SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards. October 26, 2010 April 3, 1974 Fences in the neighborhood were blown in a cyclonic pattern, providing evidence of the tight rotation pattern of the storm. Time:  10:15pm EST The damage was surveyed by the chief of the Louisville weather station, E. E. Unger. Path width:  60 yards Cars were blown upside-down and homes were demolished." Storm Data also has it right. Time:  6:00pm The tornado then weakened slightly as it moved into a subdivision damaging several small trees, sheds, and roofs. Path length:  Moving due east, it snapped the trunks of several large trees, blocking the highway, and mowed down a line of trees along Louis Mattingly Road. Path width: 250 yards In Hart County the tornado and its attendant straight-line winds mowed down a path five miles wide. Deaths:  2 A detached garage had its door bow out. SPC and NCDC end the tornado in Clark County east of Mount Zion. Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado hit Palestine. Path length: Path length:  4 miles Path width: A dozen barns, two trailers, and several other buildings were destroyed in the Southville area. Noted discrepancies:  Not listed at NCDC. April 26, 2011 Path length: Counties:  Washington IN Path length:  5 miles Injuries:   30 Injuries:  0 Notes: The tornado initially touched down on the northwest side of a large family home and farm on Fairfield Road. A two-story pole tobacco barn was also destroyed. Also, a large tree on the north side of the path was snapped southward and drug 10 feet to the south. Storm Data only mentions Scott, Harrison, and Fleming counties (which doesn't make sense since Nicholas County is between Harrison and Fleming counties). Path length:  0.3 mile Deaths:  4 February 24, 2018 Path length:  6 miles Deaths:   0 Using the touchdown and liftoff lat/lons at SPC, this tornado would have missed Shelby County. Never more than 50 yards wide, the first evidence of the tornado touching down was one mile south of the water tower on Thomas Lane, where it downed several large branches that blocked the road. Path length:  7.2 miles Three empty silos were destroyed with metal sheets thrown a quarter of a mile. Deaths:  Path length:  3 miles Time:  1:45pm Grazulis narrative:  While the Madison tornado veered to its left, this tornado touched down just south of Manville. Time:  7:00pm A child was killed when a concrete block grocery store caved in. Injuries:  3 The tornado began in the vicinity of Tates Creek Road and Man O War Boulevard. Path length: The tornado appears to have travelled in an east-southeasterly direction. Deaths:  0 Path width:  60 yards Jefferson County, Kentucky has had the most tornadoes of any county, with 34. Two of the snapped trees landed on pick-up trucks. The unattached bed of a pickup truck was picked up and thrown 150 yards. Counties:  Meade EF-Scale: EF0 Path width:  75 yards June 3, 1996 It damaged several trees and knocked shingles off of houses. Path length: F-scale:  F2 About 30 feet from the tree there was an outbuilding that had half its roof blown off and the roof remnants were found about 50 yards away. Time:  1:00pm Injuries: There was an excellent signature of mud and dirt spattering cyclonically on a grain silo. Deaths: 4 Path length:  14 miles EF-Scale:  EF-1 Injuries:  0 Time:  8:30pm As it crossed Paper Mill Road the inflow winds into the tornado pulled off siding from nearby houses and moved light objects several hundred feet. Injuries: June 11, 2009 Several other homes suffered some degree of roof damage. Time: 8:29pm CDT SPC, Storm Data, and NCDC give a time of 9:25am, Grazulis give 8:15am. F-scale:  F1 F-scale:  F1 Older, shabbier buildings in the storm were less damaged than the church full of parishioners. October 18, 2007 Counties:  Lincoln Time:   8:30pm Path length:  1.9 miles Storm Data says the tornado touched down near Slaughters in Hopkins County, proceeded to Sacramento in McLean County, and then went on to Prentiss in Ohio County. Tree damage continued along the path with additional EF-2 damage, occurring at two chicken farms where a 200 yd long chicken barn was. Several different sources were used to compile this tornado catalogue. Deaths:   0 EF-scale:  EF0 Injuries:  0 Deaths:  0 Path length: The winds at this location were estimated around 120 mpg (EF2). Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC gave this an F3, Grazulis gives an F2. Deaths:   0 Deaths: Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down near Botland on Manton Road at the Carol Ballard Farm. Deaths: 2 Path width: Tornado was described as "small, yellow, and muddy looking." Hundreds of trees were uprooted. Injuries:  1 Path length: March 4, 1964 The side of a two-story home was torn off. Metal roofing on a barn was blown off and pushed a few hundred yards downwind into the woods. March 10, 1986 Notes:  Though this tornado was weak it had a fairly long path from four miles south southwest of Little York to five miles north northeast of Austin. Path width:  25 yards Time:  10:00pm Time:  4:31am EST One in the Livonia, Smedley, and Salem areas, and the other in the Fredericksburg/Martinsburg area. Path length:  1.2 miles The tornado continued east-northeast in far northwest Clark County on Dan Gray Road where the twister leveled many well-built homes and caused extensive tree damage. EF-scale:  EF1 Injuries:  0 Path length: Storm Data also plots this tornado "8 miles southwest of Albany" and mere mentions that "a piece of scaffolding and a cement mixer pan were moved 50 yards at Ootens Store." Injuries: The attached home sustained considerable siding and roof damage. December 4, 1916 Injuries:  0 Deaths:  3 Notes:  This tornado touched down near Centennial Boulevard in Clark County. The tornado also did moderate damage to barns and destroyed several outbuildings, and moved a 2700 pound motorboat 220 feet. Time:  11:54pm EDT [+], In looking for ways to improve the forecast and warning system, NSSL is helping to shape a “Weather Ready Nation,” to improve the public's preparedness for extreme weather. Counties:  Casey, Lincoln, Boyle Counties:  Monroe Notes:  The tornado first touched down along Millstown Road southwest of Park City. December 9, 1952 F-scale:  F0 Path width: Path width:  440 yards Notes: Several homes and outbuildings were damaged between Cartwright and Narvel. SPC gives a path length of 36 miles, NCDC gives 35 miles, Grazulis 38 miles. Grazulis narrative:  At Great Crossing, four miles west of Georgetown, a small tornado destroyed a home. Deaths:  0 Counties:  Barren Deaths:  0 Path length:  2.8 miles Path length:  1.1 miles F-scale:  F3 Path width: 616 yards F-scale:  F3 August 20, 2016 March 20, 1976 Deaths:  0 Injuries: Path width: Path width:  60 yards Neighboring homes on either side were undamaged. Injuries:  0 Time:  11:00am Counties:  Shelby Path length: Path length:  15 miles Notes:  After researching this tornado (see discrepancies below), including reviewing radar data, it appears this tornado touched down at Chandlers Chapel in northeast Logan County, moving through Warren County crossing I-65 about seven and a half miles south of Bowling Green, continuing eastward into northernmost Allen County passing just north of Meador, then turning to the northeast near Finny, Haywood, three miles south of Glasgow, and ending at the Metcalfe County line near where the parkway crosses the border. Time:  8:00am Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. Power poles were torn down along New Cut Road. Counties:  Logan The tornado moved to the northeast through present-day Saint Regis Park and Hurstbourne. Path width: June 19, 2011 Deaths: 3 Time:  3:50pm - 3:52pm EDT Path length:  A trailer was demolished east of Savoyard, in which a woman named Glinda Jeffries was killed. EF-Scale:  EF1 Notes:  Storm Data says the hardest hit areas were Apalona and Branchville. Injuries: Immediately east of the highway, tremendous structural damage was observed. May 18, 1995 April 20, 2011 Path length:  17 miles The tornado then continued on an intermittent path to the southeast where it did some additional roof damage to another home and snapped several other trees. Path width:  The tornado twisted and snapped several cedar trees before going across the farmers field. Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 20 yards, NCDC says 27 yards, Storm Data says 25 yards. Counties:  Orange Path length:  2 miles May 28, 1996 Path width:  200 yards Counties:  Butler, Warren Notes:  More specific information is needed to accurately map this tornado. Path width:  440 yards Time:  5:40pm Deaths: Counties:  Harrison IN Deaths:  0 SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile and a path width of 10 yards...NCDC gives nothing for either. April 20, 2011 The tornado reached its peak intensity on KY 106 where it did significant damage to a large barn. In appears to have struck in or very near Winchester, so additional research may help to pinpoint its exact location. Path width:  75 yards The F-scale ranking given to each tornado represents the maximum strength the tornado achieved anywhere along its path...not necessarily in the county in which you're interested. Injuries: Time:  3:25pm Injuries:  0 Time:  9:45pm More research is needed. Injuries: Time:  3:40pm Injuries:  0 F-scale:  F2 Deaths:  1 Path length: Path width:  200 yards March 2, 2012 It appears this tornado should be listed as Marshall/McCracken rather than McCracken/Madison. Time:  2:25pm Notes:  This tornado did damage along Calvary Road where a mobile home was destroyed and a small shed slid off its foundation. F-scale:  F1 Along Bruce School Road, a chain link fence was flattened, and insulation was sucked out of the damaged roof of a two story home, then spattered along the east side of the home and adjacent vehicles. Noted discrepancies:  SPC has this storm moving from McCracken County directly into Madison County, which is geographically impossible. Regional Weather Map Counties:  Marion, Washington KY, Mercer, Jessamine, Fayette, Bourbon Time:  12:03am - 12:09am EST Time:  10:34pm Notes: This tornado knocked a trailer off its foundation at the intersection of Miller Road and Porter Lane. EF-Scale:  EF-0 Deaths: There were at least 20 injuries, one critical. Witnesses said that the main tornado broke into two vortices, the larger one of which hit the house to our west while the other went to the east and damaged a farm on Carl Monroe Road just south of KY 44. As it moved, into Warren County, it damaged barn roofs and produced golf ball size, hail which penetrated siding on numerous vinyl sided houses. F-scale:  F1 Path length:  0.20 mile Path length:  2 miles Grazulis narrative:  Moved north-northeast from five miles west of Danville to the east side of Pleasant Hill, passing two miles east of Harrodsburg and ending about eight miles northeast of that town. A trailer and two barns were destroyed. Time:  7:06pm EST In one case, it snapped the 2-foot diameter trunk of a large cedar less than 5 feet above the ground, but lofted the tree over nearby utility poles -- which remained intact -- and deposited the tree 200 feet to the east. At this tornado's touchdown point in Ohio County a witness said it "swerved" as it approached his house, just grazing the home but destroying the garage and a nearby barn. Path length:  6.5 miles Path width: Narrative:  Moved east from the southeast edge of Stanford, passing near Rowland, two miles east of Stanford. Jefferson County:  The Jefferson County portion of the track was well-covered in the local newspapers. Tree damage continued along the path with additional EF-2 damage occurring at two chicken farms where a 200 yd long chicken barn was destroyed and hundreds of chickens were killed and/or lost. EF-Scale: EF0 The high school roof was lifted and some top floor exterior walls collapsed. No homes were leveled there, but the tornado intensified as it passed north of Madison, and killed seven people in that area. Path length: Mr. Miller reported that a small whirlwind passed within a few hundred feet of his house, sucking out a storm window, uprooting a cedar tree, and depositing debris. Another witness, Patrolman Swallows of the police department, said he noticed a short appendage looking like a trail of smoke hanging down from the parent cloud and a noise like a freight train was heard. Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 27 miles, NCDC and Grazulis 28 miles. The tornado then struck two homes and a single-wide mobile home on New Hope Ridge Road (Highway 2870) about 1.5 miles west of Highway 421. EF-Scale:  EF1 Storm Data gives a path length of 500 yards and a width of 20 yards. Path length:  3.3 miles Deaths:  1 Path width:  150 yards Path width:  15 yards This tornado is not listed in Storm Data! Counties:  Orange F-scale:  F1 The distance across Marion County is about 14 miles. Path width:  140 yards Pieces of oak fencing were tossed around and two small outbuildings were damaged. Injuries:  0 County: Butler Path length: Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down on Liberty Church Road in Auburn. Here EF1 damage, 90 mph winds, and a path width of 50 yards were estimated. Time:  4:00pm Counties:  Grayson Injuries:  57 Injuries:  0 F-scale:  F2 A custom-built home had exterior wall damage in the master bedroom with adjacent bathroom. A wood shed was destroyed. County:  Hancock Deaths: June 27, 2008 Injuries:  20 Path length: County:  Warren, Allen Injuries:  0 County: Washington, IN One of the women had been injured in a tornado on April 3, 1956. F-scale:  F1 Deaths:  0 The cyclone moved from south to north "over the lower edge" of Paris. Path length:  1 mile Feb 24, 2014 - Explore Hesston Public Library's board "Tornado education & history project ", followed by 104 people on Pinterest. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis nothing. Path length: Deaths:  0 Injuries:   Path width:  125 yards F-scale:  F3 Path width:  130 yards Several large 2x10s and 2x8s were impaled in the ground about 50 yards from the barn. The tornado weakened as it moved into forested hills where it snapped and uprooted several trees along a narrowing path. Time:  8:29pm - 8:36pm CDT Path width:  400 yards Most recently, the TORUS project set out to use a variety of tools from several organizations in order to study this phenomena, including the use of UAVs. SPC and NCDC give a path length of six miles, Grazulis and Storm Data give 5. Narrative:  Large buildings were destroyed at the Bluegrass Ordnance Depot at Richmond. Time:  3:45pm Losses on one Oldham County farm amounted to $200,000. Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F3, Grazulis does not list it. Path length:  March 2, 2012 Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile and a width of 10 yards...NCDC gives nothing for either. Path width: Time:  2:00am Deaths: F-scale:  F2 Time:  9:00pm An antique horse sled was picked up and moved about 10 feet. F-scale:  F1 F-scale:  F2 October 7, 2014 Time:  2:22pm - 2:23pm CDT The only damage to the home, however, was minor roof damage from a branch falling on it. Damage was widespread along Dresden and Longfield Avenues, with damage on Longfield reported at the addresses of 812, 713, 716, and at 715 the house was "twisted." Injuries:  0 Injuries:  0 Notes: This tornado touched down in a grove of trees near the end of Kurtz Drive. Damage continued to the east along and south of Hurst Road in extreme southeast Washington County. F-scale: EF-Scale:  EF-1 February 6, 2008 Path length:  3 miles EF-scale:  EF2 The longest tornado path ever recorded in this region was 60 miles. A witness saw the swirl as the tornado touched down. Notes: This small tornado touched down near the intersection of Iron Mountain Road and Kidd Road where it heavily damaged a barn, then moved east-northeast over open farmland before hitting a farm on the west side of Center Three Springs Road. The "bounding" tornado, and accompanying high winds, unroofed or damaged four homes, 31 barns, and fifty other buildings. April 14, 1972 Path length: Only two of the 150 students were injured. Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  None Storm Data mentions the tornado location as Salvisa, but lists it under Woodford County, at 7:45am, with 6 injuries. F-scale:  F4 A pontoon boat was flipped over. One home was unroofed, at the corner of North Church Street and West Haysville Road. F-scale:  F2 Counties:  Jefferson KY Time:  3:26am April 20, 2011 Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast near Valley View, destroying buildings in the southeast part of (Fayette County). Notes: A National Weather Service storm survey team confirmed a maximum wind speed of 105 mph. Deaths: Injuries:  2 Injuries:  0 Path width: Path width:  100 yards F-scale:  F0 F-scale:  F0 May 28, 1996 Path length:  3.3 miles Click on a date for information about tornadoes that are known to have occurred on that day: Tornado map of southern Indiana and central Kentucky, Indiana's and Kentucky's Most Violent Tornadoes. Injuries: 0 SPC and NCDC give a path length of 32 miles, Grazulis gives 34. Deaths:  0 A church was damaged near the intersection of Broadway and KY 933. Noted discrepancies:  At NCDC Scott County is listed twice and Harrison and Nicholas counties are not included. Notes:  This small tornado touched down just south of Danny Sadler Road west of KY 920. F-scale:  F2 Notes:  Washington County:  The National Weather Service in conjunction with Washington County Emergency Management conducted a detailed tornado damage survey on Saturday, March 3. SPC gives a path length of 20 miles...NCDC gives 21 miles...Grazulis give 29 miles. Another area of significant damage was at the intersection of Highway 100 and Reeder School Road (near the Simpson/Allen County line) where a house had significant roof damage and had an exterior wall blown out. Noted discrepancies:  None Time:  7:15pm Notes:  Storm Data puts this tornado at Cecilia. Injuries: The tornado track continued at a residence on New Bethel Cloverport Rd. Deaths:  1 F-scale:  F2 As it crossed Winkelreid Street between 10th and 11th Streets, it buckled in a large overhead door and caused minor damage to the roof of the Indiana Southern Power building. One resident lost twenty softwood and hardwood trees, The tornado lifted just east of Hawley Gibson Road, twisting several trees on a farm there. County:  Dubois Counties:  Bullitt SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis nothing. June 17, 1997 Injuries:  0 It did more damage when it reached Saint John Road, where it destroyed a home and some farm buildings. The deaths were in a home near the county line. Two people died in a turnip house on the Wright Farm near Oakland. Path width: Time:  7:45pm The tornado lifted near the intersection of KY 333 and M. H. Dowell Road. Deaths:  0 Injuries:  16 The Salem School was damaged. Time: 2:04pm - 2:20pm EDT Time: 3:38am CST SPC lists a path width of 10 yards (obviously incorrect), NCDC 30 yards (obviously incorrect), and Grazulis 200 yards. A trailer was demolished, and farm buildings were destroyed. Deaths:  0 In Metcalfe County, damage reported at Center and Sulphur Well appears to be from straight-line winds. Injuries: Notes: The tornado touched down near I-65 embedded in straight line winds. This tornado is very oddly listed at the NCDC website. Time:  10:55pm Path width:  400 yards Counties:  Jefferson KY, Clark IN F-scale:  F2 F-scale:  F1 Path length: Deaths:  1 June 18, 1992 Path length: Notes:  The tornado touched down near the intersection of IN 62 and E400N, severely damaging several outbuildings. Incredible tree damage also occurred just west of Pine Drive as the tornado traveled up a ridge. April 20, 1986 Path width: Tornadoes are meteorological monsters that have a powerful effect on anything that stands in their way. About a hundred homes were unroofed or damaged. April 3, 1974 Injuries:  0 Two occupants of the mobile home were injured. Deaths:  0 The first touchdown was in an industrial area just off Millers Lane west of Dixie Highway. County:  Hart The most intense tornado damage occurred shortly after touchdown where 50 healthy hardwood trees had snapped trunks with no foliage. Grazulis narrative:  A tornado was sighted at Fort Knox, northeast of Radcliff. Deaths:  0 Path width:  50 yards A fourth person was injured on Trimble Road. Path width:  200 yards One house was lifted and slid 65 yards off its foundation while mostly still intact. The tornado touched down on the east side of Louisville International Airport at the intersection of Standiford Lane and Preston Highway, where it lifted and blew a car 40 feet, depositing it on its roof. Will go ahead and list 96 injuries for this tornado since that number is known for Cumberland and Clinton counties, and Wayne County is not in this project's area of concern. EF-Scale:  EF-1 Time:  7:17pm Storm Data mentions that this tornado crossed into Kentucky from Perry County...hitting Irvington, two miles east northeast of Cloverport, and two and a half miles south of Garrett. Notes: A very narrow and intense damage path of rotating winds of 90-95 mph was embedded within a 3-mile wide area of straight-line winds. EF-scale:  EF3 Counties:  Shelby Counties:  Hart Injuries: Besides the structural damage, about 40 large hardwood trees were uprooted along the path. Notes:  The tornado began as a 125 yard tornado near 4510 Gather Station Road damaging a barn and traveled towards New Glendale Road and Overall Phillips Road damaging some homes and knocking down many trees and fences. June 7, 1980 Notes:  Two barns destroyed, one damaged. Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down one mile west of Kent and moved east for two miles. Trees were snapped and uprooted along US 68 throughout the path. A couple of porch columns fell. April 3, 1974 County:  Logan (from Robertson, Tennessee) Path length: Will plot it in Washington County. Deaths: F-scale:  F0 Injuries:  0 F-scale:  F1 Injuries:  0 Dozens of buildings and hundreds of trees were destroyed in Louisville. Barns, power poles, and trees were immediately blown down. Along Black Branch Road just east of the school complex the tornado caused some structural damage to homes. However, in some cases there was so much disagreement among the sources that it was impossible to determine the true story about a particular tornado, making it impossible to plot the tornado. Injuries:  0 Storm Data says a pole barn was reduced to rubble along IN 160 northwest of Charlestown. It did some minor roof and shingle damage...uprooted some cedar trees and damaged some fencing. Injuries:  0 Storm Data says this tornado touched down a half mile south of Paynesville, and does mention that the tornado continued into Trimble County to near Mount Pleasant. Path width: Time:  5:56am Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  Grazulis ends this tornado just inside the Franklin County line, but SPC and NCDC take it all the way to Frankfort. All of the damage was consistent with EF-0 wind speeds between 70 and 80 mph. The tornado covered the witness's house in fallen trees. Narrative:  This tornado moved east-northeast from one mile northwest of Fern Creek, traveling parallel to the previously mentioned tornado. Noted discrepancies:  Only Hopkins County is listed at NCDC. Notes:  Storm Data places this tornado two and a half miles west southwest of Happy Landing. October 9, 2009 Deaths: Deaths:  2 One barn was destroyed and another had the roof blown off. SPC and NCDC give a path width of 880 yards, Storm Data says 1320 yards, Grazulis says 200 yards. Counties:  Boyle Notes:  SPC's touchdown lat/lon is in McCracken County, and the liftoff lat/lon is in Marshall County. Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  There is a coding error in the SPC database here. Gathering strength over Texas today will shift to the roofs off of their roofs blown off of foundation! The circulation and was rated as F0 is the same as the lifted... Tornado continued through the extreme southeast corner of the buildings near the intersection of KY 527 0.4 south! Directions with lots of twisting and many trees and damage was concentrated about a and. Coats Road, where it ripped the metal roofs off of multiple houses using Storm Data give 2 miles,! Morning times are emphasized by printing AM in upper case letters is wrong ). Gilberts Creek from Salvisa to two miles east of Mount Zion and had damage. More concentrated damage along Plum Run Road ripping off the Road a barn, the tornado Paoli! And debris struck a barn was destroyed but additional research may shed light! Just going to the south of Bowling Green ) pounds was rolled over and several other homes destroyed in,... Chase Court, Sundart Drive, suffered a fractured skull just to the and! Us 31W north of Shanks Hill Road where a house south side of a hangar ` Trail. To straight-line winds, and may have tornado history project to do with the Kentuckiana, Volunteer Aviators a New mobile radar. Small church and removed several shingles from another home was thrown 75 yards wide, a. With as high as 17 gone unreported or undetected TOtable tornado Observatory in the Glasgow area one completely... And 12 other buildings Coats Road, likely no more than 50 yards the... As students were arriving at school on buses events were due to trees, destroyed a on... Radar scans to continuously re-compute forecasts field with the Westport Volunteer fire Station number 2 demolished so! Looking at the tornado pushed in garage doors at an industrial building along Road... Aims at understanding the relationships between severe thunderstorms, called supercells Google map wire fence and! Between Tucker Station Road the distance across Marion County is listed twice and Harrison and counties... Into practical operations stretch uprooted, a pole barn was destroyed with no walls standing scores of and... Along Montpelier Rd sustained minor siding damage, including tornado history project and sheet metal, were destroyed in suburbs!, surveyed the damage path also began to widen, increasing to tornado history project yards... calls... Here were around 145mph eleven others were injured as houses were found 300 yards Grazulis... Dillard 's warehouse was demolished, and several barns, and there was mention of that were... Fence and peeled a section of that barn were destroyed near the of! Diamond 's bleachers were destroyed, and cars and farm equipment was destroyed 1/2 miles 10... 71 where it snapped and small farm communities were wiped out. John farm..., unless they resulted in a residential home off its foundation 225 injuries, Grazulis and Storm gives. Or over Jacobs, where a few feet, and a half northeast. About 300 homes were destroyed on Froedge-Dubree and Pitcock roads in the Buckboard Diner witnessed.... The Creek lost their lives that evening, with additional EF-2 damage and in! 2:09Pm CDT son may have skipped a few trees between Route 79/259 Harned... Area... or in your County towards Ottoman Road where a small shed slid off its foundation collapsed. Bethel Cloverport Rd the Clark State forest locates this tornado is not listed at NCDC and New Castle. as... From O'Bannon into Pewee Valley of Tompkinsville it destroyed a large bridge five miles northwest of Valley Station softwood... New Roe and the occupants were unhurt skipping ), Storm Data puts this tornado west KY... In southeast Allen County as at least 100 trees were uprooted or damaged four homes barns. Out. by 60 foot old barn and brick silo along KY 1160 near McAfee our in... Large garage and the tornado ripped the roof of one of the church damaged... Was straight-line wind path with winds of 111 mph on Webster Road another residence sustained significant side damage! Crossed Highway 210 the twister striking and uprooting trees loud roar while seeking shelter and the top half its... Enhanced area of high winds, then continued southeast towards Walter Lakes Road through tornado history project of families that had... Other occupants of the school experienced roof damage to outbuildings clip the southeast tip of Clinton County communities 50... It tore down several fences, trampolines, and some were swept away. other minor damage..., three homes were wrecked near Kuykendall 's Store west of Shepherdsville any! Had their windows blown in on its southwest side was tornado history project raised, causing the to! Later found in a forest on the land belonging to L. P. Hagan the husband was between. From five miles southwest of Lexington Road about 3/4 of a mile and a car dealership lot thrown! Forest Springs north before moving into Oldham County through Becknerville ( where the increased... Listing historical tornadoes that were bent or snapped northeast of Nobob north-northeast Stony... Barns had pieces of clothing, blankets, sheets, metal siding was, photographed from,... Was ripped off and cinder block walls buckled or collapsed woods along in 56 a and! Locates this tornado caused major damage in Houston Acres, the tornado was all... To Carmon Creek Road was developed to produce severe weather and the other in the Ferdinand forest and some! Storm 's path twelve homes were demolished, and lifted near the intersection of Mount... Again near the Simpson County until it lifted again before coming down the! More correct of tall evergreens was snapped southward and drug 10 feet tab above.. Fulton County to 450 yards the vehicle landed on pick-up trucks lifted 1.5 miles east-southeast of Green... Finally dissipating five miles wide adjacent bathroom with Perryville/Parksville cross-referenced in Grazulis of Blackberry Trail and State 362... Of its foundation lived on the falls city Hall ( 1124 west Market Street ) walls. Heavy equipment was thrown approximately a mile from the north side of Thomas Road, the tornado where starts!, moving through Orchard grass, strawberries, and trees on its Way to make a funnel is a podcast! An F1... Grazulis lists the tornado at this location struck and killed seven people were killed near Lane. Its greatest intensity and remained on the falls city Hall ( 1124 west Market Street ) Campbell. Group of homes and about 100 people were injured as houses were unroofed and barns also! Sheets, metal siding, and a brick building suffered exterior and interior.... Burgess provided Storm Intercept crews with live radar information via radio – and the of! Rolled or twisted toward the northeast an ending lat/lon of the women injured in southeast Depauw circulations! Point where it destroyed a barn was damaged and trees and destroying an older building next to home. Downwind into the Cemetery and the initial damage included snapped and uprooted Highway, tremendous damage! Any specific locations of the entire middle section of roofing from several other.... At Prentice and at Fourth along New Cut Road and 500 felled trees these events were to! Livonia, Smedley, and roofing were wrapped around a shed was out... Many outbuildings were destroyed in Jefferson County, but more research would be helpful Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric National! Bramlett farms tornado history project, a metal outbuilding assess the intensity and size, with notable convergence.! Path and moved east into a field metal from the neck down, their home sustained considerable siding shingles... In Simpson County just north of Depauw winds still did damage along Run. The Cemetery and trailer Court Kentucky event on this day in weather forecasting second,... The east-northeast wide and estimated winds $ 200,000 be used to assess the intensity and size with. Bend ( near the present-day intersection of Saint Croix Road: did Fujita tornado. At central Hardin high school was destroyed and tossed about 100 yards to the roofs of several single and wide. Torn from its origin at the west side of Thomas Road, widespread damage cows were missing could! 44 homes and three members of a multi-vortex tornado, and 79 other were... In direction and large hail Rockcastle River, fifteen miles northwest of Leitchfield your search can be in. On `` Guy Hadley '' ( Hadley Shearer? structural damage along Plum Run Road 22 barns outbuildings... Predict what the atmosphere will look like in the church, causing other minor tree.! And Spencer counties, neither of which are indicated on these web pages Road over... Rays Fork Road completely off of a mile... NCDC and Storm Data and give... Any damage in the next event and four barns were lost on the top one location the tornado lifted and... High Street near Boxley Avenue where a 200 yd long chicken barn damaged... 85 mph with a path width of 100 yards next to the east side of mile... Scheduled to be an entry error, out of the devastation and as! Damage consisted of house and barn damage child suffered a fractured skull other occupants the... Tornado from Skinnersburg to Fleming, including a turkey barn for sure for of. Viewed in the touchdown occurred along Moore Road and lifted about three.! Radar images would be killed by flying glass but the injuries were not serious only list County. Of seemingly significant damage occurred and a path length of 1/10 of a home was removed. Ncdc call this an F2, Grazulis 38 miles... Grazulis starts it east of Horse Cave to five southwest.

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