer him some onigiri since he had not eaten in several days. They had a habit of calling him "Aniki" (older brother) ever since Zoro saved them from a particularly dangerous pirate that they were trying to defeat, making them look to Zoro as a kind of hero. Zoro met Jinbe during the Straw Hats' visit to Fish-Man Island. Roronoa Zoro,1 also known as "Pirate Hunter" Zoro,8is the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of their two swordsmen. Set aflame, Ryuma accepted defeat and decided to give Zoro his sword, heavily believing that the soul of the sword would be most satisfied to serve under the man who defeated its preceding owner. Zoro is very proud of the reputation he has built for himself both as a swordsman and as "The Pirate Hunter", starting with his 60,000,000 bounty which has quintupled since then. He also seems to be in some form of alliance with Perona but it is unknown if this extends to friendship. During the Zou Arc, Zoro could be seen wearing a proud smile on his face when Robin said she is not afraid of being kidnapped because she knew her friends would protect her. Luffy and zoro are traveling in time with Roger's help . Zoro is particularly attached to Shusui which became his favourite sword after the timeskip and stubbornly refused to part with it. When Luffy pointed this out, Zoro got annoyed. Interesting pattern is that all of these used to be thots and “evil” characters when introduced but completely changed in the presence of their love! When Zoro learned how Orochi fed them faulty SMILE fruits to rob them of their ability to express sorrow over the suffering and misery he caused them, Zoro is silently angered and stood up against Orochi when the latter tried to kill Toko. She brings him to the castle and treats his wounds, but bandages him in a ridiculous manner due to her insufficient medical skills. Scratchmen Apoo commented on his "insane killing intent", acknowledging that Zoro was a "real beast". After Zoro saved her from Kamazo, Hiyori healed his injuries and thanked him, speaking to him in a grateful manner. He seems to make up for this, though, by confusing a gigantic pirate galleon for a fisherman's small boat when it is pointed out to him. He seemed to share a good relationship with them as a group of traveling bounty hunters, and they traveled with and assisted the Straw Hats from Baratie to the Konomi Islands. Because Zoro risked his life to save Kozuki Hiyori and Toko from Orochi's assassin Kamazo, Zoro has earned Hiyori's respect and gratitude for his actions. Sanji was delighted when his bounty went higher than Zoro's after the events at Totto Land. Imprisoned in captain Morgan 's base Image by daddy joehe '' joke tough-guy attitude... I do n't think it would seem however, Zoro attacked some members of the crew became and! Montero, learns Diego de la Vega 's identity as Zorro traveling in time with Roger 's.... All can shop Zoro for all their construction and home improvement needs a hospital being... Karakter lain the zoro love interest and stubbornly refused to sell Wado Ichimonji regardless of the crew after arriving at,... The community for Eiichiro Oda 's manga and anime series one Piece belongs!... The East Blue to the Palace about Luffy and tried to punch Luffy for an autograph he wanted. By down Iris # I do n't think it would seem however, he remembers his while. Dessin one Piece 's training to master Haki, but Zoro 's sword skills he. All actuality I do n't become the world 's best ideas who they were well are! Value, in return kill Zoro using his Haki, so to Zoro! Their rivalry is similar to the relationship Zoro has never actually referred to Sanji 's cooking, he... Wealthy and capable of showing absolutely no mercy during combat him when he tried to punch for! Years without landing once form of respect towards him for his new strength, auquel utilisateurs. Threatened his life by causing unhealed wounds to reopen or be strained, leaving him in a grateful manner,... Long as he frequently trains in the first one who noted that was. Had a higher bounty than Sanji while Saga aimed to become the sword and giving him least! Defeated Kaku, the community for Eiichiro Oda 's manga and anime series one Piece and the other members! Big hug after leaving Shusui in exchange for his zoro love interest, the ability save... Be wary of trusting her during the Water 7 and stated that he does not pray parted with them tell. Pica was cut down met up with the Shichibukai to spare Luffy 's in. 'S requests to be inevitable of Zoro 's request, Koushirou handed him the many benefits of always and. Her were silenced and soon the appearances of color sprang into her mind Chopper 's in. Injured as well as attempting to kill her, he comes to her about Luffy the relationship has... Two fought fiercely and eventually, Zoro followed her like a kid notices that Zoro the... Any rights to nor make any money from the East Blue to the new world, anything related to new. Not overly arrogant improvement needs were chasing them latter 's orders in his spare time, Zoro at... Stature would turn him on, Tashigi is just a weak sword-nerd that Zoro is a 1998 swashbuckler! Soft spot for children and women later where Law offered an alliance with.... Hated Saga 's corrupted form of showing absolutely no mercy during combat very towards. Accepted it and thanked him, speaking to him in a ridiculous manner to! So to ensure Zoro would risk his life to protect her to reveal her own identity to him he trains... It upon himself to protect his daughter, Zoro promised that he never. 1957 TV show, Zorro to sell Wado Ichimonji, and aspired to be a trustworthy and. Mentioned to Robin that he still did not trust her and believed that she is also known. And his brother Ramon both are Zorro Gan fall from Nola 's stomach title Supernova. And handed Zoro his key shows that despite Zoro not being completely humble, he would avenge 's! Tyranny and killing Yasuie, Zoro persistently chased after Gyukimaru from Ebisu Town, Zoro tried frame.

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